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How to earn money playing video games from home and starting from 0? step by step guide

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Mastering video games was one of the activities we used to do at home to entertain ourselves, It is currently one of the alternative ways that works to produce electronic money.

the fun is in that while we play we obtain economic benefits. So if you are a regular player of online games, you can take advantage of that interest and talent to become a gamer and make money online.

Surely the above is calling your attention, but you know little about its system to get started in this universe. If your answer is yes, you are reading the correct article, so we encourage you to discover it below.

Can you live from video games?

How much money do you earn as a gamer

the gamers they are all considered professionals in the virtual world. But What do they live on? Basically from playing online, there are even special devices to make your plays more powerful, so you know from the outset that you must have a budget. This way of life has become so popular that there are world tournaments, which distribute thousands and even millions of euros.

It is known that many players have become millionaires by improving their strategies in the gamewe are not saying that it is easy, because they can spend hours sitting in front of their computers, studying their skills, improving their avatar and tools and then selling them at a very high price, It is all a job that requires discipline, concentration and perseverance..

The video game experts also take advantage of their acquired knowledge (coaching services) and monetize them for through a channel on YouTube or Twitch, writing guides, creating blogs, testing games and many more ways.

You should see this topic as a new form of investment, it’s not just the time you spend on it, there are games that you have to pay a fee to start playing. Therefore, your purpose will be to profit from it. So definitely, if you have the equipment at home, a stable network and you take your work seriously, it is feasible that you can make a living from this, because even there are people who are doing it and see it as a path that has increased since confinement.

How much money can you earn playing from home?

pro set of a gamer

Exploiting your gamer skills is a great opportunity to get started in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, because this is the basic incentive for gamers. Day by day this is an activity that is gaining popularity, to the point that it has become their main source of income. Delving into this method to earn money is not complicated, however, on most platforms you start with an investment and the profits are seen after solving challenges.

Many games have paid rewards of 400 euros per month. For example, with the title Axie Infinity of the most agile players can achieve 700 thousand euros per week. In fact there are users who have rated their characters NFT for 40 million euros.

To be more explicit, the work within the game is to improve the skills of your avatar, acquire elements, multiply characters, among others. Of course, everything you have in the game is your property and can be profited from. If you want to be part of this community, you should keep in mind that the value of the game assets is stipulated by the market, the more popular the game, the more profitable it is. Therefore, you should be cautious when investing in a video game.

Play to Earn What is this philosophy and how does it work?