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How to download books from Google Books protected and complete completely free? Step by step guide

How to download books from Google Books protected and complete completely free? Step by step guide

The times when you sat under the shade of a tree to read a paper book are staying in the past . Now the hook is to do it with a smart tablet in which you can have thousands of copies simultaneously in its digital version. This does not have to cause you nostalgia. As nice as the books are in physics, the paper industry was ending the planet, so the best thing for future generations is that everything be digitized to the fullest .

One of the most used services for downloading ebooks is Google Play , but its restrictions for those who like to pay for content can be quite annoying, so always They are looking for a way to eliminate it . While the solution to this is to pay, there are others who refuse to do so, so they prefer to do it in the “hard cord” mode.

In this article we will teach you how to download complete books from Google Books completely free so you can fill your mobile or smart tablet with all the copies you want without spending a single euro on it. We will teach you how to do it from all existing devices and we will also teach you how to convert them into PFD format so you can have it for eternity.

Steps to download any ebook from Google Books without restrictions

Google is the king of the internet , but even the greatest kings passed some details that allowed corruption. We will teach you how to perform each one of them so that you can satisfy your desire to read are to spend more than the battery of your mobile or tablet.

By using applications for Android and iOS

On Android there are few applications that really work for this task since very few dare to make fun of Google in such a way as to advertise on it Play Store, but you can be sure that yes exist. The application that we are going to present below also works on iOS, so you can also do it from your iPhone or iPad completely free .

However, at the outset we notify you that you will not always have the desired result, there are very new books that are strongly protected and that is why this app will not be able to download them, but in 90% of the cases you will succeed in your mission .

The application we recommend is called Google Books Downloader, a powerful ebook search engine from the Google store that allows you to download them in JPG, PNG or the classic PDF format.

What you should do is follow the steps below:

Download APK Google Books Downloader Android

  • Download the Android application using the link provided.
  • To install it you must authorize the “Unknown Origins” in the security of your Android. For that you must enter “Settings”> “Security”> “Device management” when you get there, you will see a switch that says “Unknown Origins” that you must activate so that your mobile can install apps that do not come from any store like Play Store or similar.
  • Once the application is installed you must enter it. Its interface is quite simple so it will be easy for you to use.
  • In the search bar type the name of the book you want to search and its image resolution . This will give you a list of possible answers to your question in which only the copies that can be downloaded will be.

Google Books Downdloader Android

  • Select the book you want to download and choose between the PDF, JPG or PNG format offered by the app.
  • Wait for the download to complete, whose duration will depend on the length of the book and the speed of your internet.

This application is quite old, since it dates from 2013, but it continues to work perfectly, so you should not have problems using it . Of course, not being so updated, you may have some errors, so we repeat that you can not always download the books you want, but the success rate is approximately 90%.

Download with a program for Windows

In case you want to do everything from the Microsoft operating system, let us tell you that the Google Books Downdloader is also available for Windows. So you can make your downloads for free from this platform too.

What you should do is follow the steps mentioned below:

Download Google Books Downloader Windows

  • Download the application valid for Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Seven / 8.1 / 10.
  • Install it completely free on your computer > and wait for the installation to finish.
  • Open the application and type the link of the book you want to download in the search bar , which you will have to search in Google Books, also establishing the quality of the image of it.

Google Books Downloader para Windows

  • Choose the book you want in the list that will be shown to you and start the download, which in this case can be in PDF, PNG or JPG.

This version for Windows is much more effective since it is updated since 2017 , so the success rate is higher than the Android version, the only thing is that you will not be able to hack again copies that have little time in the market. So if what you want is a new book you will have to wait a couple of months to have it free.

Another thing to keep in mind is that if you choose PDF downloads you will also have to download the latest version of Adobe Reader , which is included in the link that you We share to download the application.

Download on Mac

If you were wondering if on Mac there was also a version of the Google Books Downdloader, then the answer is a big yes. Users of the Apple operating system can also enjoy this fraudulent application without much trouble.

The procedure would be the same, but we’ll explain it again below :

Download Google Books Downloader Mac

  • Download the application for Apple.
  • Before proceeding with the installation you will have to authorize the unknown sources in MacOS. To do this you will have to go to «Settings»> «System preferences»> «Security and privacy» and once there locate the option “Allow applications downloaded from” and check the “Apple Store and identified developers” option. Once you do this you can install any application you want on your Mac.

Permitir aplicaciones de orígenes desconocidos Mac

  • After installing the app you simply have to open it and in the search bar write the link of the book you want to download .

Google Books Downdloader MacOS

In this case you will not be able to determine neither the format, that by default will be PDF , nor the resolution, since this version of the app is quite old and dates from 2011. Which also means that The success rate is not 100% , but you can download most of the books you try.

Using browser extensions

This will be fun. There is a way to download books from the browser. In fact there are two, but you will surely prefer to do the first one that we will explain to you because you are not someone who likes strong emotions.

The first option you have is install the Greasemonkey extension in your Firefox browser , which you can find in the link we just shared.

Greasemonkey descargar

However, the second method we have for you is a lot more effective than this extension, so we assure you that you can download what you want as long as you are willing to get your hands dirty a little .

What you should do is use your browser’s cache ingeniously . If you did not know, the cache is one that allows you to store visible files from a web page, to save time and that when you visit it again you do not have to download it again.

If you are a genius (that you will be after reading this), you can take advantage of this to download hundreds of books from the Google copies store . What you should do is follow the steps that we explain below.

  • Enter the Google Books Store and locate the book you want to download, you can do this from any browser, but we will do it from Chrome .

Libro para descargar en Google Books

  • Once that is done, go to the folder where the cache files of this browser are stored . You will see that there are hundreds of thousands of documents belonging to the pages you have entered since you have the browser installed.
  • Now you must go to the browser settings and delete the navigation data from it, where you must check the “Always” option and “Cached files and images” .

Eliminar datos de navegación y caché

  • When you do this, you will notice that the cache folder is completely empty. What you should do now is return to the page of the book you want to download and press F5 to update .
  • After that the cache folder should return to fill up , but this time with the files belonging to the page you updated recently. All these files are the images of each of the digital pages of the Google Books book . What you should do is copy and paste them into another folder and rename them to add the extension .png at the end so you can view them.

If the book is very extensive you may find it a real nightmare to be able to change each one to PNG , but we already told you at the beginning that this would be fun, which for us is equal to work, but it’s worth it if you keep in mind that you can have the book you want without paying anything.

After having the images you can use a converter to sort them and convert them into a real PDF so you can read everything more comfortably. For this you can use services such as Wondershare PDFelement or go2convert, although there are many more on the internet that you might like a lot more.

How to convert and download a book from Google Books in PDF format?

In case you want to do everything in the most legal way possible, you would like to know that in Google Books there is a library with free versions of many books that you can download completely in PDF version without many problems, although these are often not complete or perfectly edited. What you need to do is go to Google Books and click on «Free eBooks» to see all the free versions.

Once you find the book you want to download without paying you must click on «Download» and in the drop-down menu you will see select PDF. After that you must wait for the download to complete and mission accomplished.

Best websites to download free ebooks

We finished our article by giving you a bonus track that you will surely appreciate. The reality is that there are many websites that save you all the work that we have explained to you and allow you to download hundreds of books completely free without many problems.

Here are 3 100% recommended portals so you can do this:


This is a website that stores more than 17,000 fully legal free download books . In fact it is based on the list of free works published in Google Books and Amazon Kindle. If you register you will have the possibility to create your own virtual library with the copies you like best to see them online or obviously to download them completely for free.


This website is a bit harder since not all of its books are legally free, so you can find many new copies of payment to download freely without much trouble . The problem with it is that they already closed a domain, so it is possible that they will do so soon with this one, but while they do it you will be able to find tens of thousands of ebooks for your enjoyment.


This is another website where you can find thousands of copies for free, including those that are paid by the main digital libraries such as Google Books or Amazon Kindle . If you register you will be able to receive notifications to your email every time your database is updated, as well as being able to create your own library in a very simple way.

These are only 3 of the many portals that exist. If you want to know many more you can visit our post of best portals to download digital books completely free so you can build your own digital library.

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