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How to create and manage a successful Facebook Fanpage for your digital company or business? Step by step guide

How to create and manage a successful Facebook Fanpage for your digital company or business? Step by step guide

A fanpage is one of the most powerful marketing tools you can use today. For any social media expert, devising a strategy of brand positioning in social networks is unthinkable without the creation of one of these profiles .

Managing a fanpage perfectly requires certain knowledge, not everyone can do a job like this, but if it is true that anyone with enough desire to learn can research and master the facet of community manager in a good way .

In this article we are going to show you how you can create and manage a fan page on Facebook , so that you can make the most of all the benefits that it brings to your business directly and indirectly.

What are the benefits of creating a Facebook Fanpage for your brand?

The benefits of creating a fan page on a social network are many, most of them focused on brand identity, but also in terms of sales and conversions, because the amount of tools that you will have with her are countless:

Greater visibility

To begin with, social networks are currently more visited than television. Every day millions of people use their cell phone from when they wake up until they go to bed, and more than half of the time they are stuck in their Instagram, Facebook Twitter and other accounts .

This means that by creating a fan account on these social networks you will be exposing your brand to any cluster of users who daily share their life in them. In addition, with this you will also access a large number of tools such as sponsored publication services , which will allow you to create advertising campaigns to grow your profile.

Direct contact with your audience

When a person finds your fanpage profile, they can send you a message directly to your inbox on the platform you are using. This makes it an excellent way to maintain direct contact with your clientele or audience, which is very useful for creating personalized customer service or for the user to make a purchase through this channel .


Generate brand image

Your fanpage profile will be basically identical to a normal account, where you can share all kinds of content with your followers or contacts. If you are smart, create a content plan that is valuable and meets the needs of your audience, you will generate an excellent image for your brand , so that when people see it, they know that behind it there are people who know what that does perfectly and not only seek to sell for sale.

Steps to create a fan page in FB for your business or brand

Creating your profile as a fanpage on any social network is quite easy, basically the process is very similar to creating any other profile. What you should do is simply follow the steps that we explain in this section:

Create the page on Facebook

To create a fan page on FB you simply have to have a basic account on the platform. Once you have it you must login and follow these steps:

  • Once you are logged in you must click on the arrow pointing down in the upper right corner and select the “Manage Pages” option.
  • One Once here you will see all the pages of your account and if you don’t have any, the «How to create a page» option will appear, which you must select.

Abrir FanPage

  • By doing this you will be starting to create your page. The first thing you will be asked is to specify whether your account is from a company or from a community. When choosing the option you want, you will have to complete some fields with the name, address, sector and contact details of the brand or company in question.
  • After clicking on « Save » your page will be created completely and you can search through your pages.

There is another way to create a page without previously having a account as a Facebook user . You just have to go to Facebook Business and click on “Create a page” and you can open a fully business or brand account that is not linked to any other profile.

The steps are identical to those just explained:

Complete your profile

Once you create your page you cannot leave it just like that, you have to complete your profile with the graphic resources and the necessary information. For this you will have to :

  • Upload profile picture : this will be your visual identity or at least the most important aspect of it. It is an image of 180 × 180 pixels in size. The best thing in these cases is to put a company logo or brand.
  • Cover photo : the banner for Facebook pages should be 851 × 315 pixels.
  • Choose a template : the platform began to implement the inclusion of templates in company profiles, which are customizable to highlight certain content of important interest over others.
  • Description: Finally you must provide a detailed description of what your company does for the information section, which will be displayed by your followers the first time they enter it.

Tips to properly manage a Facebook page with good engagement

You already have your Facebook fanpage created but it will not succeed at all, now it is your turn to work it so that with it you get all the clients you need so that your venture or company is viral and everyone knows it and recognize by simply seeing your logo .

Create content plan