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How to create and sync backups in Outlook with OneDrive? Step by step guide

When using Outlook as a work communication method, it is very common that Between the messages, information and files that are of great importance to your work are stored and that it is necessary to keep them protected.

One of the most reliable methods to keep these files safe, is by making backup copies of the content of your email in a reliable data hosting service and Microsoft It has its own cloud storage service, as well as being one of the most reliable. It is the well-known OneDrive.

Many times you will find yourself in the need to make backups of your emails in the cloud, and in the next few paragraphs, we will teach you how to use Microsoft’s native hosting service to keep your emails protected, in addition to other very interesting data and tools.

Why should you backup with OneDrive?

Benefits of creating backups in Outlook

OneDrive is the native cloud data hosting service of Microsoft, Y is one of the safest and most reliable platforms of its kind available for backing upfrom both file system folders and Outlook emails. Make data backups in mail services such as Outlook is a fairly elementary safety function, which it should be done on a regular basis to keep the information stored in emails secure.

However, the most outstanding benefits of backing up emails to OneDrive can be summarized in the following list:

  • OneDrive it is a secure server and stable for data storage.
  • The stored information is safe, protected against any malicious attack.
  • You can access the backed up emails quickly, from any location and device.
  • Are accessible through your Microsoft credentials.
  • Offers a easy data restore option If necessary.

Learn how to set up and restore an Outlook backup to OneDrive

What Outlook user, it will be necessary make backup copies of your emails on more than one occasion, so you must learn both to make backup copies and to restore stored information at any time.

For both procedures you will see the instructions below:

Sync the cloud

The synchronization of Outlook emails with the OneDrive cloud can only be done from the desktop application, and to activate this function, you just have to be guided by the following procedure:

  • Open the app desktop of Outlook and click on the tab “Archive”.

Change options in Outlook

  • Choose “Options” and when the window opens “Outlook Options”, click on the section “General”.
  • In the section “Cloud storage options”, check the box labeled “Store Outlook settings in the cloud.”

Outlook cloud storage options

  • Click on “Accept”.

One time setup done, the emails and the settings from Outlook They will be automatically stored in the OneDrive cloud, keeping your email information protected.

Restore Backup

If for any reason you have lost the data stored on your email server, but you have done a backup before, you have the option to recover the last stored data to restore important files and information.

To restore an Outlook backup using the desktop application, the procedure is described below:

  • click in the tab “Archive”.
  • Choose the option “Open and export”.

Open and Export section in Outlook

  • Press about “Import or export.”
  • Open the menu drop down and select “Import from another program or file” and click on “Following”.
  • Choose the option “Outlook data file.”

Import emails from other programs or files into Outlook

  • Click on the file you want to restore and configure the restore settings.
  • Choose the folders you want to restore, and click “Finalize”.

Best OneDrive Alternatives for Outlook Cloud Backup

In addition to OneDrive, you have the ability to access many other cloud data storage tools that will allow you to back up your Outlook emails if, for any reason, you cannot or do not want to use OneDrive:

Access Dropbox Plus services

As one of the most used hosting services to date, Dropbox It has a number of features and functions that make it one of the best options to work with Outlook. There are free and paid versions, each of which has different features, but in general, the service of Dropbox enables online mail backup files, as well as cross-device syncs, and lets you download and restore your backups at any time.

Mega service interface

This hosting platform started operating in 2013, and works as a file storage service in the cloud. Today, It is one of the most used platforms worldwide. It is one of the most secure cloud storage services on the market, and provides its users with a 20GB minimum storage for free. It is one of the best and most stable options for storing your Outlook files.

Box access service

It is a hosting service designed to work as an alternative to Dropbox, and is known for giving free storage to its users, up to a maximum of 10G, and upload files up to 250MB simultaneously. It is compatible with most operating systems, with the exception of Linux, and plugins can be downloaded to increase its functionality. It has advanced security features to keep your files and emails protected.

Arq Cloud access site

Arq has one of the most stable platforms currently available, so it is always online and available to access your backed up files. All your data will be completely protected thanks to its password encryption system. If a problem can be found with this platform, it’s the fact that you don’t have a free plan. All its options are paid, and it is focused on creating general backups, so it is not possible to load copies of files individually.

PCloud access site

As an alternative to OneDrive, pCloud offers 10 GB of free storage for the simple action of registering on its platform, and you are not limited to a particular size when uploading files to the cloud.

This particularity is quite useful when it comes to backing up e-mail trays that contain a large number of attachments, since it will allow you to upload them to your server without setbacks or limitations. What you have to know about pCloud, is that as a hosting service it is relatively recent and very little known, so it is not clear what the future holds for this platform.