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How to download free music from the Internet completely legally? List of the best websites 2022

How to download free music from the Internet completely legally? List of the best websites 2020

Downloading music from the Internet has never been an easy task even though there are millions of programs and websites where you can perform this procedure. Taking into account that many of these programs contain virus next to the songs that could damage your computer.

That is why, before starting the download of your favorite MP3 music to your computer or mobile it is essential to use completely reliable and secure sites. This with the aim of obtaining very good quality audios and without the danger of viruses.

In this way, here we will present a list with the best programs and websites so you can start downloading your favorite music from your computer or mobile

Is it really possible today to download free music and MP3 songs Internet legally?

Previously it was very complicated to be able to get a website or a program that would provide the download of MP3 music to your computer or Smartphone for free and secure. This was mainly due to the fact that most of the sites that could be obtained on the web were insecure sites that contained viruses and malware and sometimes illegal , that is, they did not have the Copyright to provide some songs. Therefore, downloading it became illegal .

However, as of today all this has changed, this is how it is already possible to start downloading music in a legal, safe and free way to your computer or mobile phone. And there are currently a large number of websites that work or work legally, and this is because most authors and artists are those who share their work on the Internet as a way of please each of his followers.

This is how you can find a lot of websites and programs that allow you to download your favorite music in MP3 without any risk and with very good sound quality. To do this, here we will present the best applications and websites so you can start downloading your favorite songs legally and safely.

List of the 25 best music websites and applications legally download MP3 and web pages no copyright issues

On the Internet there are a large number of pages and programs that will allow you to download music legally and safely, many of them work without ads which becomes a great advantage for its users .

It should be mentioned that most of the websites for downloading MP3 content to the PC or Smartphone work in a similar way, but each one has different features > that make users lean more towards one or the other.

In this way, here we present the best free services that you can get on the web to start downloading your favorite music without any problem and getting the best results, in terms of download speed and audio quality.

Jamendo Music

This program is now listed as one of the most effective and safe to perform downloading songs from the Internet . A platform created in 2005 and since then has managed to remain among the highest positions despite all the competition. Therefore, if you are looking for a site to download online music to your computer legally and in MP3 format, Jamendo becomes a very good option.


Jamendo works alongside Creative Commons, These are types of licenses that allow users to make use and distribution of music from Different authors provided by the platform. What makes each of the downloads from the site completely legal. In addition, it gives you the possibility to search for songs by genre, artist or theme.


Another of the websites that you can find available on the Internet to start downloading your MP3 music to your computer or Smartphone . SoundCloud is an old platform that has more than 10 years of operation and remains among one of the most used and safest sites on the network. Due to its excellent services and security it is still one of the portals preferred by most users.

Here you can start downloading your music online totally free , an application that is characterized by offering great content of songs of all genres and the most played today. One of the advantages of this website, is that as you listen to songs and download, the web will be able to know a little more your preferences and that way it will give you recommendations of the topics of the moment and the most downloaded >, a way that you can always keep up with the new music.

SoundCloud has a very striking and entertaining interface, to start using it you will simply have to create a record and in that way start enjoying each of its services completely free.

Free Music Archive

Free Music Archive is known as a WFMU radio , where you can enter and start seeing different information while you can listen to the playlist of the site web, as well as your favorite songs. In addition, you can download it while listening to other songs. A very entertaining place to have a good time listening and downloading music to your computer.

This website works legally and does not require you to create any type of registration, which can be tedious for many people. As for its operation in very simple, you just have to click on the “Play” button to listen to the song you want and in case you want to download it just by clicking on the button “Download” you can save it either on the PC or on your Smartphone. If you want to do a personalized search on the left side of your screen you can enter the name of the artist and the genre to start your search.


Musopen has become a non-profit organization that is created with the goal of providing a large amount of music to each of its users in order to that they can be downloaded to your computer. This site is characterized mainly by promoting what is classical music. Therefore, if you are a follower of this type of music here you will find almost all the songs you are looking for.

As for its interface is very basic, has a search engine where you can write the theme or artist you want to hear . In addition, it has a library of songs and compositions that you can listen to completely for free, all these songs do not have any restrictions on copyright. Therefore, it becomes a fairly reliable and safe site to use.


With this website you can start listening, discovering and sharing millions of songs of all kinds of artists and genres. A way to keep you updated with the new ones Market issues In addition, it has radio stations if you are a follower of this type of service.

This application is completely free and you can use it on both the l computer and mobile device, the same account with an official website , as well as an extension for the Google Chrome browser. Therefore, you can use it at any time simply by having an Internet connection. There you will find music of all genres such as classical, electronic, jazz, romantic, rock, hip hop, music among many more.

As for its operation is quite simple, it has a search bar in case you want to download a specific song, and also has a music catalog that you can explore as many times as you want . CLIGGO MUSIC has become one of the online tools to download MP3 music more secure and reliable from the web.


A very well designed and elaborated platform where each of its users can find very good quality content and the best songs of the moment. ReverbNation you can use it completely for free, a very simple and secure way to download MP3 content to your computer.

On this platform you will find a name like Alabama Shakes, Imagine Dragons, who have had their beginnings on this website, sharing each of their music tracks online and free of charge. In addition, you will find music of almost all genres, although this website tends to be more inclined for what is hip / hop, pop and alternative music.

It also has a music collection which you can visit and play as many times as you want. One way to be more connected to all musical successes and in turn be able to download that content in a safe and fast way.

Noise Trade

A very interesting website that has a very well designed and organized interface and which you can use for free. In it you will have the opportunity to see their catalogs where you will find music from thousands of artists of all genres . If you like some of the songs contained there, you can download it in a very simple and fast way.

Among its main functions we find that it has a music search engine, where you can perform searches by genre or artist , a way to get that song you want to download to your computer Therefore, with Noise Trade you can start download free music online , as well as upload your own songs in case you want to make yourself known , a very good alternative to enjoy all these services for free.


BandCamp has become another of the websites that allows to download music in MP3 format , in addition, it is characterized by being a direct music exchange site between artists and your followers .

Where you can upload your own songs in case you want to make yourself known. Therefore, B andCamp has become an ideal platform for those new artists who are starting and want to publicize their new themes , like those musicians already established in the artistic world and want to share their successes with their followers.

As for the operation of the page, there are different ways to share each of the songs, this will depend basically on its author. In many cases, artists want to share their successes for free, in others they usually ask for some collaboration or simply charge for it . In this way, you must ensure that the theme you want to download to your computer is free.

In order to use BandCamp it will be necessary that you create a registration, it is free. In this way, you can start enjoying each of its services.

Last FM

A website considered as the social music network, where you will find a wide variety of songs from all genres and artists . In addition, it has its own player , which allows you to listen to different songs while browsing it. It has different sections, where you simply have to access the one you like the most.

It is important to clarify that in order to be part of this social music network it will be necessary for you to join, through a short registration . However, this is not mandatory, since you can use it without registering, but you will not be part of their community.

At first glance it seems that this website does not allow to download music, but, for this you simply have to enter the song that you like the most so you can perform the downloading it completely for free, simply by clicking on the “Download” button. In addition, it will not be necessary to be a registered user to download this type of content to your PC, it should be noted that it will be downloaded in MP3 format .

Among the main features of Last FM, we find it very easy to handle, has a large song library and manages a great > YouTube content . Therefore, you may find all those songs that you so long for in this music social network.


PureVolume is a website created to be aware of everything that is the artistic world, this is how you can get information from different artists from the world of cinema, > as well as emerging artists . However, this is not the only functionality of the website, as it also gives you the possibility to make MP3 music downloads to your computer.

In addition to allowing to download your favorite songs, gives you information on all music events and festivals of the moment, a way to keep you informed of everything that happens in the world of music. Another of the most outstanding features we can get in PureVolume, is that allows to listen to your favorite artists live and direct.

Among its main features we find that makes daily updates in order to show the most up-to-date content of the web, in addition, it has a search engine to perform specific searches on some theme or artist You also have the opportunity to browse the song library of the platform and start discovering new artists on the rise, all this you can do for free. p>


A web platform created by a single person, in this case it is the musician Kevin MacLeod , who has decided to undertake with this musical project, where he gives them all its users the copyright of each of their themes musicals, even offer them for commercials or other projects in order to name it and in this way be known.

In this way , Incompetech has become an ideal website to download music in MP3 format to be used as backgrounds in videos YouTube or other platforms, presentations, music backgrounds for web pages, among many others.

The idea of ​​this platform is to promote the music of artists on a non-profit basis, this being a means to publicize and support any artist project.


Other of the portals that we will find available on the Internet to download MP3 music is SoundClick, where you can get almost all the artists of today, as well as each of their successes. Also, it has become a platform to raise awareness of new artists and that they begin to be recognized by the public.

Here you can find both free and paid content. Therefore, it is essential that before you start downloading a song you make sure that it does not have any cost. strong> This will basically depend on the artist, considering that some usually set very low fees for each of their songs. While you will also find content that cannot be downloaded, otherwise, you can only listen to streaming.

Among other functions that we will find in this web platform, is that it has a forum, where each of its users can participate and in this way give their site reviews, as well as share music and new hits from their favorite singers. A very good idea for fans to interact with each of their artists and have a good time while download MP3 content to the computer.