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How to create an account in Google Play Store? Step by step guide

How to create an account in Google Play Store? Step by step guide

Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets have spread at a dizzying pace across the globe . The phones, for example, when going from being something to call or send and receive text messages to a complete device with which perform all kinds of tasks thanks to the internet connection , have left behind all its limitations to open to its users a field full of possibilities.

However, in order to perform all these functions and enjoy these benefits, you must first install applications . These are neither more nor less than the programs that offer services to users and through which we can, for example, make an inventory, make a purchase, watch a video or even fill in a document and prepare it for shipment to via email or through cloud storage.

To make it easier for anyone to download these apps, the main companies in the sector have opened two digital stores. We therefore have Google Play on Android and the App Store on iOS . Since Google’s proposal is the most widespread in the market currently given the high variety of terminals compatible with it, here we will focus on this to explain how to create an account in Google play store and download thousands of apps as many as you want .

How to register an account in Play Store for Android or PC phones ?

In this guide you will learn what needs to be done to complete this necessary registration not only to enter the store, but also to take advantage of the many other functions and tools that Google offers Through the cloud We explain everything you need to know step by step and with all possible details to make your account creation easy and hassle free. In fact, you’ll have it ready and open in a matter of minutes.

Opening an account in Play Store is a process that can be carried out on both Android smartphones and PCs or even iOS if desired . In this section we will focus on the procedure to be done so that, in a matter of minutes, you have your profile ready to download applications.

1 – Enter the Google Play Store

Whether with your PC or your phone, open the web browser to enter the Google digital store. Type the following URL: . After doing so, you will access the Play Store homepage in Spanish.

2 – Start creating your account

On the cover of the app store, go to the upper right to click on the “ Sign in ” button. Although it seems oriented to login, also serves to open a new user account on Google Play.

Primer paso para crear una cuenta en Play Store de Google

The next screen that appears has a field to enter your profile; however, since it is precisely what we want to create, you should ignore this and go further down to click on “Create account”.

Ir al formulario registro creacion cuenta Play Store

3 – Enter your data

In this section, you must enter several personal data to build your profile on Google . Start by filling in the first two holes with your name and your surnames , it is recommended that they be the real ones to avoid confusion.

Then, you have to enter a username that will be used with your email account . It must be unique and never used before in the Google system, otherwise it will not let you continue. Also, if you wish, you can click on “ I’d rather use my current email address ” in case you don’t want a Gmail account .

Formulario de registro para crear una cuenta para Play Store

Now, continue entering a password containing at least 8 characters and combine letters, numbers and symbols . Thus, you will meet the requirements that are requested and, in addition, you will ensure that it is as robust as possible to prevent anyone from sneaking into your account.

Following the data to enter, after this first batch Google will ask for more information . You must obligatorily establish both your date of birth and your sex and, if you wish, also add a phone number (which you will have to verify with a code) and an email address. These last two are optional things , but recommended as they are used to recover access to your account in case of forgetting your password or any other problem.

Terminar con el proceso de creacion de cuentas de Google Play Store

4 – Accept Google’s conditions

The final step is to accept Google’s terms of use and privacy policy. To do this, you just have to download in the statement that appears on the screen and check the boxes below.

When you click on “ Create account ” a pop-up message will appear where you can modify your preferences or simply click on “ Confirmation ” to terminate the process

Aceptar terminos y condiciones cuenta Google

With this, you will have already created your profile to access the store, although you will also have access to many other services such as Google Drive, Docs, YouTube and many other tools and platforms that the company offers to its users You have created a Google Account , so you have all that at your disposal for free. Ready! .

Can I open an account on the Google Play Store without mail Gmail?

The registration process is absolutely mandatory. However, you can open an account in the Google Play Store without Gmail by making a specific change during the registration procedure, since the platform contemplates the creation of profiles using emails from other platforms , although forcing to create the Google Account .

You have to follow the same steps that we have explained in the previous section; but, when you reach point 3 , you should check the option we mentioned, “I prefer to use my current email address” . By doing so, the form changes slightly and, this time, instead of creating a Google mail, it will allow you to enter your email that you have registered on platforms such as Outlook, Yahoo Mail or any other you have turned to.

Prefiero usar mi dirección de correo electrónico actual

The rest of the process, both before and after, is exactly the same as we have previously detailed. Therefore, the only difference is to click on the indicated place so you don’t have to have another email to add to the ones you already have.

The reason for all this is that, in reality, what you need to use the Play Store is the Google Account . This allows you to have access to many services of the company that are hosted in the cloud, being the distribution of apps for smartphones and tablets one of them. In the next section, we will also talk a little more about this matter. Keep reading! .

Is it necessary to create an account in the Google store to download an app?

Icono logo descargas Google Play Store

You are likely to try to enter the Google store without registering before or opening the corresponding user account. The platform allows you to access and take a look at its catalog both free and paid to see what it has in terms of applications, books, movies and even songs. In short, so you can check all the repertoire available to anyone interested in digital format.

But you can’t download anything . At the same moment when you try to click on the installation or download button of any product that is available in this online catalog, a message will appear requesting that sign in with your Google Account for the Play Store. Through it, you can press the button that appears to login, but also take advantage of it to repeat the process that we have indicated in the first section of this guide and create your account in this store.

Therefore, when asked about if it is necessary to create an account in the Google store to download an app, the answer is a resounding yes . You need to have passed the entire procedure before to open a new account in the Google system to be able to make any download or purchase in your Play Store , since it is the only way to access the data of the Buyer to record the transaction properly.

If you refuse to create an account, you will not be able to do more than go around for all the chips in this online store.

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