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How to delete a Google account easily and quickly forever? Step by step guide

How to delete a Google account easily and quickly forever? Step by step guide

Having a Google account means having access to a series of really useful and varied tools and services. The internet giant has been concerned with developing a huge range of proposals that are available completely free (although they also add payment options) and that are at your disposal just by registering on your platform or even buy a terminal with Android operating system .

Cloud storage, word processor, spreadsheet, YouTube channels, blogs to write to . The offer is so varied that it overwhelms, as well as strengthens its position as one of the most useful platforms in the online sector. However, that does not imply that there are no users who prefer to leave. You may have registered for what this company provides, but now you are considering knowing how to delete a Google account .

This guide explains step by step what you should do to delete your Google account completely, either through a PC or through a smartphone (including those with iOS operating system). If you do not want to continue being part of the database of this gigantic company, if you want to use other proposals of the honey that are in the network of networks, we give you the necessary instructions to unsubscribe. Even we help you eliminate the anti-theft system that Google implants on Android devices .

Steps to cancel my Google account permanently

The reasons why you want to delete these types of accounts can be very diverse , you may have another one that you use more for personal or professional reasons, that you don’t like the policies of This company or that you simply prefer to use fully dedicated software that does the same, but with much greater efficiency and possibilities. R Azones can be endless and, if you have them, we have something to help you with .

To cancel your Google account definitely, you need to carry out a very similar process between the PC and smartphones . As you will see with the explanations that we are going to give you below, where we will detail what needs to be done with each device, it is something that does not take too much time and that can be done quite quickly.

Delete from PC

If you are a PC user who wants to delete your Google account for the remains, you just have to follow these instructions that we leave you:

  • With the operating system started, open any web browser you have installed and go to the address bar to type the URL you have here: https:// myaccount. or access directly from here . By doing so, you will enter the Google account deletion section.
  • Now, you have to connect to the profile you wish to permanently unsubscribe . To do this, a field will automatically appear in which you must enter the email or telephone number of your account. When you do it and press the button to advance, you will have to do the same with the password to access. Write it also and click on the appropriate button to advance and sign in to Google .

Entrar en cuenta Google para borrarla

  • You are in the removal menu . You will first see a series of details about what happens when you delete a Google account. In addition, you will be given the option to save the data you have in all the linked services to take them to another profile if you wish. You have to keep going down until you find the button with the text “Remove account” . When you hit him, just press him.

Borrar para siempre cuenta de Google

  • The moment you do it, you will have completely deleted your user profile on the Google platform.

Unsubscribe from mobile (Android and iOS)

In mobile terminals, the process can be extremely simple in case of using Android, since the native support offered as a Google platform makes the deletion tools found in the phone’s own menu. However, we will provide a universal solution, also valid for those who use iPhone or iPad:

  • As in PC, you need to open the browser available to your terminal to enter the URL with which to access the Google account deletion portal. Specifically, you should use this in the address bar:
  • Lo What you should do next is as simple as login . You need to log in to indicate to the system which account has to be deleted (if it was already connected before, you will only have to enter the corresponding password). Enter the email or phone number and password of your profile in Google to advance.
  • You will have a good amount of information and details about the account deletion process in front of you, as well as an option to save all your data before deleting them. You can do it or simply descend until you find the button that says “Remove account” . Click on it and you will have finished the process from your smartphone.

How to disable the Google account’s anti-theft system on my Android device ?

Como desactivar eliminar sistema antirrobo cuenta Google

Since recent Android updates, the terminals have a protection system designed to prevent the use of the device in case of theft . This anti-theft system consists of requesting the Google account with which you first logged into the terminal, even when a factory reset or a restoration has been performed that has removed all the information.

This mechanism can be very useful for protecting terminals , but it can also cause serious problems if someone lends you a phone and doesn’t remember the account, or even if you buy a second-hand model that doesn’t have that information.

So how can this system be disabled on an Android device? There are two ways, two perfect ways to remedy the headaches you can bring:

First method:

Desactivar Desbloqueo de OEM Android

  • With the phone turned on and started, go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Now, descend until you find the “Development Options” section. It may be within “ Advanced Settings ” or a similar option, depending on the phone model.
  • Search for the option “OEM Unlock” > and deactivate it. If you have some kind of protection such as an unlock pattern or a password, you will have to enter it to confirm that you are the owner of the phone.

Second method:

Desvincular Eliminar Cuenta Google de Android

  • Go to the “Settings” section of the phone by clicking on the icon you will find in the main menu.
  • Now, you should go to the “Accounts” section, where all the ones linked to the smartphone are located.
  • Within this section, look for the option “Google” and click on it to access its settings and options.
  • Go now to the options menu, which can be at the top right or in the bottom bar, and click on “Remove account” or ”Delete account” . You will lose the connected and registered data, but you will unlink the phone and delete the security system.

If all these steps have not helped you, we suggest you access the Movical.Net website, since they offer a personalized service of each model if you want to delete the Google account strong> .

His more than 15 years of experience in software unlocks and restorations are a guarantee; One of its technicians connects remotely to your team and guides you through the steps to continue executing official programs of the brand itself that will leave your cell phone fully reset and without any associated Google account.