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How to create an account on PSN PlayStation Network in Spanish and free? Step by step guide

How to create an account on PSN PlayStation Network in Spanish and free? Step by step guide

With the arrival of internet to consoles , companies have had to prepare structures dedicated to their users. Microsoft did it with Xbox Live , Nintendo has done it with Nintendo Accounts and Sony has been doing so for years with PlayStation Network . Each of them has set up a membership system with common goals, which normally go through facilitating online gaming and accessing promotions of all kinds.

Given the popularity of PlayStation 4 , the accounts on the Sony platform are the most abundant today globally. Users from all over the planet have learned how to create an account on PSN (PlayStation Network) to connect and play with each other, access the digital store to buy games or movies or even to chat with others through the voice chats that are available.

There are many possibilities offered by this account system available on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita (the portable console) . Therefore, if you do not know where you have to go or what you have to do to open a user profile, better known as PSN ID by the public, we will help you with this complete guide that we bring you .

How to register a new account on Sony PlayStation Network?

Here we explain all the steps that must be carried out to make the account registration in PlayStation Network both through your PC and your smartphone , each of the requirements, fields to fill in and information that Sony requests before you can log in to your system. In addition, we also clarify on which platforms this user ID you created can be used. PSN is available on more sites than in the PlayStation 4 video game console , and we’ll show it to you so you can get the most out of it.

The process to register a new account on Sony PlayStation Network is long , but not too complicated. We will explain all the steps you must follow to be able to connect from now through your consoles.

1 – Access the PlayStation Network portal

The first step to create a profile on PlayStation Network or a PSN ID is to go to the main page of this section of Sony . Through your web browser and its address bar, you can enter using its URL address below or go directly here .

When you are already on the official website, go to the top and look for the option to “Login” to click on it in the same way you would if you were to make a normal login.

Pasos para crear cuenta PSN ID de Sony

Now, on the screen that just appeared, instead of filling in any of the fields, just go down a bit until you find the “Create new account” button. Click on it and then on “ Start ” to start the creation of your PSN account.

Formulario registro cuenta PSN PlayStation Network

2 – Data entry

The first information that the Sony team asks you for is a login ID and the password you want to use to protect access. In the first field you have to write the e-mail you want to link to this user profile and in the next two the password, which must have a minimum extension of 8 digits and, if possible, use Both letters and numbers. When you do this, click on “ Next ”.

Introducir datos de acceso crear cuenta PSN desde PC

In the next menu you must add some more information . Select the country where you live, the language in which you want to use the PlayStation Network services and your date of birth through the 3 buttons there are. Continue pressing “ Next ” again.

Pais o region y fecha nacimiento crear PSN Network

Now, it’s time to write your real address . Sony, in order to know where its mass of users moves, asks you to enter the city where you reside, the state or province to which it belongs and the postal code. They are mere location data that you have to fill in to finish clicking again on “ Next ”.

Mas datos de acceso PSN iD

We are approaching the end . At this point you must write an ID that will be linked to your profile . This is the name with which the rest of the users will see you when you connect to online games or add you as a friend, so it is recommended that be unique and original . You also have to write both first and last names, which in fact can be made visible if you wish. When finished, click on the “ Next ” button.

Crear ID unico de PSN Network

3 – Terms of use and verification

Read the terms of use and privacy to see if you agree with all the requirements and measures of Sony and, when finished, press “ Continue ”. You can also press the “ Modify ” option to adjust and read a little more. Show your identity by clicking right after the “I am not a robot” box and solving the small request made to you to move on.

In order to finish, you just have to decide whether or not to check the box to receive special promotions and information about products related to PlayStation or Sony on the screen that just appeared. Then, it is left to click on “ Accept and create account ” for the team to send an email to the email address you specified.

Check out the inbox and follow the prompts in that message. When you have done them, go back to the registration window and click on “ Already verified ”. You will be given the option to activate two-step verification , you can activate it or click on “ Skip ” to continue, in the same way as with the number mobile phone . Both aspects are optional, although quite recommendable.

4 – PSN account created!

Now, your user profile on PlayStation Network has already been created and you can use it with total freedom.

Do PSN accounts work for both PS4 and other Sony devices? ?

Crear abrir registro cuenta PSN Id de Sony

PlayStation 4 game consoles, or PS4 , are where the PSN accounts are being used the most. However, can be used for other devices of the company also related to video games and even on mobile phones. This company also has two relatively recent consoles such as PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita , in which it is important to have such a user profile.

If you want to connect to the Internet to access the PS Store digital store or other functions such as PS Plus , it is necessary to have created a PlayStation Network ID before in any of the video consoles that we have cited. In addition, if you want to take advantage of the remote game with Sony Xperia terminals , it is also important that both the console in question and the terminal log into this platform to connect to each other.

In fact, this account system is here to stay and will continue to use in the coming years . Whatever the next Sony platform in video games, its membership system and users will go through the PSN accounts, so having a registered one is synonymous with being able to access whatever the service that arrives in the future .