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How to create and add custom emojis in Slack to make your conversations more fun? Step by step guide

If what you are looking for is make your conversations in Slack more fun, so creating and adding custom emojis is a good idea that will help you empathize with your co-workers in each message sent.

Thus, If you want to know how you should do to create and incorporate your own emoticons in your workspace, easily and quickly, you will have to continue reading this article to the end.

We will show you all the information related to this topic and we will tell you which are the best tools you should know to come up with custom emojis in your Slack account. Let’s get started.

Learn step by step how to create and add custom emojis to your Slack quickly and easily

Learn step by step how to create and add custom emojis to your Slack quickly and easily

You must bear in mind that any member of a workspace can use the emojis, except for those who have the quality of guests. Also, when you need to incorporate custom emojis you can only do it from a PC or Mac and you must use an external tool to Slack.

If you want to know how to create and add custom emojis in a Slack workspace, you must take into account the step by step that we show you below:


Follow this step by step to create an emoji:

  • Open your browser and go to the web or to the Microsoft store
  • Then press the button Obtain.
  • Enter your email and password to access the platform Windows or from MacOS.
  • Click on to download and after a few seconds open your new application.
  • Go to the bottom of the screen and choose the first icon to draw a face, if you want to create an emoji of a face. Otherwise, you can choose other tools until you find the creation you want.
  • When you’re done, you can change the colors and choose some filters.
  • To finish, go to the upper left corner click on Save.
  • File Explorer or Finder will open, according to the program you are using. So you will have to write a name to the document you just created and then you will have to save it.

In this way You will now be able to upload your own Slack creation, but for this you must continue reading if you want to know how to add this new personalized emoji.



Once you’ve create your own emoji it’s time to incorporate it into Slack.

For this you will have to do the following process:

  • Go to any direct message and select it or you can also open one conversation on some channel. If you prefer, you can use pressing on your own name to practice so you don’t make mistakes.
  • When the body of the message opens you will have to click on the icon smiley face, which represents the function Emoji.
  • Then press the button Add emoji.
  • Choose Upload image.
  • Choose the file you just created, which we show you the steps in the previous point.
  • Automatically Slack will resize it to be compatible with the platform.
  • After this enter a denomination in the field Give it a name.
  • To finish, click save.

If you want to add a pack of emojis, you will have to click on the happy face icon, choose the option Add emoji and then select the button Emoji Packs, when you will find in the upper area of ​​the screen.

The best tools to create custom emojis for your Slack account that you should know

The best tools to create custom emojis for your Slack account that you should know

So you can further refine the technique we just taught you so that you can incorporate more custom emojis into Slack, we will show you below a list of the best tools you can use. This will help you free your imagination and you can share your creations with your co-workers.

See below:


If this platform comes, it was created in 2007, its success has increased in recent times due to the possibility it offers users to create a personalized avatar in a very simple way. You will only have to upload a photo of your face and after a few seconds the platform will detect your main features. From that situation, you will be able to modify the skin color, type of hair, hairstyle and accessories. Its use is free and you can download it from the store Android and in the App Store.


If you’re looking to share custom emojis in Slack with your coworkers, FaceQ is a good idea that you can have at your fingertips. It is available for € 1.99 from the store Microsoft. Its tools that will help you create a new face of your profile in just a few steps. You can upload this avatar to Slack just as we teach you in the previous paragraphs of this article.

Emoji Builder

In this case Emoji Builder is an online platform in which you can create any type of emoji with professional features online. Its use is very simple, you just have to enter the URL with your trusted browser and then press the button START DESIGN. This will bring up the tools menu and choose between the different categories that will help you guide your project. You are also available for Android mobile devices, so you can download it from Google Play Store.

Disney Emoji Maker

Disney Emoji Maker

This is another online portal that you can use to create Disney characters and make your coworkers laugh at every message you send. Then choose the option THRILL ME NOW! to start creating an emoticon with the different tools that you have at your disposal to customize the drawing. It is also available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones, so you can download it from the App Store or from the Play Store, respectively. Its use is free.

Dolltoon Cartoon Creator

Dolltoon is a tool that you can download for Android and iOS for free. In this way you can create caricatures of your co-workers and share them with them without having professional drawing techniques. Not only emojis you can come up with, but also memes and yellow characters simulating famous television cartoons.

Don’t waste any more time and choose the tool you like the most to create custom emojis in Slack!