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How to download and install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10? Step by step guide

How to download and install Windows Movie Maker in Windows 10? Step by step guide

Surely you are one of those nostalgic Internet users who likes many applications that today have become obsolete or forgotten, one of these is Windows Movie Maker , whose main function was to allow Windows users edit videos, as well as create animated images, commonly known as GIFs.

It is a fairly complete program, which today can be very useful and that surprisingly still works on modern operating systems such as Windows 10. Although it may present some problems or failures, It does not result in anything serious that could damage your computer. Being a good alternative for people who had always used it and made edits. It can even be very useful for those few experienced, since it is simple and will eventually learn to use it completely.

In this opportunity we will explain step by step, how you can correctly download and install Windows Movie Maker on your computer regardless of whether it has a Windows 10 system incorporated, because you can download them on systems such as Windows 7 and 8 without any inconvenience, you just have to repeat the same process that we indicated in the tutorial.

Why does the Windows Movie Maker program no longer exist? When did it disappear?

Windows Movie Maker

This program not only ceased to exist among Windows applications, but also within its official virtual library. This is because it was not practical for the company to maintain old programs. The tool as well as others were changing for Universal Apps, a series of applications that comes with Windows 10 and 8.

Windows Movie Maker officially disappeared in January 2017, At this time Microsoft removed all installation links for the program and technical support. You can see the best alternatives to Windows Movie Maker that are working from here.

Before showing you the program installation process you should know a couple of previous things:

  • It is possible that the program gives you errors: When leaving the market it has been totally discontinued, and therefore sometimes it may have irregularities with new operating systems. So you can generate bugs by limiting some functions.
  • You may have compatibility problems with some of the functions to export content: In the last available version of Movie Maker there was the functionality of Send the videos and even the GIFs you have created to social networks. Possibly this function is not available or does not work correctly, due to the updates that have suffered these interaction networks.
  • There are no updates of any kind: As you know the application is discontinued, which means that Microsoft will not release any new version of this to correct errors, improve performance, among other options. So if you have a serious problem, all you can do is reinstall it and hopefully the failure did not continue. This is the most serious, since bugs or defects that already existed have not been corrected. Also new failures due to the incompatibility that may exist when using an operating system with which the program is not designed to work correctly.

Steps to download and install Windows Movie Maker on my Windows 10 computer

Descargar Windows Live Essentials

The steps to download Windows Movie Maker are very simple , you just have to perform some small actions that we will explain below. But before that, keep in mind that downloading programs that have been removed from their official website can be risky. We mention this because there are websites that can have them, but they can be contaminated with viruses.

You have to keep in mind that the latest available version of Windows Movie Maker is not found individually, otherwise you have to download the program pack called: Windows Live Essentials 2012. This pack It is not available in the official Microsoft web store, so you have to use other sources.

In this case we recommend that you use the web Internet Archive, that is highly recognized worldwide. It stores from old websites, to books, movies and music. Anyway, you can get almost everything that has been uploaded on the internet on it. Its recognition is also due to the fact that the files you search and download are 100% secure, free of malware or viruses.

When you go to download Windows Live Essentials 2012 using this website, you can have different applications that are currently not available for Windows operating systems, some of them may work, some may not.

Download Windows Live Essentials 2012

To download the program, just open your web browser and place the following link , this will send you directly to the page where you can download the necessary program. pagina web

On this website you can observe in detail the content you are going to download, as well as the download server you want to use to obtain the application pack. Either of the two options you use are totally valid, if you don’t have Torrent use Windows executable.

Download Windows Live Essentials .exe

Install Movie Maker

Once the download is complete, you only have to start with the installation of the program, to do this, go to the download folder on your computer, there you will find the following file: “Wlsetup-web.exe ”.

instalar Windows Live Essentials 2012

This will start the installation process, just follow the steps below to complete it correctly:

  • You have to accept the license terms of Windows.
  • Once the terms have been accepted, a window will appear asking you “What do you want? install? ” There you will choose the option: “ Choose the programs you want to install. ”

instalar todos los programas de windows essentials

  • Be sure to choose “Photo Gallery and Movie Maker”, are the applications you will need to do the editing work. If you like you can install other applications, but the one that interests us is only one, the others are under your responsibility.
  • You will have to wait for the installation to finish of the programs you have selected.

instalacion de movie maker

  • Once the installation is finished, you will have the option of permittedClose the installation wizard available for this installation. way to conclude with the installation of the program and you can enjoy Movie Maker without problems .

False error

At the end of the installation, Windows may give you a warning that an error has occurred. This error does not mean that the program has not been installed. You can make sure by looking for it from the search bar of the operating system.

To do this you just have to do the following:

  • Open the barHome Starter.
  • Position yourself in the “Search Bar”.
  • Write in it “Photo Gallery or Movie Maker”.
  • If both options appear to you, the installation was done correctly, try to start them to check its operation.
  • If on the contrary one is missing or none appears, tries to install it again, but before that it restarts the computer and starts the process again.

If everything turns out correctly you can use the program after accepting the license to use it. Remember that being a version already discontinued and that is technically incompatible with Windows 10 may suffer errors, bugs, bugs, unexpected closures and other inconveniences when using it.

Another point to add is that when you belong to a list of files saved in a virtual library, the language of use of the program will be in English, making it difficult for the few users experienced in the program and with little interpretation of the language.

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