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How to design a winning social media strategy on social networks? Step by step guide

Design a social media marketing strategy to be a winner on social networks is not an easy task. You will have to take into account different factors that influence the decisions you will make in the future.

This is why it is necessary that you know well what an SMP is and what are the main objectives it pursues.. This will help you determine how you can design an effective strategy.

If you want to know more about what a social media plan is, we invite you to continue reading this article. You will find all the information related to this topic of RRSS.

What is a social media plan and what is it for on social networks?

The social media plan It is an instrument in which all the marketing strategies that will be carried out to achieve the objectives are established. previously established. For this, social media will be used as a medium.

In this way you can control the actions that are carried out, stages in which each of the strategies are, corrections to be made and the different managers who are in charge of each section. Therefore, every time a social media plan is created, what is sought is to impose a brand or get closer to the target market in which the buyers are. All this is done through social networks.

What are the main objectives of a social media plan in the RRSS?

Among the objectives of a social media plan is, perhaps, the most important and that of define what will be the purpose for which this type of actions will be carried out strategic. This is clearly stated what will be the direction that the company must take to achieve the main objective. This may be increasing sales, making the brand Or, generate more empathy with consumers.

Another factor that aims is determine all the actions that must be carried out after having defined the path by which to travel. This greatly facilitates decision making, since the people in charge will know how to filter out those decisions that the company is not willing to consider. It is also necessary to take into account that with a social media plan, establish the different channels in which the company will operate.

You must not forget that there is different types of RRSS and that they have users of various ages and geographic locations. Therefore, it is not the same to carry a campaign to TikTok what to Twitter. The topics that we have been mentioning also generate as an objective that the social media plan can determine the actions to be taken when there are problems or moments of crisis, which will be inevitable. This will also help improve decision making.

Finally, the objective that also pursues a marketing plan for social networks is set a budget. This will make planning more efficient and make resources better available and thus avoid strategic advertising in RRSS little effective for the brand.

Learn step by step how to design a social media strategy

Learn step by step how to design a social media strategy

To design a social media strategy you will have to follow the steps shown below:

Set the overall goal

The first thing you will have to do is decide why you want to create a social media marketing plan. By this we mean that if you are looking to make the brand known, open other sales channels or attract more traffic to the official website, you will have to define different steps.

Therefore, according to the path you choose, you must propose a general strategy so that it becomes the goal you want to reach. You must not forget that you have to carry out a SWOT analysis so you can know where you are standing. In this way you will know both your company and the competition in an almost perfect way.

Assign a budget

You cannot be successful if you do not know how much money you will spend. So it will be necessary that you create a spreadsheet, or any other element, in which you establish the different parameters that you will need to carry out the main objective.

Choose the most important actions

Once you are clear about what the overall objective will be and where you think you can achieve it, you will have to assign the most important actions to be performed. This will allow you to set if you want advance in one or more social networks, how many people or human resources will be needed, implementation time, etc.

Choose the market square

When we refer to plaza we are talking about the channel or environment in which your marketing strategies will be applied to carry them out. Therefore, you will have to define if you want to work in Instagram and Facebook on Twitter or on any other social network.

Plan the actions in each one

What you should do right now is plan the actions you will take in each social network, taking into account the main action to be able to reach the general objective. Once you are clear on this, you can define what will be the frequency of publications and also what kind of events will you hold to attract the target market. For example, you can include raffles for a special day or any other type of event that attracts buyers' attention.

Choose the resources to carry out the tasks

In this stage you will have to choose if you want to hire people or carry out the task by yourself. When employing creatives you should keep in mind that their fees are allocated in the budget.

Study the main indicators

Study the main indicators

After to carry out the actions you have planned in the previous step, you will have to measure them using KPI’s. For this you will have to establish whether you will use the native tools of each social network or you will have other platforms that will also help you on this topic. You will have to take into account the parameters of interaction, visits to the page and increase in followers as the most important.

Make corrections

The actions you have taken are probably not 100% correct. This is normal because nobody knows how the market moves, much less social networks. Therefore, in this last stage you will need to carry out the corrections of the actions that deviated from the general social media plan.

List of the best tools to design a social media plan

List of the best tools to design a social media plan

Next, we will show you a list with the best tools to efficiently design a social media plan:

With this platform you can publish your content in a very simple way, then you will have the possibility to analyze the campaigns through reports that will help you detect what the commitment, the scope and the impact it had on sales.

Among its most outstanding functions are those of plan stories. So you only have to create them and they will automatically be uploaded to the social network when you have decided on the calendar. That also includes the use of hashtag and Instagram tagging. You will have to choose a free version and a paid one, in which you must pay € 15 / month or opt for an annual plan.

If you want make a social media plan on Facebook You can use this free platform that will allow you to obtain information about the results of the exposure of your pages and strategies that you have carried out. In this way you will have the possibility of find different suggestions that the same page mentions you according to the deviations you have obtained in the report. It is ideal for those people who are just beginning this task of content marketing on social networks.

This platform will help you identify your audience in a simple and easy to understand way. You will have a complete report that will be divided into types of activities carried out by users and in the language they speak. Also, you will be able to know the average age of your audience which will help you to choose easier the designs and formats of their contents. It is a free tool for the first 15 days with which you can segment audiences based on different criteria.

So far we have analyzed tools that will help you understand the behavior of your audience. These are not all you need, as they also you must use graphic tools that will help you edit the content.

This is the case of Canva, which is a very useful platform to access different content of videos and images. You will have the possibility to edit them in a few steps, which will save you time and above all, you will have a professional result. You should only register with your email to access a free account, but if you want a paid license you can also do it to access more functions.

Like the previous tool, with this platform you can access functions for editing videos and photos. You will have the possibility to make storytelling much easier and faster due to the tools it has available. Other advantages that you will find on this platform is that you can use different templates for publishing your content. You can do this through pre-established designs or by creating yours. Its use is paid.

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