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How to download and add add-ins in Outlook? Step by step guide

In accordance with our needs, we may want to improve the experience when using Outlook. One way to do it is adding functions to better function in daily tasks and exploit the potential to the fullest from one of the most popular email services in the world.

Another way to innovate is installing the extensions or add-ons of which there are dozens available on the web, many of which have been developed by users who have seen the need to create tools that adapt to the interface and are easy to use.

Some of you may wonder What are the advantages of using add-ins in Outlook and which of them can help me boost my email? In this course we will answer these questions and teach you how to download and install the extensions in your Microsoft account so that you can start using them from today.

What are Outlook add-ins?

How to manage add-ins in Outlook

The plugins are programs that help in performing certain tasks when reading or writing emails in Outlook. These tools, developed by third parties in an alliance with Microsoft, they can be obtained from the official app store. The number of extensions is currently large and new developments are added every day, marking a difference with respect to other messaging services that are only available within the inbox.

Advantages of using add-ins in your Outlook

The Outlook add-ins or extensions They are available both in the version for web browsers and in the official application, allowing to increase the productivity and capacities of all its users.

Some of the specific advantages of installing them in your email are the following:

  • All in one place: you don’t have to log in and out of other applications to complete your tasks. Adding the extensions will have several linked items in the inbox.
  • They are multiplatform: they run flawlessly in the browser, on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPad.
  • Boost Office: there are custom menus that are integrated into the Microsoft online office suite.
  • It does not modify the application: in this way, it provides an equal experience on any of the computers you access.
  • You save time: By having everything in one place, you can better use your daily hours.
  • Enhance the experience: by installing them you will feel more comfortable using the service.

Learn how to download and install extensions in Outlook

If you would like that the Outlook inbox was more complete, that’s not too much to ask. With only review the list of available extensions or add-ons you can preset various actions that will allow you to work comfortably.

To have one of these programs at your fingertips in Outlook, downloaded and installed, follow the method that we explain now:

  • Within the account of Outlook, opens “New message” located in the upper left.

Compose new message from Outlook web

  • Clicking displays the tab to compose the mail.
  • At the bottom, on the same line where the messages are sent there are three horizontal points, click on them.
  • A vertical menu is displayed, there you must select “Get add-ons”.

Get add-ins in Outlook

  • A page is loaded indicating “Add-ins for Outlook.”
  • There a list is presented that each time you download it is expanded. Wherever you find the add-on you are looking for, click on “Add”.
  • It shows you a warning indicating that you are accepting the terms, click on “Continue”.

List of add-ins in Outlook

  • Later invites you to start the plugin and in a few seconds it will be ready to use.
  • Installed plugins You can see them in the bottom bar of the page in which you write the messages.
  • You must take into account that although most plugins are usually free, there are also some that require canceling a subscription in order to use them.

The best add-ons to boost your Outlook

The extensions that everyone must install in Outlook will depend on their specific needs. The good thing is that add them It is very simple and if they do not meet your expectations you can remove them without any trauma.

We have selected ten add-ons that will make your work easier in your email inbox:

Email Translator

Email Translator Access Site

Receiving messages in a language other than the one spoken and having to resort to an external website to translate it takes time away. To avoid that, There is this translator that works with a great variety of languages ​​and in a simple way. All that is needed to use the extension (which is among the best that can be installed) is to know the original language of the message.


Trello add-in in Outlook

With this add-on you can view and modify the content that reaches your inbox with the ability to create new card designs, descriptions and insert expiration dates. But also, Trello gives you the opportunity to collect data for use in other services. Part of what you get from emails are: attachments, recipient information, body of text, subject and sender.

HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales plugin in Outlook

One of the best ways to keep track of sent messages is with this extension, which provides data on the behavior of the user when opening files. An advantage is that it places a direct link that sends you timely notifications. Another outstanding feature is the ability to delete messages that are no longer of any use, thus saving storage space. The basic functions are free, if you want the more advanced you will have to make a payment.


Evernote add-in in Outlook

This extension is a kind of organizer, saving the messages that you consider most important among the tens or hundreds of emails you receive every day. Thus, when you need to quickly search for information, you will have it marked and access will be immediate. Evernote also allows the creation of new projects, tasks, or ideas in a workspace that can be viewed anywhere. This guarantees order and security in one place.

Officework – Mail Reply

Mail Reply plugin in Outlook

A receipt response may be passed over to emails that need a confirmation. This extension is the effective solution, since automatically reply to messages in a personalized way, saving time and resources. By sending a quick reply, you stay active with your contacts, especially if you use the account for business or commercial purposes where it is needed manage customer requests and orders.

DocuSign for Outlook

DocuSign for Outlook add-in in Outlook

Digitally signing the documents you receive and returning them quickly becomes a reality with this extension, having the possibility of authorizing other people to assume responsibility in case of being absent. With tagging it in a message You will already have the necessary permissions to fulfill the role.

Digital signatures can be made from the moment you write a new message or reply to one that has arrived. The trial version is free for a limited time. If you find it useful and you want to leave it installed, you must cancel the respective rate.

Dropbox for Outlook

Dropbox plugin for Outlook

Viewing documents online by having them stored in the cloud is allowed with the Dropbox extension that works for free and easy. When sharing it in the inbox, the files are displayed in a shared link. One of the advantages is share files of any size from email, lowering storage tiers and sending the most important ones to the cloud. It is also possible to synchronize messages for you to view through the extension.


Emoji plugin for Outlook

Creativity and fun when sending messages are enhanced with this add-on. A) Yes, you will create more colorful texts to share them with different contacts, similar to as you would from WhatsApp or Facebook. A panel is added from which you can select the ones you like the most according to the category, giving the option to assign the color according to the content.

Weather Outlook

Weather Outlook Download Site

The weather forecast directly in your email is reported by this application, which will help you when you have to make an appointment, work meeting or any other event. They indicate who has downloaded it, and it is very assertive when making forecasts, with very simple handling. The disadvantage is that it is only available in English and there is no way to use a translator, and if you want to use it you must purchase the paid version.


Giphy download site

Gif-loving users have an ideal complement to insert animations into conversations that can be seen by recipients. Its use increases the fun when sending messages with a tone of grace, to family, friends or relatives.

One detail to take into account is that all gifs are organized by categories to facilitate your search, so you will find for almost all topics. Our recommendation is that check out the Outlook app store to see all the available extensions, you will surely find the one you need to improve your performance.