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How to delete Google search history from an Android mobile? Step by step guide

How to delete Google search history from an Android mobile? Step by step guide

When we move on the Internet, we always have to be careful with the sites we visit and the personal information we handle and leave there, since this is registered in the browser’s search history.

That is why it is important to eliminate it especially if it is a borrowed or rented device in which we are accessing our bank accounts, emails or social networks. It is also good to do it if we want to improve the performance of our team a bit.

That’s why in this article we are going to show you how you can remove it when entering the web and thus leave the equipment as new and avoid data theft or other uncomfortable situations.

Steps to clear all or part of Google’s browsing history on your mobile Android

There are two main methods with which we can get rid of the information of our Internet browsing on our mobiles. So now we will see in depth each of these, for both procedures we will use as an example the default Android browser, Google Chrome.

But it is relevant that you know that they are generic methods and that they can be used with anyone else using your Google accounts.

Delete from Chrome browser

  • The first thing to do is with our device in hand open the Chrome browser and in the upper right corner press the button with the 3 dots .

borrar historial Chrome

  • Then in the drop-down menu, we will select the “History” option, in this part we will be able to see all the sites that we have been visiting over time. To remove it, just click on where it says “Clear browsing data.”

borrar datos de navegacion Chrome

  • Now depending on our requirements, we can select various options:

In the basic configuration

Select in the time interval menu to choose the date from which the records of our device will be deleted.

borrar historial de chrome desde

Generally, the following options will be activated:

  • The first one is the browsing history with all the sites where we have navigated in the period previously selected.
  • The second is cookies, that this is other information such as open sessions in networks or emails.
  • Finally, files and cache images, which are files that are stored temporarily to facilitate that the next time we visit a site, it opens faster than the first time.

It is important to note that the greater the amount of time we select to delete the files, the greater the space that we are going to clear with this action.


  • Once we have evaluated and chosen the parameters according to our need, click on the “Clear data” button, in the lower right corner.

borrar datos de navegacion

  • We recommend the basic configuration when we only want to delete our most recent record and when we don’t have much compromising information on our device.

When we simply want to hide certain information, the following is recommended:

In advanced settings

To access the advanced settings we only change the tab at the top and in this new selection we will find the same parameters as in the previous one, but with some aggregates deactivated by default we will see below.

borrar archivos almacenados en cache e imagenes

  • The first extra of this menu is saved passwords, which tells us how many passwords of different email accounts, bank accounts, wallets, social networks among others, we have saved in our registration, this should only be activated if you want them to be deleted.
  • The second is autocomplete data forms, this is information we always put when we register in a new site , that is, data such as bank accounts, addresses, company name, among other things.
  • Finally there is the configuration that we modify on certain pages.
  • To finish again, click on “Delete data” and wait for the action to be executed.

This configuration is recommended when you need to do a deeper cleaning of your device, or when you are going to give it to a new owner and do not want to have your data, or simply when you want to improve your performance and clear space.

Delete from My Activity

Even having deleted our browser history, there is always certain information that is stored in Google’s databases, and if what we want is to completely get rid of everything and do as if we had never known the Internet, then what we have to do is go to Google MyActivity.

  • To access all your Google Internet browsing activity you just have to type MyActivity in the search engine and select the first option, or place this link directly in the .

My Activity Chrome

  • If you only want to view the information you can select in “Package view” or in “Element view” in the drop-down menu, by clicking on the button with 3 horizontal bars in the upper left and thus see the content as you like.

mi actividad de Google Chrome

  • After you know what you need to delete, in the same drop-down menu you will click on “Delete activity by”.
  • The first option that we will see will be the one of the date and as in the previous one a menu will appear to select if it is the information of “Today” or all the information from “Always” the one we want to delete.

borrar My Activity de Chrome por fecha

  • But in addition, below we see two calendar options, one start and one end of the most specific dates to delete, this in case we need something specific to not have to erase everything.

borrar concretamente My Activity Chrome

  • Lastly we find the one where we can select from all the Google services , the information we want to remove.

borrar My Activity de

Then, by setting an example that we want to erase all the information from our searches in the Play store, we will place it temporarily from “ Always ” and we will search the product list background, Google Play Store.

It’s that simple we can delete all our history from YouTube, image and video searches, Chrome, ads, payments, news, and more. It should be noted that you can do all separately or make the selection one by one.

Finally click on “ Delete ” and we will have removed all traces of us from Google’s database forever , although as we know, Google always has something left for him.

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