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How to customize the format, fonts and colors of the text of your Outlook emails to give it your personal touch? Step by step guide

There are several ways to adapt the layout of Outlook mail to your liking. Within the configuration option, there are different functions that you can enable, some will attract attention and others will seem exaggerated, but the truth is that there are for most preferences among users.

As the years go by new customization options created by Microsoft appear for your email service, hooking their subscribers to stay active, since they have become an alternative beyond sending written messages and with attractive themes or customizations.

The idea in this tutorial is show you the alternatives you have to customize formats when inserting your texts in email messages in Outlook, the types of fonts available and the colors that you can place in the paragraphs. You will learn everything in an easy and practical way.

Learn how to customize the text format of your emails in Outlook

In any of the versions of Outlook, you can change the format that you apply to each of the texts sent. If you are not convinced by the default model and you want more, you have seven adjustments that you can make to give your messages a personal touch.

Go for it:

Define alignment

The alignment of a text defines the final appearance that it will have within the message. It can be applied to all content or to a particular paragraph, which goes further to the left, to the right, or fully centered.

The way to activate it is as follows:

  • In the inbox, click on “New message”.

Create new message in Outlook

  • A window is displayed in which you must put the content of your email.
  • At the bottom are three horizontal points. Click on them and a small menu opens.

Align texts in Outlook emails

  • The first three options are alignment options, either through left, right or in the center.
  • To apply it to the redacted text, you must mark it and select the way you want it to be shown to your contact.

Write in bold, italic, underline

These three options are intended to highlight important elements of the message. Perhaps in bold aspects in which we want to draw attention and that are more relevant.

To place them in the text, follow these steps:

  • Located in the box of the new message, write the content you want to send.

Write in bold italic or underline

  • Select the word or sentence what do you want highlight.
  • In the lower menu, you will see the option to bold, italic, or underlined.
  • Mark the one you want to apply and so you will be doing with the rest of the phrases that you need to adjust.

Write strikethrough text

The use of strikethrough implies that there are some parts of the text that need to be removed. It is a correction symbol for some error that has to be changed.

To place it in Outlook, the steps are as follows:

  • With the text already included in the window and the segment you want to cross out selected, press the button with the three horizontal dots at the bottom.

Strikethrough text in Outlook

  • A vertical menu opens in which you must check the eighth box, which shows the letters “Abc” with a horizontal stripe on top. That is the strikethrough function.
  • By marking it, You will notice how a line is created over the indicated sentence or word.

Define text size

Natively, in most cases the size of the letter used is number 11. There are those who may seem small or to others a little big.

If you want to change it, do it this way:

  • Select all text included in the new message window.

Text size in Outlook

  • In the bottom menu, the third option from left to right is font size, assigned with an uppercase “A”.
  • By selecting it, you will see the different sizes that you can apply to the content.


The function of quotes or quotes in Outlook It is used to refer to segments of an email that you want to reply to or in another particular one, verbatim the words of a boss or an important statement.

The way to activate it is this:

  • In the body of the message to send, select the paragraph you want to cite.

Quote texts in Outlook emails

  • Now, go down to the lower menu and select the two quotes that there are called “Appointment”.
  • Every time you select, you will see a vertical line in the text separated differently from the rest Of content.

Numbered lists

If it is necessary to indicate the steps to carry out to carry out a task, instead of using a running text and without any differentiation, it is better to opt for a numbered list that facilitates understanding.

When you have the material ready, divide it in this way:

  • Choose all the text written up.

Use numbered lists in Outlook

  • From the bottom menu of the compose window, select the three horizontal lines preceded by a number, identified as “Numeration”.
  • By checking it, you will see how before each sentence a number appears followed by a period separating the paragraphs.

Bulleted lists

Using bullets has the same function as numbered lists, only that instead of numbers, some graphic elements appear to indicate the steps. In Outlook, dots are displayed before each marked statement.

If you want to place them to the text, you will do it like this:

  • When you have finished compiling the list of instructions, select content.

Use bullet lists in Outlook

  • Now, mark the box of horizontal lines with dots next to it found in the bottom menu called “Vignettes”.
  • You will notice how in the text, next to each step, a point that separates them is shown.

How to configure the text fonts of your Outlook emails

There are at least two ways to configure fonts in Outlook. One is by applying it to each text that is going to be written and the other by changing the default font that brings the account once you create it.

This allows you to give a different profile to all the messages you send:

Change font

The native Outlook font is Calibri. Every time a new message is to be written automatically, it is done with this type of font. Let’s go with the two ways to make the change.

In every mail

  • If you want change it for the current message, select all redacted content.

Change font type in Outlook

  • Click at the bottom on the “AA” which are located in the menu bar and a vertical window with different types of fonts is displayed.
  • Mark the one you want to assign and you will immediately see the change of font.

From the desktop application

If you want to do it globally, that is to say that from now on all messages go with another font, you must do the following:

  • Enter the Outlook application and search “Options”.

Change options in Outlook

  • After, “File” and “Background design and fonts”.
  • Choose “New mail message.”

Change background layout and fonts in Outlook

  • When opening, set the default font for new messages.
  • Then press “Accept” until the changes are saved.

Web version

  • Click on “Setting” located at the three horizontal dots in the upper left menu.
  • A vertical menu with several functions is displayed, select “See all Outlook settings ”.

See all Outlook settings

  • In the new tab, check “Write and reply.”
  • Browse until you get “Message format”.

Change mail format in Outlook

  • In the drop down menu, select the font type and default size it will have.
  • To finish, select “Keep” and all changes will remain in the system.

Use custom font

Third-party service to personalize emails in Outlook

Outlook has 68 default fonts from which you can choose the one that is most convenient for the message to be sent. If you want to use other sources, you can do it using HTML sources They give a personal look. However, sometimes it can happen that they are not all displayed correctly, so it is advisable to carry out a previous test.

In the case of Outlook, is it so available for version 2000 and in the web browser. Two of the ways to add them is through plugins or code snippets. Many mail clients have the option that if the embedded code does not work properly, present a similar alternative that can meet expectations. It is best to use them through third-party tools, such as companies that provide digital marketing services.

So you can configure the text colors of your Outlook emails

Adjust colors in Outlook

Same as the source, there is a preset color that kicks in when you start composing in Outlook. This can be changed both for a particular message and for all those that you will include from that moment on.

Take a look at how to make these changes to a message that you are going to send:

  • After including the text, select the word, phrase or sentence you want to change the color of. If it’s all content, choose full.
  • When it is shaded, click on the button “Font color” identified with a “TO” with a red bar underneath.
  • Select the new color you want to assign to the content and you will immediately see the change.