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How to create “Evergreen” videos on YouTube to have lifetime views? step by step guide

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In Internet there is a type of content that does not lose validity due to its relevant information, It is timeless and is trending in search engines. Its about “evergreen content” that attracts visits for years and continues to be created according to the characteristics of each website.

This type of content attracts the attention of the public and although for some it may seem basic, there will always be users who take time to read them. It is no secret to anyone that creating quality content is not easy at all, but once a good SEO optimization is achievedthe rest is done by the search algorithms.

Let’s take a look at those most prominent types of evergreen content and how to produce a content suitable for positioning on YouTube. Learn how to use it with us and enjoy the benefits that its application offers you.

What is evergreen content?

Best content on YouTube

evergreen content it is literally a perennial content, that is, it does not lose relevance over time. In addition, it constitutes a constant source of traffic to your website. This content, unlike seasonal content, Generate extraordinary traffic in a short period. With evergreen content, you may not attract a large number of visitors immediately, but your content stays relevant for unlimited time.

If you choose to publish evergreen content on your website, you can increase your ranking in search results for months and even years. That is why this type of content is an excellent long-term SEO strategy. Why? Simply, because you would be publishing content that, over time, will not cease to be essential.

Differences between evergreen and topical content

The evergreen content differs from topical content in the relevance that both represent. You can tackle the same topic with both types of content, and see how users react over time.

For example:

  • Current content: “Best selling toys at Christmas 2021”.
  • evergreen content: “Top 10 ideal toys for children and adolescents”.

The current content will only be relevant during the time period before the date mentioned, in the case of the example, during Christmas 2021. On the contrary, the evergreen content, will attract traffic on a regular basisand could gain search rankings like “ideal toys for children” “Top 10 ideal toys”.

Types of evergreen content

Can you find with various types of evergreen content, ideal to improve your blog. Remember that evergreen content is timeless, that is, it will always be of interest to the audience. This means that they are topics that will always be relevant to readers.

That can be consulted today, tomorrow and whenever you want:


Make reviews on YouTube

A short piece of writing with specific information on any topic. It is characterized by the description of a specific topic and, in turn, make an evaluative judgment of the same with arguments. These texts are basically to know the characteristics and qualities of each product, in addition to making the product known in order to know for sure what it is about.


The definitions, like the concepts, they are a timeless theme that constantly receives visits. Keep in mind that dictionaries on any topic are very useful material that attract visitors to the web.

Turistic guides

Tourism on YouTube

Guides are a very attractive type of content, and very accepted by readers. The information that is generated is timeless because the historical sites are describednatural monuments, routes, recreational activities, and everything you need from anywhere in the world.


They are recognized as a perfect resource to create content that expires. Lists are ideal for incorporating into a blog, as they serve to attract more readers and they are oriented towards a non-specialized generic audience.


Biographies on YouTube

A narrative text that recounts relevant events in a person’s life, following a chronological order. In this type of content, fundamental aspects of said character are explicitly reflected. For readers to know a little more about his personality, motivations, successes and failures of him.

Other types of content

  • infographics: These are one of the types of evergreen content appreciated by the audience. Well, they represent an aesthetic, useful and simple way of presenting information to readers. They are a visual and creative format, which is usually quite attractive to readers.
  • post: It is an easy way to share evergreen content. This type of content has become one of the most popular, due to the acceptance it has by readers. In addition, it is very easy to share content through social networks, which are being widely used.
  • ebooks: very useful educational material for audiences, as they can access it whenever they need it. For this reason, many bloggers use them, because they help to retain the audience with the content.

Learn how to create Evergreen content to position on YouTube

Creating evergreen content is a great option to promote your brand, online business and even content:

Research niche and potential topics

How to find a niche market

Have you heard of niches? These are a portion of a market segment, made up of a small group of people or companies. Niches have certain common characteristics and needs. The market niches must go according to the potential topic of the content, responding to a specific demand. The objective of the niches within the market is to create and grow your business, hence its importance. How to make a niche?

Follow these simple steps and you will be able to create it:

  • Discover the type of market in which you want to act. It must be something you are passionate aboutSomething you know and like. This will encourage you to move forward with motivation, enthusiasm and discipline.
  • Identify the problem you want to solve. Discover the problems that have not yet been solved. You can do this by searching social media, forums, and even researching keywords related to your market on Google.
  • test your knowledge. You need to master what a market niche is thoroughly. One recommendation is that you live what you publish. Practice what you recommend in your daily life and be yourself the proof of the success of your content
  • Look at the demand for your content. Remember that your market niche must necessarily be based on a real problem. Discover the demand for your content by observing the comments and searches that users do on the internet
  • Thoroughly analyze the competition. When there are already a large number of companies seeking to solve the same problem, this content ceases to be attractive. It is best to look for other competitors. When you are in the process of discovering a niche marketIdeally, there should not be a large number of competitors.

create script

Make scripts on YouTube

To create a sales script that allows you to position your content, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • Identify the target to which it is directed, based on the age, sex, employment status and type of employment of your potential clients. It is important that you take care of your vocabulary and the tone in which you will speak. Well, you could attract, drive away your potential customers.
  • Select a question type, the most recommended is that you opt for open questions, avoiding that the answers are monosyllables. Select helpful questions about what you want to know about the customer. This allows you to customize the positioning of your content.
  • Encourage feedback with your customers, because the communication between both is very valuable, and this must be bidirectional. You must connect with the client, know their needs, in order to offer timely solutions.
  • Empathize with your customers. When they disagree with you You must learn to handle the situation. Put yourself in their place, and adapt the script to each of their needs. Keep in mind that not all potential consumers need the same thing. An advice! Personalize your arguments and messages.
  • Close the business make sure both parties agreeFor this, it is essential to gain the trust and credibility of your potential clients.

Record a video

Record videos for YouTube

Recording videos is an extraordinary content marketing strategy. We are talking about a way to diversify the number of channels and formats offered.

To record the video, you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • Set up a study and set it up with resources that are in accordance with your sales niche. Use what you have at your disposal to present a professional study that attracts the attention of the audience. However, you should try not to let your viewers get distracted by it, so be creative and professional at the same time. You should also try to locate your study in a space where there are not many external noises that interfere with communication.
  • Use the right lighting, avoiding combining natural light with artificial light. It is important that you stay away from the windows, so that the lighting does not interfere and you can record a clear video
  • Select the necessary equipment to record the video and that it remains as professional as possible. Remember that it will be the resource to connect with your potential customers

edit video

Edit videos for YouTube

Creating videos is not only recording, but also editing. In fact, this is one of the most important aspects. The edition is ideal to eliminate from the video everything that has not gone well is to include some elements. For example, lettering and sound effects, use “B” scenes and even add background music. Do not complicate yourself! On the internet you can get endless great tutorials for you to learn how to edit your videos step by step.

create thumbnail

Video thumbnails are essential for users to instantly see your videos while browsing YouTube. When uploading a video to your channel, you can choose a thumbnail from the automatically generated options in Youtube. Or you can also upload your own, in case your account is verified.

Recommendations to create evergreen content to position on YouTube

Tips for making videos on YouTube

By generating perennial content, you will attract many more visits to your page for an unlimited time, because this type of content does not expire, and has an extraordinary traffic.

Therefore, here you will find a step by step on how to create evergreen content to position on YouTube:

  • Identify each of the concerns of your potential customers: According to the content you want to position, keep in mind that readers are interested in those topics that guarantee truthfulness and well-being. If the topic is cosmetics, enhance your attractiveness and take care of your body, face or hair depending on what you are looking for.
  • Create evergreen content that relates to your website or YouTube channel: If you have a YouTube channel, you should create evergreen content that directly relates to it. In this way you generate confidence in the readers and in turn, more visits. Do not forget to use phrases that attract traffic and positions the content.
  • Investigate how users search for information of interest: analyze the results that the Google keyword planner offers you. You can do this by getting an active Adwords campaign, or through the tool. The intention is to verify the monthly interests of the users. You will be able to see what the incidents are by month, including the months of the year in which there is the most traffic.
  • Study each of your competitors: it is necessary to track Google search results, and take note of the characteristics of the contents that answer a question. This allows you to identify who or who are your competition and determine their weak points. In this way, you will be able to create perennial content, that is, one that lasts over time, surpassing its proposal. To do this, remember to use keywords that generate more traffic.
  • Apply all SEO copywriting techniques: good evergreen content should incorporate keywords, that is, those most used by users to search for information. If you do not take these tips into account, it will not help you at all. When specifying the keywords, you must apply them in the development of the content.

Best niches to create evergreen content

There are trend niches and evergreen niches. As usual, trends about fashion, hair styles and even diets are going to be at the top of the list.

Among the most prominent are:


Health content on YouTube

Do not underestimate the health niche, this is one of the most viewed on the Internet, more out of curiosity than scientific research. People, due to their desire to have immediate answers, spend a large part of their time knowing the root of certain pathologies. Apparently the first alternative is the Internet and not consulting a specialist.

The health niches have many visits when the topics to be discussed are losing weight or eliminating muscle pain. Any blog that touches these topics will have visitseven years after they were published. There is also a large audience with topics to gain muscle mass, diets, skin-related problems and everything that has to do with losing weight.


The urgent need to earn money has its audience and you can’t imagine how many people see these articles every day. Without a doubt, the wealth niche is one of the most popular. No matter the approach that is given money is money, whether it is how to start a good business, investments, how to save it and everything that has to do with this topic.

Couple relationships

Create couples videos on YouTube

Another niche that attracts the public and that can be taken advantage of is timeless relationships. Love, divorces and infidelities are an active part of Internet searches. At some point, users open a blog to read about these topics, even if they are focused on the perspective of women or men.

This niche has a lot of fabric to cut, because It is no secret to anyone that relationships are complicated and at some point a little guidance is needed. This topic attracts public and that is a good opportunity to gain views and monetize.

self help

Anything that has to do with personal growth gains an audience in minutes, and the best thing is that you don’t have to update this type of content. Because it is not a fad or that it varies techniques, on the contrary, These topics teach other people and provide tools to achieve emotional balance.

Consequently, you will always have people interested in this topic. Spirituality always sells, as well as the tools to lead a lifestyle in perfect harmony and balance. Blogs dedicated to these topics will always have visitors.


Technology content on YouTube

The technological niche is wide and covers many edges. However, although it is not timeless and a product or technology goes out of fashion or ceases to be a trend, there are always people who are interested in previous versions. Note that even though the Internet is crowded, most websites have a considerable flow of people. The niches and sub-niches of technology that speak of smartphones, computers, home automation and similar topics are an active part of daily searches.