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How to download a GIF from Twitter from your mobile or computer? Step by step guide

GIFs are animated images that reproduce a sequence of frames in a few seconds and they are looped. In recent years, its use has become popular since it allows expressing information, ideas or emotions that many times with emoticons is not enough.

These GIFs circulate on all social networks and one of the places where it is used the most this image format is the microblogging platform Twitter.

Many times you will have seen some short videos that you would like to save for later use. But, despite being a site where we can find the most interesting GIFs, downloading them to your mobile or computer is usually not easy. Next, we will explain how to save them on both devices.

Steps to download an animated image .Gif from Twitter

While browsing Twitter you will have noticed that collecting a GIF is not as simple as saving an image, since there is no option to "Save As". Still, there are fairly simple alternatives to download these files to your computer or mobile device.

Follow these steps:

  • First of all, we present a website where you can download online without installing any application.
  • For this you have to enter 芦禄.
  • On this site you must paste the link of the tweet where you want to download the gif.
  • From the computer it is an easy step because you just copy the link in the address bar.
  • On the other hand, from the mobile you must select the button "Share" and later "Copy link of the tweet" to archive the link to the system clipboard.
  • Once you have copied the link, we return to the site and you must paste in the entry bar.
  • Then select "Download MP4" and it will automatically download to your disk.

Another online option that works similarly to downloadtwittervideo is

  • On this platform, you should also enter the tweet link with the gif selected to be able to download it to your device.
  • But, unlike the previous one, on this site you can choose the resolution or the file format to download:
  • Once you have selected the type of file you want, click in Download and a new page with the video will open.
  • There you will have to press with the right button from the computer or keeping selected for a moment from the mobile and the video options will be displayed.
  • As a last step, you must select "Save video as …" to be downloaded to your disk, either from the smartphone or the PC.

In addition to these download sites, another way to download a video is to use bots. This may be the easiest way to download a GIF, but it may happen that the bot does not respond immediately:

  • What you should do is reply the tweet where the video you need is mentioning @GetVideoBot.
  • East automaton user It will analyze the tweet for the GIF and then reply to your mention with a link.
  • Once you have the answer, you must select the link that will redirect you to a site where there is a profile with all the videos you have requested to the bot.
  • Choose the file you need and press the button Download to download it to your mobile device or computer.

All these options can be used in the same way to save on the computer or mobile phone since they can be accessed from both devices.

List of the best platforms to find GIFs or share them on your social networks

There are several websites where you can find GIFs to download or simply share. Here we will tell you about the best 5 platforms:

It is the best-known GIF platform on the Internet and has one of the largest galleries and the widest variety of short videos. They are usually ordered by date and the most current ones are shown at the top. To use it effectively You can search with English words so that it offers you a greater number of results. There you can also create your own GIFs from videos or a sequence of images.

Tenor's poster

A great page that started as part of the iOS operating system but that currently expanded and has a wide variety of files that you can find located by categories or labels.

Reactiongif's poster

It is a site that allows us to find GIFs writing the reaction that we want to express, for example, angry, confused, stressed. It is a good option to precisely demonstrate our emotions.

Gifbin's cover

Is a very complete platform to find GIF. What is particularly different from the rest is that it gives you the option of seeing them randomly, as well as the most viewed or most commented.

Google images

Google GIF

The giant Google also offers a wide gallery of these short videos that we can download and share on different social networks. A wide variety of files can be accessed since the Catalog is basically everything that is stored on the Internet.