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How to create an Orange email account? Step by step guide

How to create an Orange email account? Step by step guide

Most telephone operators offer their customers, in addition to the possibility of having ADSL or fiber optic connection at home , in addition to a mobile line or television channels, a email address . Large companies have opted to offer users something that, at present, is an indispensable requirement to be able to handle the Internet with complete ease and without restrictions.

And it is that e-mails are already something that is as much part of our daily life as the mobile phone or the same connection to the network of networks. Vodafone, Movistar or even Orange now give you such an account. Using it is something that anyone with two toes would recommend, since they only require a first access to be active, without the need for configurations or any complex or complicated steps.

Because many are unaware of the functions and possibilities they offer, we will explain how to create an email account for Orange , from that French company that has been working in our country for many years and offering of the best in mobile telephony and internet connection. Its importance and size are such that, for two years, Jazztel has become part of the group of companies that make up the Orange business fabric .

What is my Orange email address to use?

One of the largest in Europe and with a strong global presence, also cares about offering something as basic and simple to its customers as is an email , and here we go to explain what you must do to access it and, of course, to make all the necessary configurations in order to synchronize it on devices such as smartphones, as well as on mail management clients. All well explained and step by step.

If you are an Orange customer , the French company offers you an free email account for your use and enjoyment. This is a fairly basic e-mail, with more limited storage than other providers, but used to do the main tasks of this system.

What is your email address if you are a mobile customer of Orange?

If you wonder what your Orange email address is, the answer is very simple: your mobile phone number . Exactly, if you are a mobile tariff customer, the mail that corresponds to you is the same number whose line Orange gives you and, the access code, the one used to enter the user panel on your website.

Later you can configure the mail to have a name that you consider more appropriate; but at the same time that you are registered in the services of this company, this number is the one that happens to baptize your new and new e-mail address. If you want to know how to access it, go directly to the section you have available below .

What is your email address if you are a customer of ADSL or do you already have an Orange account?

If this is the case that involves you, the only way to find out what your Orange email address is is entering the client area that the company’s home page enables for its users. To do this, you just need to enter the following URL in the address bar of your web browser: . Once you type it, you will enter the Orange customer homepage .

From there, you just have to click on “My Orange” and, at the bottom, choose the phone number to enter or check the CIF box in the “ Password access ”.

Now, just enter the registered CIF and the password that corresponds to enter your profile. You can now see, from your user’s panel , what your Orange email address is and start using it whenever and wherever you want.

Acceder cuenta correo Orange desde area cliente

In addition to those in the domain “ @ ”, the telephone company also has many other types of emails that it continues to support. If you are a former user, you can check the following list of terminations to see if your mail is in them. If so, you can use it through the Orange portal.

This is the complete list:


Remember, if you have any email account that belongs to these domains, contact Orange in case you need any type of support or enter in its online portal to access the mailbox and manage both outbound and inbound messages, everything you would do with any other normal mail.

How to set up and access my Orange email account, before Wanadoo or Mixmail?

When you are an Orange customer, you have the right to have an email account of the company, as we explained above. It is normal that, knowing this, you want to find out how to set up your Orange email account, previously known as Wanadoo or Mixmail , and here we will explain how to do it. Next we will detail the whole process , although first we will start explaining what you must do to access.

How to access the Orange account?

This procedure, in fact, is much simpler than that of other mail providers. You must enter the Orange mail access page , something you can do by entering its main website and clicking on the envelope icon in the upper right, or by typing the following URL in your web browser:

Acceso al correo de Orange Cliente o gratuito

Once inside, you can choose the option to access free or customer mail . In our case, we will proceed with that of clients , although the difference is minimal. Go to the fields on the right, inside the section, and write your phone number in the user field, choosing the appropriate domain in the drop-down and entering the assigned password. Press “enter” to access directly.

If you opt for the other section, the free email , just write the name of the account in question , set your domain and enter the password that you set in time. In the same way, press “ enter ” to continue.

How to set up the Orange email account?

If you want to access your Orange email from another device, or if you simply prefer to do without the webmail platform , you can breathe easy. This type of email, like any other, can be configured with extreme ease on any external client or even on your smartphone .

Set up mail on your mobile phone

Configurar correo orange en smartphone

If you are going to do it from your terminal, you just have to access the settings , find the accounts section, add a new one and choose the mail option. Once inside, you will have to start by entering the email address and password , do it and proceed.

Then, after having chosen POP3 , you have to set the values ​​for the incoming mail server . Make sure the server name is “” , the rest of the fields will be set automatically.

As for the output server, of type SMTP , you have to verify that the field of this one has the following written: “” . You also have to make sure that the authentication requirement option is always checked.

  • Incoming server: If POP is 110 , if IMAP is 143.
    • Leave unchecked the option This server requires an encrypted connection (SSL).

  • Outgoing server (SMTP): The 25 or the 587.
    • Use the following type of encrypted connection: None.

Set up email from your computer

If you are going to proceed with any client on your PC, for example Microsoft Outlook , you just have to do what we have indicated , look for the section of accounts, add a new one and enter the corresponding data, in addition to what we have previously explained for incoming and outgoing servers.

Then, we will leave the data for the Orange configuration , gathered so that they are more accessible to you; as well as those of Wanadoo and Mixmail , others that are now part of this company and are likely to have if you hired their services years ago:


  • Orange inbound server (POP3):
  • Orange outbound server (SMTP): en
  • Orange account name: [email protected]


  • Wanadoo inbound server (POP3) :
  • Wanadoo outbound server (SMTP): smtp.wanadoo. en
  • Wanadoo account name: [email protected]


  • Mixmail login server (POP3):
  • Mixmail exit server (SMTP): en
  • Mixmail account name: [email protected]

With this data you have everything you need to be able to start your email on the device you want. Carrying the e-mail box always on top is the best way of not being disconnected and, of course, of receiving the important information at the moment as long as it is necessary. The ties of the old mail, always linked to a home or office PC, have already disappeared.

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