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How to customize the Outlook inbox to the fullest? Step by step guide

The Outlook email account has a default configuration and it is the first one we see once we finish creating it. But, you don’t necessarily have to stay like this for the rest of the days, there are endless options available for each subscriber to modify it according to their tastes.

In Outlook there are several options to customize the inbox, passing by colors, fonts, types view grouping of the messages and folder creation, to name just some of the features that this service has.

If you have been thinking about how to change the appearance of your email for a long time, here we will give you the tools, but also the way to use them, leaving completely different what you will see every time you enter Outlook. And finally we will dedicate ourselves to configuring this option in our mail.

Learn how to customize the look of your inbox in Outlook

The improvements that Microsoft has made to personalize applications more and more surprise their followers. There are some who they prefer to stick with the default settings, refusing to innovate. While others like the idea of ​​refreshing the inbox style, just as some friends and family have seen. Here I we are going to explain seven of the customizations that you have at your fingertips to redesign the appearance of your Outlook account.

Each one comes with the necessary steps so that you do not complicate your life:

Change the order of messages

Filter messages in Outlook for PC

In Outlook exist filters that allow you to sort the mailbox to your liking.

While there is a default setting, note the alterations you can make:

  • Inside your inbox, select the tool “Filter” which is located in the upper headband.
  • Once you press it, at the bottom of the menu it tells you “Tidy”.
  • You can choose between “Date”, “Sender”, “Size”, “Importance” or “Subject”.
  • The mails They are shown by the date they arrive, but you can choose any of the other categories and change the way you see them.

Apply a theme

Place a theme in Outlook

Talk about a theme in Outlook, is to refer to a tool that determines text formatting, colors, and shapes to be seen in the inbox.

To add a different one to the original do it this way:

  • In the upper bar, select the sprocket that is the “Setting”.
  • There you various colors appear that you can use in your new theme.
  • Select one of them and it will immediately be applied to the inbox.

Apply dark mode

Enable dark mode in Outlook

One of the reasons why many prefer the Dark mode is to lower eyestrain, especially when working in dimly lit spaces.

In Outlook this function has been configured so that any user can easily activate it:

  • Being inside the account, open “Setting”.
  • A window is displayed in which you must search “Dark mode”.
  • In the function you will find a selector that you must slide to the right and you will immediately see the black inbox.
  • By moving the selector back to its original position dark mode will disappear.

Set priority inbox

Set priority inbox in Outlook

This function is intended for help us organize your inbox, especially when we receive dozens or hundreds of emails every day, preventing important matters from being missed or requiring urgent attention.

Activating it is as simple as this:

  • In the top bar, enter “Setting”To display the menu on the right side.
  • Find the tool “Priority Inbox.”
  • If you slide the button right, you will see the new form of organization that your inbox has.
  • For return to initial settings, leave the button as it was before.

Message view density

Adjust message density in Outlook

Customizing this function allows preview different elements of the received message. To name a few cases, it is possible to see a preview of the attached data, images of the person who sent the email and even some sentences of the content.

The steps you must take to activate it are these:

  • Within “Setting”, look in the menu for the section “Screen density”.
  • There are three options to choose from: “Complete”, “Medium” and “Compact”.
  • Can test how each one looks when applied to your inbox and select the one you like.

Conversations view

Conversation view in Outlook

With this function we sort emails based on conversations. You can search for them by date in the upper or lower part and those that are related to each other will be displayed.

If you want to activate it, do this:

  • In the menu that opens in the “Setting” search “View of the conversation.”
  • There are three options, of which you must select one of them. These are: “Most recent at the top ”, “Most recent at the bottom” Or simply “Deactivate”.

Set up reading pane

Set up reading pane on Android

The reading pane is the extension which will display the inbox of Outlook.

It can take up a lot of space or little, depending on your preferences:

  • In “Setting” locate “Reading panel ”.
  • You should check one of the options available.
  • “Show right” bring all emails to a sidebar.
  • “Show at the bottom” positions the tray taking up much of the screen.
  • Finally, it shows you “Hide” the reading pane.

This is how you can configure a view of your Outlook 2007 inbox

Being a past version of which several updates have already come out, there are still users who use it and have it installed on their computers. The advantage is that it does not present incompatibilities with the news and the inbox can be handled comfortably, taking into account the characteristics of the system in use.

Here we are going to show some customizations that can be made to the inbox if you are using Outlook 2007:

Create a view based on another default

We are going to customize the way we view the inbox in Outlook, but starting from a template that already comes by default in the system, making some small adjustments.

Go for it:

  • Look for the view where you want to start creating.
  • click in “See”, there marks “Organize by” after which you enter “Personalize”.

Vustas configuration in Outlook

  • Select the things you want to add or remove, such as the number of columns. When you finish making changes, close the box “Customize the view.”
  • Now we are going to “View” to select “Current view”.

Organize views in Outlook

  • Enter to “Define view”, a segment called “View for folder name” in which you must press “Current view settings.”
  • Copy that information and write a name in the space “Name of the new view.”
  • Then in “Can be used in” select the location of the created view.

Create original view

Already we do not start from a design created by the system, but what you are going to create based on your own criteria and needs.

The settings you must make are these:

  • Click on “View”, in the menu mark “Current view” and then in “Define views”.
  • Tap on “New”, in the dialog shown, place an identification in “Name of the new view.”
  • Select a “Type of view ”.
  • To make it available, check the option “Can be used in “ and click “Accept”.
  • In “Customize view” mark the options you want to use and at the end press “Accept”.
  • If you want to use at once, check “Apply view”.

Rename a created view

Define new views in Outlook

To locate it faster or give an identity to the sight you created, can modify the name.

The steps are very simple as we explain here:

  • In “View” Mark “Current view” and then “Define view”.
  • In “Views” select the one you want to rename.
  • Click on “Rename”.
  • Write it in “New view name.”

Set when and where to activate a view

To customize from which location views can be accessed, used, and at what times, there is also a menu in Outlook 2007:

  • Choose “Current view” in section “View”.
  • Mark “Define views”.
  • In “Views” you are going to select which one you want to be available in different locations.
  • Copy and in the box “New view” assigns an ID.
  • In “Can be used in” will designate where the view will be available.
  • Once you indicate, check “Accept”.
  • If you want to use it at that moment, click on “Apply view”.

Set font and other elements of your view

Define fonts and colors in Outlook views

The font type and size are aspects that mark a identity And in the case of the view that we will choose for the email, it gives it a personal touch.

To leave it to your liking, do the following:

  • Choose “Current view” located in the menu “See”.
  • There you go to select the view you want to work with.
  • Now mark “Organize by”, and then press on “Personalize”.
  • Choose “Other customization options” and there you will modify the font type and size.
  • When done, click “Accept”.

Reset the values ​​of a standard view

Reset view values ​​in Outlook

Happens that after making certain modifications and starting to use the view, we noticed that the changes we made do not look good, it worked better as it was.

If that happens to you, take this guide into account:

  • Search “Current view” Y “Define views” on the menu “Views”.
  • In “Views for the name” click on which view you want to change to its original state.
  • In the end, click “Restore” and the process is complete.

Delete a created view

Delete a view customization that we create to use it in the inbox is very simple.

Just do this:

  • Enter the menu “View”.
  • Choose “Current view” and then “Define views”.
  • In “View for the folder name of the folder” select the one you want to delete.
  • Once selected, click on “Remove”.

Taking into account all these points, you will exploit the capabilities of Outlook to the fullest, personalizing the inbox, keeping it organized and with a personal touch.