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How to delete all your photos on your iPhone to free up space on your internal storage? Step by step guide

How to delete all your photos on your iPhone to free up space on your internal storage? Step by step guide

Apple gives us the possibility of having one of the smartest mobile devices in our hands today. Its functions are really advanced and with them we can perform tasks that we could not do with another computer tool .

One of the things that most characterizes an iPhone is its memory , although it is true that they offer us a very good amount of storage, it is limited. That is, we cannot expand the storage capacity with any kind of outdoor disk drive.

We will present below why you should delete the photos you have saved on your iOS, we will also show you all the steps you must follow to to efficiently erase the stored images , detailing each of The tools that exist. With this article you will become an expert in handling the photos and videos stored on an iPhone mobile.

Why should I delete all the photos saved on my iOS device?

Our iPhone devices come with limited memory capacity, depending on the model its storage capacity is between 16 GB to 256 GB .

If we start loading our storage with photos or images, we will start having problems for those applications that need a size of important storage to work efficiently.

The processor performance of our iPhone device is calculated to be able to work with the disk capacity it has, but it is recommended that our device is not always full so that increases the speed of its operations .

Apple also offers us the possibility of saving our photos in iCloud with a limit of 5 GB, so it is often unnecessary to save them on our mobile having such a good quality alternative at our fingertips.

Our iPhone is one of the safest mobiles that exist, but if we lose it we would be calmer if we deposit the photos in iCloud and they are not in the hands of intruders.

Steps to erase all images stored on your iPhone easily and quickly

Once we have understood the reason for deleting or deleting photos on our iPhone, it is necessary to explain all the steps we have to perform to be able to do it in a correct way, without touching those files which are valuable memories that we don’t want to eliminate.

We will immediately introduce you four different tools to be able to delete images in a correct way.

From the device gallery

If we want to delete the photos one by one from the gallery of our device we will make this guide:

  • We go to the «Menu» of our mobile device
  • We choose the application «Photos»
  • Select the album where the photo you want to delete is located.
  • We can choose “Reel” or “Recently added” according to the system version operation of our mobile
  • We click on each of the photos we want to delete
  • Next, we select «Trash» , we can also do it by sliding our finger directly to this icon

Let’s not forget that the photos were not deleted, they were simply left in the bin, if we wanted to delete it we would have to enter it and then delete the photos permanently.

If we wanted to directly delete an entire album we would have to perform these steps:

  • We go to «Menu»
  • We select «Photos»
  • Next, we choose the album that we want to erase by pressing it with our finger
  • Like deleting photos we can drag it with our finger to the recycle bin, or once the album is selected we click on the trash can.

With a hard reset

Con hard reset. Pasos para borrar todas las imágenes almacenadas en tu iPhone fácil y rápido

It is a hard reset on an iPhone device when it has stopped working properly or we want to do a deep cleaning.

To perform a hard reset we will have to force the restart of our mobile through the combination of different keys.

Next, we detail each of the steps:

  • We constantly press the key to turn on or off the device, located to the right of our iPhone.
  • In the same movement we will have pressed and release the volume up button next to the button Volume down We cannot find both commands to the left of our iPhone.
  • At this moment the Apple logo will appear and we will know that all applications were forcedly closed and left with the factory data.

From iTunes

Desde iTunes. Pasos para borrar todas las imágenes almacenadas en tu iPhone fácil y rápido

We can delete the photos through iTunes on our Mac. To do this we will connect our mobile device on the Mac with the cable that came with the phone.

Next, we will perform the following steps:

  • Enter the code of our iPhone
  • Select the mobile when it appears on iPhone through a device icon in the upper left corner
  • Select « Applications »
  • We click on distinguishedFotos’s
  • Press ” Trust “ if it is not a Mac of our confidence with which we are working
  • Next, we select the photos we want to delete
  • We click on the trash
  • We empty the trash later

With an external app

Con una app externa. Pasos para borrar todas las imágenes almacenadas en tu iPhone fácil y rápido

In order to delete the photos through third-party applications, we will install “Gemini Photo” from the Apple store.

Once we do not have the application open on our mobile device And we will carry out this guide:

  • We select the photo album we want to analyze
  • At this moment the application automatically suggests the images that we can delete, based on blur criteria or out of frame, also the blurry photos.
  • We accept or delete those we consider to be incorrect

Con una app externa. Pasos para borrar todas las imágenes almacenadas en tu iPhone fácil y rápido

List of the best applications to delete unnecessary photos and files on my iPhone iPad

We want to offer you the best applications that you can find in the official Apple app store so you can delete all the photos and files that we don’t use on our iOS.

Next we detail each one:

Photo Cleaner -Album organizer

Application when installed on our iPhone becomes a powerful tool for us to clean and organize the photos and videos found on our device.


Among the most outstanding features we can name that compress the photos automatically, analyze and clean according to our instructions.

Photo Manager Pro 5

This app is a complete solution for all the photos and videos that we have installed on our iPhone, if we want to organize them and eliminate those that do not serve us.

Perform a analysis of different images with JPG, GIF, MP4 formats among others.

Download subversion is € 3.49 , and we cannot find it only in the App Store for iOS devices.

Slidy Pro

It is the simplest way to delete and also manage the photos of our iPhone . Its download is free and when we have the Reel full of photos, we can remove them in a very simple way by just sliding our finger.


If what we need is manage the photos to be able to remove them from our reel , connect app we can perform this action through very simple steps. We can perform an analysis automatically through the application and it will offer us the possibility of eliminating them according to our criteria.

To enjoy this application, we must pay € 1.99 .

Remove master for camera roll

Thanks to the access that this application has to all our photos on our iPhone, we can perform the removal of them with the swipe of our finger.

It also provides unlimited navigation and in its Premium version there are no advertisements and its analysis speed is much faster.

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