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How to create an account on Google Drive? Step by step guide

How to create an account on Google Drive? Step by step guide

In these times, having a backup service that allows us to keep the data that are of special interest to us is vital . We tend to use countless different devices, as well as to need a series of files or files that can only be accessible from so many devices if they are stored in the “cloud” of the internet.

To meet this growing demand, Google has shaped the Google Drive service , a perfect tool to upload both documents and images, videos or sound to the cloud (internet) > to later download them whenever we want. Its utility is almost as great as all the functions it offers, in addition to this 15 GB storage that it provides to all its users.

For this reason, and because many do not know how to proceed with it, we will explain how to create an account in Google Drive step by step and, in addition, how upload files and download them through the software offered by the most famous web browser company, Google. Both methods are tremendously simple, easy and intuitive . Just by taking a look at this guide, you will quickly learn to use this system with total normality and discover how comfortable it is to always have a copy of your most important and recurring documents always at hand wherever you are.

How Open a new Google Drive account?

Pasos a seguir para crear una cuenta en Google Drive gratis

1 – Enter the registration website

The first thing you have to do is enter the web enabled to register a new account in Google Drive . A very simple exit step, since you just have to open the browser you like to use, go to the address bar at the top of the window and enter the following URL .

2 – Fill in the account creation form

Once inside the registration website, on the right side you will find a small form with a series of essential data to enter . First, fill in the first and last name fields and your username . Keep in mind that this will be linked to a Gmail email , so if you use one that you previously had, you will not need to follow these steps since you will have all the Drive services to your disposition.

If not, the following is enter your password , confirm it (remember, personal and non-transferable), your date of birth, your sex, your phone number and your current email. These last two are extremely important, since they are used to finish validating the account and, in addition, also link your mobile to be able to use Google Drive , as well as make a safer login .

In summary the data to be provided to open the account are:

  • Name and surname
  • Email address
  • Password and confirmation
  • Date of birth
  • Sex
  • Contact phone
  • A recovery email
  • Your current location

3 – Accept Google’s conditions

After performing the previous step, a pop-up window will appear with Google’s privacy and conditions information. Press the “I accept” button to continue or, otherwise, you will not be able to create your Google Drive account .

4 – Conclude the creation procedure

You have finished the account creation process in Google Drive . Once the conditions of use proposed by the company are accepted, you just have to move forward to start enjoying all the benefits that these services have in the cloud. Remember that you can do it both from your PC and from your Android or iOS smartphone .

How Can I set up my account on Google Drive?

Descargar y configurar cuenta Google Drive

The great reason to choose Google Drive as a support tool is its ability to store data in the cloud. It doesn’t matter if you have an iPhone, mobile phone or cell phone with Android or that you are using a PC or computer . In any of these cases you can both upload files to the internet for storage and download to have them on the computer you want.

Next, we explain how to configure Google Drive to upload and download files from the cloud . We also remember that it is possible to work with documents such as images, video or audio indifferently. Since there is the possibility of working with both software that is installed and through the web, we will explain the steps to follow in each situation:

Steps to follow to upload files to the Google cloud Drive

We will begin by explaining how to proceed using the application provided by Google to install on PC:

The icon on the bottom right with the tool logo will help you see how the upload process is going and how much time you have left to finish. Meanwhile, you can use your device normally .

Now, we will explain how to upload files to Google Drive through the web browser:

Another way is to right-click on the window with Drive open and click on the option “Upload files …” or “Upload folder …” . Choose the one you choose, a window will open for you to choose what you want to store in the cloud.

How to download files from Google Drive?

Once the files are uploaded, you have to learn to download them from the internet . Again, two paths open depending on the use of the software or web browser . Again, the procedure changes noticeably depending on whether or not you have Google Drive software installed .

First, we will begin by explaining the process with the application:

The other option is through the web browser. It is still very simple and, above all, intuitive:

Another alternative is to keep the left mouse button pressed and drag them directly to the folder of your computer where you want to have them . Google Drive will be responsible for downloading automatically.

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