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How to create personalized emojis with your face or whoever you want on Android and iOS? Step by step guide

A emoji is an image that represents an idea, also defined as ideogram. The word has Japanese origin and is used on different chat platforms, mainly between mobiles.

Represent an expression through a emoji it is a practical way of communicating something. Replacing an entire sentence with an image can be fun. But it is boring to always use the same alternatives that applications like WhatsApp, Instagram or Telegram.

That is why we customize your own emoticons it has become a trend. Thanks to the different applications and facial recognition softwares, they can be created from the phone. You can use this method to generate fun expressions and share them with whoever you want.

Steps to create your own personalized emojis from a photo to use in your chats

As we said before it's a good way to communicate an idea. But the default expressions of each application are not always enough. Thanks to this post, the only limit of emotions will be your imagination

Since the operating system of Manzana for their mobile phones it has a native option to create emoticons with your face.

We will show you Here is how to make and share your emojis on the main messaging platforms for Android:

For WhatsApp

The first thing we should do is make sure we have updated the default keyboard application. Since it will be through it that we will send the emoticons. In the case of Android it's Google GBoard. There are different Apps that allow you to create personalized images with your face.

We will make the example with Bitmoji that you can find in the PlayStore:

  • Once you have downloaded it open it. Do it directly from the store it's possible.
  • Choose the sex.
  • Take a picture. Although an identical image will not be generated, you will help the application to get a better finish or recommendation.
  • The result will be what the system consider roughly your physical features. But you can change the details in the following steps.
  • Skin tone, eye color, jaw texture are just some of the parameters that you can configure. When you're done with all of them, you must choose your clothing.
  • Finish creation and dozens of situations will be generated with the face you chose.
  • You can find them to the left of the space bar on your keyboard (that's why it is important to keep it updated).
  • If you decide that you are not comfortable with your personalization, you can always transform it. To do this, enter the application Bitmoji and change the settings in the "Avatar" tab.
  • If it's not open, display the keyboard by clicking on the text bar.
  • When the letters have already appeared, look for the icon happy face. It is located to the left of the space bar.
  • At the bottom of the screen you will find a button that did not appear before. Corresponds to the application we have just installed.
  • Press on that button and all the situations you can imagine with your face will be displayed.
  • Choose the one that best suits the action you want to represent.

For Instagram

We can publish this content in two ways. Through the Bitmoji application, selecting the image and sharing on the social network, in the Direct (private message), Feed (on the wall) or Stories (Temporal history). The other way is from the GBoard keyboard doing the following:

  • Go to Instagram.
  • Choose the type of publication what do you want. It can be a direct message or a Story. With this method we will not be able to do it on the wall.
  • If you have chosen the direct message, just press the text bar and follow the steps as if it were WhatsApp.
  • Instead, in a Storie, the emojis will serve as an accompaniment for your publication. Note that images do not have transparencies.
  • Take a photo or select one from your gallery.
  • Press the button in the corner Upper right.
  • Choose the smiley icon next to the space bar.
  • Select the emoji you like.
  • Place it somewhere on the screen.
  • Press "Ready" and post it.

For Telegram

Enter the application and continue the same steps you use on WhatsApp.

List of the best apps to create custom emojis from Android or iOS

List of the best apps to create custom emojis from Android or iOS

As we mentioned earlier, we only exemplify with one of the applications that exist today. But we can find many others, each with its own particular characteristics. Then, a list of the recommended Emoji Apps.

Bobble Keyboard

It is an application that replaces the digital keyboard that comes from the factory. With her you can add memes, stickers, GIFs until you change the theme and typeface you use in chats. Take one selfie and the program will put your face in different expressions and animated situations. Is available in multiple languages 鈥嬧媋nd it's free for Android and iOS.

Emoji Maker

It is ideal if you do not want to take too long to create the emoticons. From the simplest and most intuitive application on this list. Its simplicity also means that it does not have so many creative possibilities, nor can it create a emoji from a photo. But you will not have complications if what you are looking for is something fast and easy.


So far we have seen different applications that can create images of you from a photo. Zepetus takes this to another level. Since from a selfie can make a three-dimensional animated version of you. If you want, you can change the details of the result. We can say against that some options, like clothing, they are not free.


If you like to create your own drawings, this is the indicated option. With it you can create emojis from scratch. The aesthetics of the same has a cartoon style. Although it does not offer the possibility of doing it through a photograph, it offers various alternatives so that you can make your creation as close as possible.

Face cam

With this application you can edit your photos, adding a 3D version of your head. Choose photos or even videos and edit them. You have many expressions that you can use. It offers a three-day trial version. IF you decide to continue using it you must pay.