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How to download and add add-ons in Gmail to maximize your mail space? Step by step guide

Some years ago, email had as its main function send and receive information between people or between people and organizations; with the arrival of Gmail and the advancement of new technologies, this has changed, presenting an evolution in all aspects.

In this sense, the essence of sending and receiving information has been maintained, but certain elements have been added that make the most of the usefulness of this mail service platform electronic.

In the following article, We will see everything related to this topic, what are these add-ons, how to add them with their respective download to GmailYou will also know a list of the best accessories that you should try.

What are add-ons for Gmail and what are the benefits of using them?

Edit mail in Mailtrack for Gmail

The Gmail add-ons are applications that are inside the mail, and that will help us to give it a better performance thanks to the different functions that these offer, facilitating the accomplishment of many tasks in an easy and interactive way.

Among its main benefits we have:

  • They perfectly complement the use of email offering various functions that expand the usefulness of Gmail.
  • You can add the functionality that suits you best and apply it both in the workplace and in the personal.
  • They allow you to improve a file or information that you need to present in meetings of work or conferences.
  • Using these tools, you can generate a backup copy to your email and send it to the cloud.
  • There is a great variety in terms of applications to choose from and the types of fringe benefits.
  • It is easy to install and you don’t need external programs so they can work.

Learn step by step how to add and download Gmail add-ons to maximize your account

These apps have been created to facilitate the accomplishment of many tasks and activitiesThey also help us, since forces us to be up-to-date in terms of technology.

Its use and installation are quite simple, we will see these steps below:

On Android

Mobile devices are so important today that one of the The main functions they offer is to be able to open Gmail to send an emailIn the case of add-ons for this platform, it is only possible to have one application at the moment, since the rest can only be done through the computer.

Let’s see:

  • For start you must go to the Gmail app on your mobile device.
  • Already in the inbox, go to the top right, exactly where the symbol with the “Three horizontal lines” and you press there.

General settings in the Gmail app

  • A menu will be displayed, scroll until you find the section “Google Apps“, Where you will see the two elements available for this platform:”Calendar” Y “Contact”, Choose the one of your preference.

Install plugins from the Gmail app

  • It will automatically take you to “Google play“, Where you must download the corresponding application by pressing the option “Install”, and in this way it will be installed in your Gmail email so that you can use it at any time.

Install Google Calendar from the Play Store

In the computer

Gmail has become an indispensable tool, since Through the platform we send and receive information that can be of great value.

In the same way that thanks to the add-ons that we have told you about, their functions improve to a higher level:

  • Login to your Gmail account, using the respective Username Y password.
  • On the right side go to the button in the shape of “+” called “Download add-ons”And click.

Download new add-ons in Gmail

  • There a pop-up window will be displayed, with all the add-ons available so that you can add them to your Gmail account.
  • Choose the application of your preference by clicking on it, then it will send you to its download page, and you will only have to press the button “Install” at the top right to start the download.

Gmail add-on list

  • Later a series of pop-up windows will appear, with varied information to which you will have to advance. You will see the permissions that for security reasons you must accept by pressing the key “Let”.
  • Finally, Another pop-up window will open indicating that the application has been installed correctly, click the button “Ready”, And in this way you will be able to enjoy the selected application.

It should be noted that each application that is downloaded, You will see it as an icon on the right side of your Gmail mailbox.

List of the best add-ons you can add to your Gmail account to get the most out of it

Once you have the knowledge and have downloaded some of these plugins for your use, It is important to take into account which are the best applications that can help your email to be of great help regardless of the task you execute, all these extensions have a lot of preference among users and are very useful.

The best plugins are:

Zoom for Gmail

Zoom Extension for Gmail

Zoom is one of the most downloaded extensions in recent times, since it allows real-time and long-term video callsIt is also possible to use it from anywhere you are just by having an internet connection.

Main advantages:

  • Make calls in high quality.
  • You can communicate with many people at the same time from computers and mobiles.
  • Serves to make work meetings or conferences.

Slack for Gmail

Slack Extension for Gmail

Is an application currently used by companies and large corporations to pass information internally and communicate with their work groupsThrough its Gmail add-on, you can send emails and all kinds of files safely.

Main advantages:

  • Is a safe way to communicate with employees and large work groups.
  • It allows send files of all kinds.
  • Can create group channels and have direct conversations.


Install Dropbox for Gmail

Now you will have the possibility to have this extension from your Gmail email, share files and save them in the cloud in just a few moments, as well as enter the platform from Gmail.

Main advantages:

  • It has the possibility of share files stored in the cloud through mail.
  • You access the platform immediately.
  • It allows work with both Gmail and Dropbox at the same time.

Install Mailtrack plugin in Gmail

Through this extension you will achieve follow up on all the emails you have sent and see if they have already been seen by the corresponding recipient, on the other hand, it shows the notifications of all the activities carried out.

Main advantages:

  • Track your sent emails and notify if they have been seen or not.
  • It allows see in detail all the activities carried out thanks to a personalized panel that has all the information of interest.
  • Ideal for people who need be in constant communication with your customers.

Trello for Gmail

Trello Extension for Gmail

Is a novel and highly interactive extension, since it allows organize the tasks of your work teams Through email, and that is by sending an email, you can assign the respective jobs so that they can be processed on their platform.

Main advantages:

  • Can create tasks for your team through Gmail.
  • It serves as springboard for sending important information.
  • It’s easy to use and very reliable.

Happay for Gmail

Is a ideal extension for administrators or people who are in charge of one or more companies, this application allows you to manage cash flow expenses thanks to the information received, have control of expenses and bills to pay that arrive through the mail, as well as sending emails to customers and suppliers, having an exhaustive control of all the information.

Main advantages:

  • Show automatically expense reports.
  • Report and control disbursements that may be potentially fraudulent.
  • Manage in detail cash flows.


DoHub extension in Gmail

It is a very useful extension since thanks to it you can create your digital signature, which will allow you to send documents and files that merit this requirement, either through the format Pdf or Word, which will greatly facilitate any procedure you want to carry out.

Main advantages:

  • Insert your signature through a photo, the application will take care of processing it.
  • Can send the file by mail or store it in the cloud.
  • No need to use other devices such as printers or scanner.

Hippo video

Hippo Extension for Gmail

This application helps you create, edit, and design your videos and send them via email. It is ideal for people who are dedicated to marketing or who want to sell a specific product on the web, also through this application you can make different presentations and show potential customers for your business.

Main advantages:

  • Create videos high quality.
  • Can insert filters to your videos.
  • Offers different editing tools.

Bee templates for Gmail

Extension Bee Templates for Gmail

This extension puts at your disposal up to 14 different templates so you can use them in your emails. Among these themes are templates for birthdays, news, Christmas, notifications and work, among others. You can make the edition you want and give that personal and unique touch that you want to capture.

Main advantages:

  • Has wide variety of templates for every occasion.
  • Use them as a gift, inserting special messages.
  • It is easy to use and installation.

Gmass for Gmail

Gmass Extension for Gmail

This extension allows you to search for emails to people or recipients who have already sent some type of email before, also offers the option of creating lists with these most used contacts to broadcast important messages, and thus avoid having to search for each one of them throughout your tray, which is why this application is very useful to save money. time and work.

Main advantages:

  • Can create bulk messages with recipients with whom you have more contact or interaction.
  • In case of have old conversations with these contacts, offers the possibility to continue with these instead of creating a new chat.
  • Is very easy to use and ideal for people who send messages continuously to the same recipient.