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How to delete all your photos from Google Photos to free up space in the cloud? step by step guide

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Google Photos is an application that allows us to exchange information between two storage sites. He has become so famous managed to replace Picasa from first placeoffering us different advantages.

in this post You will find very useful information so you can make the most of it. this application, among them is the large number of photos that we can host on this platform. Although it is called Google Photos, it can also be used to store videos.

Finally, we will show you the necessary steps so that you can delete and free up space in the Google Photos cloud. If you doubt, because you consider that when you delete a photo in the cloud they are deleted from the device, we recommend that you read with great determination, that We also explain it to you.

How many images can I post to my Google Photos account?

Some time ago, one of the users of Google Photos tested its capacity using artificial intelligence, managing to upload up to 10 thousand photographs. He later informed him through the networks that after having fulfilled the limit he did not manage to upload any more.

After the great unknown that this person created, many users they began to wonder and ask the same developers of the application the limit of the same, taking as a response a comment on twitter, where it is confirmed that Google Photos limit is 10 thousand photos.

Also adding that no more photos will be added after meeting the limit, until the user deletes some of their photos, to make room for a new one.

Advantages of Google Photos

advantages of google photos

Just as uploading many photos is an advantage of this app, there are also other advantages, but if you still don’t know them we give you some of them so you can make the most of it:

  • Support to our photos: From the first moments that we give Google Photos permissions, it can take our photos to make a backup, although we must also take into account that it must be programmed by us.
  • Photo editor: By using this application we can manage a fabulous tool that allows us to design and edit our photos when and how we want.
  • Photo Finder: It has a great photo search engine that allows us to locate each of our photos and be able to download them at any time.
  • We can share our photos: Not only can we save our photos on this platform, but each of our albums can also be shared with family and friends.

If I delete a photo from the Google album will it also be deleted from my device?

google photos album

The answer to this question is no, because Google Photos despite being an application that works together with the phone, It has a totally different storage platform than the one we have on the mobile.

The same thing happens if we try to delete a photo from the phone it will not be removed from our Google Photos albums. This app is used mostly as a backup of our photos, so it has external storage to our phone (the cloud).

this feature It is one of the great benefits that we can count on when using this application on our phone to back up our precious photos.

How does Google Photos work?

It is an application that we can find available in the Play Store, although there are some devices that have it installed from the factory, to synchronize a backup of all our photos. Its operation is very simple.

Fworks with a streaming platformwhich allows all Android and iOS users to store on a disk or space outside our device, known as “Cloud”, where it is necessary to be connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi network or with data use, so that communication is established between the platform and the device.

In order to use this great app, we need to have a google account, that if you do not have it, we recommend that you create it right away. It works the same on most devices, although there are some versions of Android, such as 7.0 or higher, that give you permission to delete photos from the phone as well.

Normally it works like a backup of our photos, although many of the users use it to free up space. Actually, we can’t say what use can be given to it, because its developers themselves mention that it is an application that adapts to its users and their needs.

On the other hand, we must take into account its limitations, because we cannot upload photos or images in formats outside of .jpg, .gif, .webp, .tiff or RAW, in addition that the dimensions must be above 256 pixels.

Steps to delete all the images saved in the Google Photos app easily and quickly

If you have already reached the photo limit or just want to delete some photos from Google Photos, You must follow the steps that we leave you below:

*Note: We remind you that before continuing you must have an active data connection, or Internet access.

Send photos to trash

First, we must access the app through our phone or tablet, and in turn we access our Google Account. Being there, we look for the photo or photos that we want to delete, and press for a few seconds to select it/s.

When we already have all the selected photos, we confirm that they are really those, and that we did not select one of more by mistake, and we go to the upper right corner and tap on the trash can iconso that they move to it.

When deleting photos you should take into account the following recommendations:

  • Let’s remember that most of us use Google Photos as a backup platform for our photos, so if we delete images or videos that have (or not) a backup, will not be completely removedinstead, it will be moved to the trash for 60 days.
  • Thanks to the trash can we will not lose the photos right away, but we will have the opportunity to rescue them again, although to recover them they must not be deleted from the trash and must be between the mentioned time (60 days), because when those days pass, are completely erased.
  • To delete a photo or video also from our device, it will not be enough to just delete it from Google Photos, we must go to the site where these are located, on our phone and delete them from there toootherwise they will remain on our device.

empty trash

To delete from the trash, we must first be very sure that we want to do it. Although whether or not if our trash can is full we must also do it.

  • our bin has a capacity of 1.5 GB, and when we reach that limit a warning will appear to empty it, or when we want to delete a photo, it will tell us to “Delete permanently”.
  • We open the Google Photos application on our Android, and access our Google account, we press the menuwhich we can identify by having an icon of three horizontal lines.
  • Of the options that are displayed to us, We select “Trash”, followed by “Plus” (its icon is three vertical dots) we press where it says “Erase”.
  • Following these steps, you will be able to empty the trash whenever you need or want to.