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How to edit a video? Applications, programs and effects – Step by step guide

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The future of internet content is video without a doubt. It is becoming more and more noticeable in search engines, which are constantly being updated giving preferences to this format above the text and the image. But why is it happening? simply because this audiovisual medium considerably improves the user experience. It does not mean that the others will disappear, but it does mean that the preference of Internet users for this type of content is clear.

Just look at the growing development of platforms like Youtubewhich is already the second most consulted search engine on the web, or Vimeo. The data shows that video outperforms other content formats in almost everything. Not only for being easier and more entertaining to consume, but also for its versatility in almost every way. That is why anyone who wants to succeed in the digital world, You will have to learn to exploit it to the fullest..

If you want to know how to edit a video, in This guide will teach you step by step everything you need to know about it.; from what is a video editor to what are the best effects and tools that you can use in these.

What is it and how can we use a video and audiovisual content editor?

A video editor is software that allows you to create, edit and assemble audiovisual material. There are for all levels; from basic programs with simple functions and easy-to-use interfaces, to more powerful ones that require certain editing and assembly skills to be able to exploit them to the fullest.

Using them is quite simple. You simply have to open the editor you have and import the video you want to improve. In addition, also you can use several clips to create a new one that is originaleven mix them with all kinds of digital sounds.

The curious thing about this format is that you do not specifically need a recording camera to create one. You may use static images and show them one after the other accompanied by music and voice-over to create high-value audiovisual material. What is really important here is the content itself and the way in which you structure it so that the user on duty understands it perfectly, the message is what is important.

What are the most used and useful effects in video editing?

Video editing programs and applications have a wide range of special effects that you can apply to your videos to make them more dynamic and entertaining. There are all kinds of effects; some very easy to use and others that require more mastery to do so. Below we mention which are the most interesting to create audiovisuals of great value at a professional level.

slow motion

This is slow motion effect that we have known for years. It is based on reducing the playback speed of the frames so that the image goes more slowly, thus allowing each movement of the protagonists to be better appreciated. Depending on how it is used, this effect can generate drama, tension or even emotion, on other occasions humor.

For example, if you use it just before an important event or action occurs in a scene, it will be like stopping the viewer’s heart, keeping them in suspense until whatever is happening is finished, then giving them back their breath when the video returns. to play at normal speed. If what happens is good, this will generate a real explosion of emotionswhile if something happens you may be surprised, shocked or with a bitter taste in your mouth.

Using it wisely this effect can be one of your best weapons to play with the emotions of the video consumer. For this reason, it is generally available in all video editors, from the most basic to the professional ones.

Slow Motion or slow motion effect
slow motion effect


This is the opposite effect to the previous one. This is about accelerating the playback speed of each frame to make the image play faster. This can be done both ways; advance or rewind the video to a previous scene. It is generally used to give the feeling that time is passing.

In fact, there is a type of video called time lapse Which creates exactly that feeling. Although it can be thought that this generates ecstasy in the user, the truth is that it generates quite calm since people see how the hours advance quickly until it stops right at the scene that is desired. Although this basically depends on the music that accompanies; if it is soft it will generate calm, while if it is moved it may generate anxiety.

Fast camera time lapse effect
fast motion effect

“Snapchat” type skins

This is a new effect that was first implemented in the Snapchat app. Is about place a mask or sticker on the face of the protagonist or the characters of the video. Currently, many social network applications have this “filter” with different themes, making the character have a dog’s face, cat’s eyes, and a long etcetera.

To do it in editing programs it is necessary that it has a facial identifier so that the mask is applied automatically. Otherwise, it will have to be applied frame by frame individually to achieve this, which is within the reach of people with extensive editing knowledge.

Effect Masks sticker type Snapchat
sticker effect

dispersion effect

Dispersion is an effect that causes a solid object to disperse and appear as if it will disintegrate or explode. It is generally used in photography, but it can also be done in video. It can be considered a special effect since to apply it you must have extensive editing knowledge, although it depends on the program you are using. If it’s powerful enough, it can do it automatically if desired, though not on specific subjects.

Dispersion or disintegration effect
Dispersion effect

Split screen

This effect is about split the screen into two, three or more parts so that each of them plays a different clip of the video. It is generally used in video tutorials as it allows a specific point to be explained in greater detail, or to show the same event from different angles.

For example, in a guitar tutorial video, it’s very useful as you can split the screen into two parts to show the strums and fingerings in each, so they can be seen better than focusing on the whole shot.

split screen or divided screen
split screen effect

perform intros

Making intros is one of the most useful elements to give personality to a video. If you have a YouTube channel, this will be your best weapon to start building brand recognition.. This is a clip about 30 seconds used to present an audiovisual. The best of all is that you don’t need to be a great expert to create your personalized intro, all you need is an image that you put in motion and a bit of music to do it, it will be your business card and everyone will recognize your videos as soon as you start.

intro video intro
Video Intro Effect

zoom effect

This effect can be done both in an editor and when recording the scene. It is based on doing a zooming in or out of an object or subject in the video. There are two variations of this; zoom in and zoom out. The first zooms in on the image, while the second zooms out. Not to be confused with traveling in and traveling outwhich are camera movements that can only be applied at the time of recording.

zoom effect
zoom effect

Infinite loop (GIF images)

The infinite loop is all about taking a piece of video and making it start over to create a loop that never ends. This will be repeated forever as many times as the video is played.

These types of files are known as GIFs. and can be easily created in a video editor. You simply have to select the part of the video that you want to play and when exporting it, select the mentioned format. For this to be possible, it is necessary that the chosen fragment is not very long, usually between 5 and 15 seconds.

infinite loop gif images
Infinite loop


Transitions are that minimum amount of time that elapses when going from one shot to another.. They are thousandths of a second, but in the editors they can be customized to create a more dynamic transitionand most have libraries full of these that the user can use at will between scenes.

Although they are usually very useful, it is advisable not to use them in excess as they can negatively affect the overall composition of the video. It is recommended to use it between scenes and not between shots within them.

Advanced video transitions
video transitions

Special effects

Special effects is a very broad term, but the truth is that they can only be applied by professionals since each audiovisual work uses its own special effects, having to create them from scratch. These effects can vary depending on what is needed in each scene. The best known are:

  • Make a character fly.
  • Make a character release some power from their hands.
  • Make an object move without anyone touching it.
  • Distort space (as in the movie Origin)
  • Create fantasy scenarios.

Actually, a mega post could be made talking about all the special effects that can be created. The reality is that everyone they are extremely complex to execute and professional knowledge is needed to do it. The first time that highly realistic special effects could be seen was in the first Star Wars movie, without a doubt a masterpiece ahead of its time.

Special effects
Special effects

What are the best applications and programs to edit videos?

Being able to apply these mentioned effects or not depends on the knowledge that the producer has, but above all on the power of the program or application to edit video that we have. There are editors for all platforms and below we present you which are the best.

For YouTube videos

If what you want is make and edit videos for youtube you may not need a very powerful editor. This platform is not very demanding in that sense, so any of the following programs would work for you:

Filmora Wondershare

An intermediate level editor that is very easy to use by those who are not experts in the world of audiovisual editing. It has everything you need to make good videos for YouTube; a wide variety of effects and transitions, a library of royalty-free images and music, functions to improve audio, among others that will be very useful to you. You can export your videos in 1080p quality.

Filmora Wondershare

Adobe Premiere Clip

This is an Android version of Adobe’s popular professional video editor. It is not as powerful as the original but it will allow you to make interesting editions thanks to its multiple functions. In addition to the basic tools, you’ll be able to record audio in real time for dubbing and export everything in 1080p quality.

Adobe Premiere Clip


An advanced editor with basic and other extremely powerful functions that will allow you to make professional-level edits. Yes ok it is necessary to have extensive knowledge of editing to exploit it to the fullest, once you master it you will be able to produce authentic works of art. It has support for mount videos in 4K quality and export in all existing formats.


for instagram

The popularity of the video is so great that it is beginning to be noticed even on photo sharing platforms such as Instagram. in this social network you can share 1 minute videos on your profile or some longer ones in the stories. For this you can use editors like:

Filmora Go

This is the Android version of the editor that we discussed in the previous section. It has the particularity that before starting to edit you can indicate that what you are doing is an edition for Instagram, so that you do not exceed the time allowed on the platform. Its interface is easy to use and you can export everything you edit in 720p quality and in multiple formats.

Filmora Go for instagram

video shop

A simple editor for Android which, like the previous one, can be adjusted to make the video with the duration it will allow for Instagram. In addition to the basic functions that integrate this type of application, you will be able to add effects to your audiovisuals and share them from its interface once you finish producing them.

VideoShop app edit video Instagram


This is the basic apple editor that is on all your devices, from iPhone and iPad, even MacOS computers. It doesn’t have many features to boast about, but it has what you need to do a good edit easily and quickly.

iMovie audiovisual editing for Mac

Online and free editors

If you don’t want to download anything to start editing, you’ll be glad to know that you have several alternatives online to do it. However, don’t expect too much from these as they don’t have very powerful features. Some of the best are without a doubt:


This is a platform that allows you to make animations quickly. You will be able to use the clips stored in its database to make short videos of good quality. Is a ideal choice for making original video intros.

PowToon free online video editor


This is a slightly better thought out platform. In addition to having the basic functions of an editor, It has a large bank of copyright free images and music that you can use without problems to create interesting audiovisual works.

WeVideo create original videos online for free

Editors for Windows or Mac computer

The best options for editing video are for desktop devices. A powerful program requires equally powerful hardware, which is why your best option for editing is your computer. In this sense, the best options are:

Adobe Premiere Pro

Extremely powerful software with professional editing features. It has an interface that will be easy for you to interpret. carry out all kinds of productions, but if you really want to exploit it to the fullest, it is best to learn advanced knowledge. In this way you will be able to apply its best effects and use its most complete functions to improve video and audio. You can edit videos in 4K quality and export them in all existing formats.

Adobe Premiere Pro professional video editing

Adobe After Effects

An ideal complement to the previous software. In this program you can apply all kinds of special effects to your videos as long as they meet the necessary requirements for it. In addition, you will be able to correct localized errors so that you do not have to do it manually and improve the lighting and other aspects of the image. Like the previous one, you will be able to edit videos in 4K and export them in all existing formats.

Adobe After Effects

sony vegas pro

Another professional editing program that will be extremely useful if you have advanced knowledge in terms of audiovisual production. Among its multiple functions, its image stabilizer and its face identification stand out so that you can apply Snapchat-like skins automatically. In the same way, you will be able to edit in 4K quality and export in the main existing formats.

sony vegas pro

Final Cut Pro

This is the apple professional editing program which is only available for MacOS computers. It is a very powerful software, recognized by many professionals as the best of all those available on the market. In it you can do magic if you really have the necessary knowledge to exploit each of its functions to the fullest. You can export everything you produce in 4K quality and in all existing video formats.
Final Cut Pro video editor for Mac


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