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How to download a Giphy gif to share on any social network? Step by step guide

A GIF is a type of image file. Its main features are the ability to be animated, loop and express ideas that with a static image it would be impossible. The lack of sound does not make the message it can deliver less powerful.

That is why the main messaging platforms and social networks began to allow the use of these animations. In a short time they have become very popular online. They are almost always associated with humor. Some, like Whatsapp have incorporated them into an exclusive tab.

This type of file abounds on the Internet. To find them, just go to Google and search for them. The site will launch millions of results. It can also be done through Google Images, which will show different pics in addition to a preview. But not all websites are securesome may contain malwares. For this reason we recommend that you read until the end of this post.

Steps to download an animated image of Giphy from any device

Giphy is a site where you can find a wide variety of GIFs. In addition to being a secure page, is one of the most used and with the most content in terms of animations. Of course, it is not enough to view them on the site. One of the main objectives is to send them to our friends and contacts. exist different ways to download a file of this page.

We will show you how to do it without the need to download any external program:

From the phone

The simplest way to save your favorite GIFs to your mobile device is through the official App. You can find it in the App Store if you have an iPhone or from Play store if you have an Android device.

The process is carried out as follows and is similar in both cases:

  • Login to the application.
  • You can create an account if you prefer (it is not strictly necessary).
  • Search the image that you like or need the most.
  • When you have chosen it, press the three vertical points appearing on foot.
  • Press Save GIF.
  • The file will be automatically saved in the memory of your device. You can find your downloads in the folder "Giphy" within Images.

From the computer

How to save a gif on your computer

You want to create your own GIF library to use when you want. Or perhaps store them to incorporate into your compositions. The important thing is that you know that you can save the best animations of this site on your PC:

  • Login to
  • If you wish, you have the possibility to register on the site. You will have the option to save your favorite GIFs. You can do it through Facebook, your email, or Apple account.
  • Search for the animation you need. You can get more results doing it in English.
  • Press the links appearing in the upper right corner of each image. This action will copy the link on your clipboard.
  • Paste it into the address bar of a new tab or window.
  • It will display the GIF corresponding to the URL. Press the right button mouse about the image.
  • Choose "Save Image As鈥".
  • Choose the location where you want to download the file.
  • Done, now you can find it there and use it as you wish.

How to share a Gif from Giphy in any social network without downloading it

An alternative that will not take up space on your disks is to send the image directly from the site or the application. Giphy offers this option on all its platforms.

We will explain in a simple way how to share a GIF through Giphy:

In Mobile

exist two alternatives: From the official application or from the browser. The interface is similar and the steps to follow are the same.

  • Login Giphy (App or web).
  • Choose the image you want to share.
  • Select it and press the small plane icon. It is right on par with three points.
  • The GIF display will open. Within this window you can choose how to send it.
  • The first option copy the file to clipboard.
  • The second, your URL. With either of these two options you should "paste" your content on the site where you want to share it.
  • The different buttons that appear below correspond to the social networks linked to the site. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Depending on which one you choose, the corresponding window or application will open.

On desktop

If you are in front of the computer, the most practical option would be this. You just have to be connected to the Internet:

  • Enter the site from the browser of your choice (currently, all the most used can read GIF files).
  • Search the content Or choose the recommendations provided by the site (if you are registered and logged in, these recommendations will be personalized).
  • Once done, head over to the buttons below "Share It!". By default those that will appear correspond to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram respectively. But if you press the following button 鈥溾︹, other networks like Tumblr, Pinterest and Reddit.
  • Immediately a window of the chosen platform will open. Where you can add more information.

List of the best alternative pages to Giphy to find free Gif

Ghiphy is perhaps the largest GIF site on the entire web. But he's not the only one. There are alternatives that you may like. They can even store an image that you won't find anywhere else.

These are the best alternatives to Ghiphy, where you will find great content and the most diverse:

List of the best alternative pages to Giphy to find free Gif

What a choice! This site offers a very specific alternative. The Simpsons exclusive content. The most remarkable thing is that you can create your own animated meme from any episode in the series. You can choose which boxes will contain and edit the text as you like.

Tenor presents its content in a more linear way. You can search (we recommend in English) or upload GIFs created by you. At the top it shows lists of the most voted images that are updated day by day.

This platform allows to find animations by tags or keywords. Added to this feature is the possibility of finding the right GIF according to the mood. That's right, if you are angry, here you can find the animation that represents how you feel.

As popular as Ghiphy. Contains hundreds of thousands of images that can be rated and recommended. The most voted by the community appear on the main page. This site is so recognized by users that it even has a pet: Imguraffe, a most elegant giraffe.

Gifbin could not be missing from this list. It gives you the possibility to evaluate the images and rate them with stars. They are categorized by tags and offer a code to enter it on your own blog or website. Although it is not the most popular option on the list, it has quite interesting exclusive content and a button random that saves us even the search.