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How to divide the screen in two in Windows 7 and what uses does it have? Step by step guide

In general terms, Microsoft Windows has always been characterized by simplify the execution of several tasks simultaneously to improve the experience of user of all the people who operate a PC with any of its versions. However, when setting up two monitors, can be expensive for users who do not yet own the necessary components.

That is why, from Windows 7, the company offers the possibility of sort windows side by side in order to split the screen in two so that users can use a single monitor as if it were two separate displays. This, thanks to supports fast positioning of windows for a tiled panel effect.

However, despite the fact that it is a useful utility, the truth is that many users are still unaware how to fragment the screen in two from a Windows 7 PC. Reason why, through this post, we will explain what you must do to achieve it and what uses does this optimal operating system tool have.

Learn step by step how to divide the screen in Windows 7 easy and fast

At the productivity level, the fact of being able to divide the screen in Windows 7 provides a huge advantage to increase performance massively. Therefore, thanks to a functionality known as “Aero Snap”, users using W7 have the possibility to optimize their workflow avoiding constantly jumping between multiple applications while working on your computer.

Basically Aero Snap refers to a feature built into this OS that has the ability to transform your computer monitor into a fractional screen in order to place two windows on each side. Offering, in such a way, a vision unobstructed of both apps you need to use (for example, your preferred word processor and web browser). Now, although it is not a difficult process to carry out, the truth is that it requires great attention to be able to execute it correctly.

Therefore, here we detail what you have to do to divide the screen in two from a PC with W7:

  • Initially, you must open the two applications with which you would like to work using the split screen. Once you enter them, it is necessary that maximize both windows pressing the icon of the two corresponding boxes located in the upper right corner.
  • Then, in one of the windows in question, click on the title bar at the top and drag it to the left side of the screen (keeping the left mouse button pressed).
  • After the first window reaches the indicated place, you will see a rectangular outline and at that moment, you will have to release the mouse button. With this, the same system will make the window in question fits within the mentioned box.
  • Later, move the second window and click on its title bar in order to drag it to the right area of ​​the monitor. In the same way, you will be able to see an outline there to release the mouse button and position the window at that point.
  • Once you complete these steps, you will see that both windows of each application are displayed next to each other (occupying half of the screen each) and thus, you can start working with them as you need.

Find out how to set up two monitors on a single Windows 7 computer

In addition to the tool Aero Snap, Windows 7 too allows you to use two monitors on a single PC through a specific configuration. For many users, this alternative is considered more interesting and beneficial than the previous one, for what they prefer employ it.

Reason why, next, we show you what to do to configure two monitors in a W7 computer:

Determine the type of connectors required

Determine the type of connectors required

First of all, it is essential to assess what are the types of video connectors available on your computer with W7 and on the monitors to use. Taking into account that, in general, the number of video connectors depend on the type of graphics card installed in the PC. However, it is worth noting that most PC video cards can accept two or more monitors; as long as it is a desktop computer.

In case it is a laptop, only two monitors can be connected, according to the characteristics of the machine. For your part, keep in mind that it is important that the video card have two DVI ports or one DVI and one VGA. Because most computers contain input ports suitable for both kinds of connectors. In this way, it only remains connect the other monitor with the indicated cable.

Enter “Screen resolution”


After checking the above and connecting your second monitor, go to the main monitor desktop and right-click the mouse from any empty area on that screen. There, in the menu that appears, select the option that indicates “Screen resolution” and which is among one of the last on the list.

Click on “Extend these screens”

Click on

Subsequently, it is time to select monitor 2 to be able to click on the drop-down list in the section Multiple displays and thus, choose the option “Extend my desktop”, “Extend these screens” or “Duplicate these displays”.

Which is used to get more workspace and view various applications on different screens. In case, when executing this step, you cannot get or see the extra monitors within the drop-down list, you have to click on “Detect”. If that solution doesn’t work, restart the computer to reconnect the other monitor and perform the initial steps.

Finally, you will see both monitors on a single computer

After doing the above, you can view the two monitors in question from a single PC. Added to this, Windows 7 provides you with other options, such as modifying the monitor’s orientation to rotate it 90 or 180 degrees.

What uses can I make of this dual-screen feature in Windows 7?

What uses can I make of this dual-screen feature in Windows 7?

The dual display function in Windows 7, provides different benefits to users of this operating system. The main one of them, is based on the productivity and performance it generates, thanks to the fact that it helps you carry out various activities simultaneously and immediately; thus offering great speed. Added to this, this functionality also provides greater comfort For the users. Since, they should not be jumping from one window or application to another to carry out the required actions.

As a consequence, there are several uses that can be given to the split screen tool on a PC and here, we mention which are the main ones:

  • Copy and paste items: Having the computer monitor divided into two parts, it will be much easier copy and paste elements from one program to another.
  • Pass files: For transfer files or files from one application to another, it is also better to use the Aero Snap that allows dividing the PC screen. This, mainly, because of the speed it guarantees.
  • Transcribe text: This function is extremely useful for compose writing in any word processor. Well, you can search for the information in your preferred web browser or rely on a Pdf and, on the other screen, transcribe what you need while paraphrasing said text.
  • Play and chat: This utility even allows users to play and chat at the same time. So they can strategize with their friends or virtually talk to their opponents from another app.
  • Work and watch social networks: Besides everything, the function also allows you to manage your work tasks from one window and check your social networks through the other part of the monitor at the same time; as long as possible.