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How to delete an AliExpress account easily and quickly forever? Step by step guide

How to delete an AliExpress account easily and quickly forever? Step by step guide

Online stores have been the central focus of the commercial activity of many businesses, as well as people. The sale has evolved a lot thanks to the internet, allowing access to huge catalogs of products, at prices impossible to find in regular stores and comforts completely away from the traditional in this shopping. Everything has changed, and for good.

We currently have many online stores to access to make our purchases, being one of the most interesting AliExpress . This online store, opened in 2010 as a result of cooperation between several companies of Asian origin and within the Alibaba Group , is one of the best known in the entire network for the large number and variety of products that it puts on sale, as well as for the extremely affordable prices it usually offers.

Good and cheap, came to be based in our country, although since 2017 it was closed due to certain changes in its work system . With regard to the public, it is still the same as always, although there are those whose formula does not quite convince. The delay in some shipments, the difference in quality between what is seen and what comes with certain products and other situations that are related to the guarantees are some of the reasons that lead many users to ask how to delete an account from AliExpress .

Steps to cancel your AliExpress account permanently

Since it is a fairly inaccessible option within the web platform, this step-by-step guide serves to make it easier to request profile closure . If you want to unsubscribe and do not know how, here we are going to make sure you can do it in a very short time so that you do not waste time going around the menus.

To cancel the AliExpress account permanently there is a single procedure that is replicated on both PCs and mobile phones. Although there is a small variation in both cases, we will explain both so that you can unsubscribe your user profile on this platform once and for all and you can disconnect from it.

Delete profile from the PC

  • Open the web browser and go to the Aliexpress page. To do this, enter this URL:
  • Click on “Identify yourself” to log in.
  • Enter your email address and password. Then, click on “ Login ”.

Iniciar sesion en mi cuenta de Aliexpress

  • Now, click on “My AliExpress”.

Entrar en Mi AliExpress

  • In the horizontal options bar, go to “Account settings”.
  • Go to the left column to click on ” Modify preferences. ”

Modificar preferencias cuenta Aliexpress

  • In the central zone, press “Modify user profile”.
  • Click now on “Deactivate Account”.

Deactivate my account AliExpress

  • Fill in the information with your email, then write “ Deactivate my account ”, check the box that corresponds to your case and click on “ Deactivate my account ”.
  • If confirmation is requested, accept.

Unsubscribe from your mobile (Android and iOS)

  • The Aliexpress app does not allow you to unsubscribe from the phone , so you have to use the web browser. Open it and enter this URL:
  • Now, go to your browser settings and enable the option to see how on PC: ” Computer website ”or“ Desktop version ”.

Ver navegador version de escritorio desde movil

  • Then, follow the steps indicated from the second point in the previous section . The process to follow is the same, since it is the only one currently available to delete a user profile on AliExpress.