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How to delete a user account on my Windows 8 PC? Step by step guide

Today, although it may not seem true, there are many people who manage their PC through Windows 8. Being this, an operating system that provides remarkable efficiency Regardless of the hardware performance, it also includes an optimal antimalware and has compatibility with external devices.

In addition to this, Windows 8 is an OS that stands out for being highly customizable and in this sense, one of its most interesting characteristics is that it has the ability to adapt to each type of user to a great extent. Since, luckily, it allows access the equipment through different profiles, depending on the needs of each person.

However, despite this, many people are unaware what is the exact amount of user accounts that can be managed in W8 freely. Also, for comfort or necessity reasons, sometimes they need to delete one of these accounts on their PCbut they don't know how to proceed. In consecuense, here we will explain how to do it correctly.

How many user accounts can I have in Windows 8?

While it is true, user accounts offer the facility for different people to use the same computer, in a personalized way. Considering that, this allows each account have the appropriate configuration options, just like your own folders. Thus, an important advantage of W8 compared to other previous versions and other operating systems.

Now, although it admits access by several people, the truth is that does not accept multiple user accounts on your system. Reason why users often wonder how many user accounts can be managed in this operating system, effectively. In the face of such doubt, we emphasize that, Windows 8 provides a user type for each person and generally accepts a total of seven user classes, according to their particularities and / or requirements.

Considering that the types of user in question correspond to the following:

  • Online user with Microsoft account: As their name implies, they are profiles that are associated with the accounts of Microsoft and because of that, they allow users enjoy a number of benefits when you log into W8. These advantages are: share up to 5 different computers, synchronize data from various services (email, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), access SkyDrive or Flickr, use apps downloaded from the store, etc.
  • Local user without Microsoft account: It is ideal for those people who do not have an account Microsoft and prefer to use the computer through a local account. Thus, they will be able to work in the PC normally, but attached to certain limitations. Such as: they will not be able to use apps from the store or take advantage of the functionalities in the cloud.
  • Administator: This type of user you have full permissions to manage the entire system. Therefore, you can install or uninstall applications (traditional and from the Windows), format or reset the PC, remove all files from the system, etc.
  • Standard user: Through this account, the user will have the power to modify the system configuration to a certain extent, use most of the software and make different adjustments without affecting the security of the equipment or other profiles. Therefore, it is ideal for non-advanced users who may put the integrity of the equipment at risk.
  • Guest user: Refers to an account type that It is suitable for those who do not use the PC regularly. Whether it's for a family member, friend or neighbor who needs to start an occasional session on the computer. But, to activate it, it is necessary to have Administrator.
  • User with parental control: Basically It consists of a profile oriented to the smallest of the house, with the aim that they can surf the Internet safely and at the same time, be observed by their parents or representatives, in a certain way. In this case, only the appropriate applications can be used for the minor's age.
  • User system: It is a type of user that is shown in the Task Manager and is reserved for system applications, exclusively. Therefore, it cannot be handled by people who work with W8 as users.

Learn step by step how to delete a user account in Windows 8

As well as Windows 8 allows you to create multiple user accounts with your personalized start interface and with your own applications, the operating system also offers the possibility of carrying out the opposite processIn other words, delete a user account that is no longer required. For which, it will be mandatory to have Administrator privileges on the system. Once you make sure you have this requirement, you can proceed to delete a user account in your Windows 8 PC.

Being this, a very easy procedure to carry out and so, we proceed to explain in detail how to execute it:

  • To get started, head over to the Start from your team and introduces the term "Panel". For this, proceed to choose the icon of said utility, that is, from the Control Panel (which appears under Applications).

Learn step by step how to delete a user account in Windows 8

  • Once you access the Control Panel operating system, it's time to click on 鈥淯ser accounts and child protection鈥.
  • Now, directly in the section "User account", click on the option "Remove user accounts".

Learn step by step how to delete a user account in Windows 8

  • Following that, choose the user account you want to remove from Windows 8 and immediately click where it says "Delete account".

Learn step by step how to delete a user account in Windows 8

  • By last, you have to follow the instructions to finalize the process and ready.