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How to edit photos? Tools, applications and programs – List 2022

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Currently the visual is first, that is why the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is mainly due to social networks, since they have been responsible for giving a lot of importance to photographs. That is why more and more people are want to get better photosthus going to different basic and professional editing toolsin order to retouch the images to your liking and give them a higher quality finish.

When capturing a photo, different errors can occur, either due to technical defects, working conditions or lack of equipment for its use, but over time this has ceased to be a problem. Previously retouching was something unusualbut with technological advances and the internet, digital editing is often included in photographic processes.

If you want to achieve incredible effects with wonderful touches, in this article we mention What are the best programs to edit images in a basic and professional way?. In addition, we teach you what the most used tools of photo editors are for.

What is a photo and image editor and what is it for?

The editions are processes of retouching photos and images that serve as its name says, to enhance or give a different look to a photograph. That is, to redesign or modify something that you did not like, or simply to improve some aspect.

The objective of these is to achieve the effect that people are looking for in a portrait, since at the time of taking it, different errors could have occurred, such as, that the image has a lot of air, low or high lighting, lack of contrast, noiseamong other.

What are the most used and useful effects of image editors?

In any editor used there are functions that are basic and very useful when it comes to improving, retouching and perfecting a photograph. Without the need to use large editors or major effects, you can improve the appearance of your images in minutes with these simple tools that we point out below.

improve framing

When taking a picture achieve perfect framing is extremely important. This is usually done prior to capturing the photo, but the proper proportions may not have been achieved.

That’s why we went to an editor, through the function of “cut” it is possible to highlight what is really wanted, this is called re-framing. With this tool you can select what you don’t like, delete it and keep what you want to highlight. So that the image is adapted to the desired parameters and a symmetry between all the parts is achieved.

Depending on its format, the photographic frame has several options:

  • Standard format 3:2 (Width x Height)
  • Intermediate formats 4:3
  • Square
  • Panoramic

Depending on the orientation of the image:

  • portrait framing
  • horizontal framing
Types of framing and photographic composition
Types of photographic framing

To turn

Through these tools you can improve photo structure, that is, redefine the dimensions of it. In this case with the function of “to turn” you can make the image get a different direction, either horizontal or vertical. In this way you do not have to worry if the photo was taken with a different orientation, with a single click you can correct it.

How to rotate an image
rotate photo


Reflecting an image consists of making a mirror effect of a portrait from different angles, depending on what you want to achieve either horizontally, vertically or diagonally as many times as you want. Mostly this type of reflection is used for landscape photos, however it can be done for any photograph, thus achieving surprising changes.

mirror an edit image
reflection effect


crop an image it’s quite simple, with this you manage to eliminate everything that you did not like and that in turn is shown in the photo, such as people or objects. With a single click you will be able to adjust the dimensions of your image, and if you are not satisfied with the result you can restore it as many times as you want.

Crop an image in Photoshop
crop photo

Retouch and color enhancement

When we talk about color we must mention three points that are relevant; brightness, contrast and saturation. In some cases it is necessary to adjust the colors of the photos, through this tool you can also correct tone, tint, value or lightness and color format (RGB, CMYK, HSV)either to improve or simply to give a warm look or a more classic effect to the photo.

Change brightness and contrast photo editing
Brightness and contrast effect

Using the collage effect

The collage effect consists of gather a series of photos selected and grouped into a single image. This composition can be done by cutting out other illustrations by putting a certain number of them together and creating a new photograph composed of others.

collage effect
Effect and composition collage

Filter Application

The use of filters has become very common, so much so that there are even platforms that already have the use of filters by default, among them we can highlight Instagram and WhatsApp, to mention a few. Filters are a series of alternatives that help stylize photographs. Through them different effects are soughtWell, some try to highlight the colors while others nuance them, according to what you are looking for, choose the one that you consider highlights your features the most.

Type of filters for photos
Types of photographic filters

Activate beauty mode

If you want to look perfect, you just have to activate beauty mode. In some editors there is this option, which basically consists of correct and refine features making the skin look cleaner. You can find this by opening the editor’s camera and activating it so that you see yourself in real time, or after making the image and doing it as a retouch.

Activate beauty mode for photos
beauty mode effect

automatic optimization

With this tool, the editor will automatically correct the photo, for example colors, sharpness, contrast, among others. According to what is needed to improve the photo optimization.

What are the most used and useful effects of image editors?

Knowing exactly what the best effects are is impossible, as this depends on the photograph that has been taken and the adjustments that are needed according to the perspective of the editor. Nevertheless, some of the most used effects are:


It is a very interesting effect that consists of using a series of tools to disperse the figure of the main character, generating the effect that it seems that it is disintegrating. There are different types of dispersion: smoke, particles, dust and others that vary according to the imagination of who is editing.

photographic disintegration effect

black and white

The black and white effect is a classic that never goes out of style because it brings a lot of elegance to each photograph, giving it a more professional look. In addition, in this way they manage to hide various imperfections of the main character, embellishing his figure and giving him a more serious air.

black and white effect
black and white effect


Another classic that gives warmth to each image where it is used. Like the previous one, it works perfectly to hide imperfections of the subject or even add an old and melancholic feeling to the photograph.

sepia effect
sepia effect


This effect consists of making certain areas of the photograph look faded or blurred, which can be perfectly used to generate greater depth of field and highlight an element of the scene.

photo blur effect
Photography blur effect


This effect consists of change the texture of the image to make it look like a real mosaic. It is a very useful artistic element of great value, there are many alternatives and types of mosaic, be it brick type, hexagonal, square, with a grid, with puzzle pieces, with other smaller images and much more.

mosaic effect
mosaic composition

What are the best apps and programs to edit photos and infographics?

Currently photography has revolutionized and with it photographic retouching. For this reason, this has led to the constant creation of applications and programs to edit photos and create infographics, making visuals the order of the day. Despite this, not all of them share the same functions, and even many of them need to pay a fee to enjoy their services. That is why in this part we have prepared a list with some of these that can help you obtain a better result in your photos:

Free online tools without downloads

If you want to retouch your photos or design infographics but you don’t want to download any program on your computer, in this part we will show you some online editors easy and simple that can help you.


It is a website with graphic design tools, which could be considered one of the most complete free online editors. Even if you have a subscription that offers more features, from the free adaptation you can make good photo designs, create infographics, ads, resumesamong others.

Canva program free online photo editor


It is a web-based application that allows you to create different designs easily and for free. It is used to design infographics and any visual element through the use of templates of different themes offered by the platform, or it also gives you the option that from there you can make one from scratch and to your liking.

Piktochart software to create infographics

ipiccy photo editor

This is a free editor that allows you to retouch images online, is easy to use and provides basic tools to customize photos. When you access the page, in the main menu it shows you three options among them, edit a photo, create a collage, or make a layout from scratchonce you have selected what you want to do, you just have to start and be creative.

Ipiccy photo editor web photo editing


It is a basic online photo editor, which offers the possibility of modifying images quickly. Although it looks simple, it offers great tools to make your photo exceptional. Aviary can not only be used from the browser, so if you want to download it to your cell phone we tell you that exThere are versions for Apple and Android.

Aviary free online photo editor

It is a program that used to create infographics or edit predefined photos, which allows anyone to design and share images. The difference between this online platform and others is that it It makes it easier for you to make adjustments to a pattern and modify some element that is not to your liking. However, many templates that they offer are paid, but there are some that are free and can be used without problems. creation of infographics online

Professional photo editors

If you want to be a professional editing photos, you should know that generally professional editors are paid, this for offering tools of another level and quality. But, there are also other more accessible alternatives that can be used, where some of them provide very good functions with which you can achieve great images.


Adobe Photoshop is a premium professional photo and raster graphics editor. Especially this one is widely used by photographers and graphic designers, since it is very complete. The limitations that exist in this program are based on the knowledge you have about it, since it allows you to do everything, from retouching a simple image, to changing something of itsuch as the color of clothing.

adobe photoshop professional photo editing


It is an exclusive editor very similar to the previous one, but with the difference that it is used for the digital composition of pages. It is also widely used for make infographics, brochures, create and edit imagesoffering numerous filters to make different designs adapted to your tastes and needs.

Indesign to create photos


This editor provides tools very similar to those of Photoshop And the best thing is that you don’t have to download the program on your computer, but you can do it through the web, that is, it’s online. Pixlr offers different functionalities that are very practical for editing and retouching photos and imagesthus allowing for large compositions and adjustments.

Pixlr edit photos online


It is a free image editing software program to download. Particularly this one of the most popular in terms of free version of photoshopsince it has great similarity and provide various functions that give rise to be the best alternative. At first it can be a bit complicated to use, but over time you will become familiar with it and you will be able to take advantage of this tool.

Gimp free alternative to photoshop


It is a photo editing platform that can be used online or downloaded as a mobile app. Apart from having the basic tools of any editor, has HDR effects in case you are looking for more advanced editing options.

Fotor Photo Editor for Mac

Programs for computers (Windows and Mac)

The professional programs mentioned above are available for Windows and Mac, but if you are looking for a less complex alternative you can use one of the following editing software:


It is a paid professional photo editor compatible with Mac and Windows, which was developed primarily as a Photoshop alternative. This shares a series of very useful tools for quickly editing images or retouching them in detail, since is designed especially for those creatives and photography experts.

Affinity Photo for Windows and Mac

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

This program is developed for the Microsoft and Mac operating system, it is Premium and its main function is the correction and management of digital photographs. It has advanced features and little storage, but best of all, you can edit photos on mobile, web or desktop.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Windows Mac

Photoscape X

Correct and improve your photos through PhotoScape X, an easy and fun free photo editing software, available for Windows and Mac systems. This editor makes it easy for you to fix and improve your photos to your liking, in addition to that, it allows you to modify photos by lot, something that saves a lot of time if you have a high volume of workbesides it has its own editor to change the settings of the images.

Photoshop X for Mac

APPs for Android

Android has possibly the widest variety of photo editing apps. They are all very similar and the best are undoubtedly:


This mobile editor is available for Android, is very easy to use and one of the most complete. Cymera escapes from all the photo applications for devices, because this one has all the effects and tools that you are looking for. In it you will not only be able to edit because it also shares other functions such as create a collage, adjust photos without croppingas well as beautify your face and body.

Cymera app to edit photos Android


It is a mobile application with free download for Android devices, with it you can create and take good photos, because this App helps to enhance the quality of the camera. Equally you can edit them and transform any aspect through the effects and multiple filters it offers, although many of them are offered in additional packages.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
VSCO: Photo & Video Editor

Vsco App for Android

iOS/iPhone Apps

The iPhone is possibly the mobile with the best camera, so its users are lovers of good photographs. If you are one of them, you can use any of the following applications:


This photo editor allows iOS users to retouch photos and improve the quality of their photos manually, they can also be adjusted through automatic color and contrast adjustments. snapseed, integrates basic and professional editing features, thus being considered a very useful tool. In this you can also create and save different combinations of filters that includes your long list.

Google LLC

Snapseed photo editing app iphone


It is an image editing app for iPhone and iPad. This tool not only focuses on retouching photos, but goes further and allows you to completely improve the photo, from filters, frames, contrast, to whiten teeth, achieve the beauty effectremove stains and others.

‎Facetune Basic
‎Facetune Basic
Lightricks Ltd.

Facetune beauty mode APP iPhone


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