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How to erase the background of a photo to use them in your creations for free? step by step guide

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Working with images today is one of the most common and everyday things that exist. Our study, and also our work obligations, require us to have skills for editing different photographs.

Today we want to talk about how we have to edit the background of the images what we have so that they disappear completely. For this we will need different skills that we will have to get to be able to handle the programs.

In this article we are going to show you each of the tools you need to make your image look edited as if it had been done by professionals who are exclusively dedicated to these areas. We will guide you through each step you must take to handle Photoshop like an expert.

What should be considered before removing the background of an image?

What should be considered before removing the background of an image?

The visual structure we have is made up of two factors, one is that of perception and the other of comprehension. These two components greatly influence image quality is that we want to edit through a screen.

That is, so that the brain can interpret what is channeled through the eyes, we have to have an interaction between the elements that are considered positiveare those that are perceived as a figure, and the elements considered negativewhich are the ones that provide the background of that figure or image.

According to this, we will need to keep in mind different factors to be able to eliminate the background of the image that we are seeing, without deteriorating the quality and the final objective of our work.

Here are the points to keep in mind:

Contrast between figure and ground

There are different psychological laws that are responsible for the analysis of the figure-background relationship, but the most important thing for us is to emphasize that the perception we have about the images is based on the figures that appear as simple and symmetrical as possible.

This is why when we want to edit a figure and remove the background we have to take into account that the image will be determined by the line that divides that figure with respect to its background and so we can have a simpler image for our perception.

Image quality

Image quality is based on the amount of detail that can exist in the image.considering a photograph with higher quality when each of its aspects or corners have details that another would not have.

The quality is also given by the format and the compression ratio that each image has, which is why when we want to edit the background we have to keep in mind the quality of the image.

It will not be the same result for a good quality photograph, in which true details are appreciated, with another that does not have these characteristics.

photo size

image size is measured by pixels, and larger, the work of editing will be easier and more precise. This is why it is important to consider and take into account the size when it comes to editing and removing the background of an image.

Steps to remove the background of a photo with Photoshop easily and quickly

Steps to remove the background of a photo with Photoshop easily and quickly

We can remove the background of a photo via Photoshop software. There are different ways to do it through the functions presented by the program.

Next we will detail the 3 most used tools:

with the magic wand

Using this tool we will follow these steps:

  • We open PS
  • We’re going to “File, Archive”
  • We select “Open”
  • We choose the image we want to edit
  • We go to the right of the panel in the tab of “Layers”
  • We select “Background”
  • We look for the option “Layer starting at bottom…”
  • We choose the name that we will put to that layer
  • We select “Okay”
  • At this time we go to the left panel and select “magic wand tool”
  • Select the sample size by clicking on the menu
  • We choose sample size
  • We select the parameter we need
  • We click on the image to determine the tolerance that the tool will have, for this we choose “Tolerance”we select a number that can be between 0 and 255, this is greater tolerance the greater the number
  • We click on “Adjacent” to turn it on or off. What this function does is select colors that are in contact with each other, if it were deactivated the function would not be selected if the colors were touching.
  • We choose the areas that will be added to the different selections, for this we go to “Selection” and we click on the image
  • We’re going to “Edition”
  • We squeeze “Remove”

with magnetic loop

To be able to use this tool and eliminate the background of an image we will do these steps:

  • We’re going to “File, Archive”
  • We select the option “Open”
  • Find the image and click on it.
  • We go to the right panel and select “Background”
  • Next, we will choose the option “Layer from background…”
  • We will choose a name for this layer and then we will apply “Okay”
  • We select “Magnetic lasso tool”
  • In the right panel we select the browser icon to adjust the zoom
  • We select the edge of the image by clicking as close as possible to be able to delimit the selection point by point
  • We close the selection by double clicking
  • Look in the menu for the option “Edition”
  • We select “Erase”

with the eraser

In order to use the eraser tool we will follow this guide:

  • We’re going to “File, Archive”
  • We look at the option “Open”
  • We select the image that we want to edit
  • The right panel we select “Layers”
  • And select the tool “Background Eraser”
  • Next, we will choose which brushes (or pointer) we want to use, we will find this in the options bar
  • We will choose the diameter, space, roundness
  • We work with the option “Boundaries”picking out “not adjoining” either “Adjacent”
  • We will choose tolerance in option “Tolerance”
  • We will also choose “Protect foreground color” so that the erase does not act on this color
  • We drag through the area we want to erase with the mouse
  • We select the option “Save”

Steps to remove the background of a photo from your mobile easily and quickly

We can also remove the background of a photo through our mobile, for this we will have to choose one of the tools that we will mention below:

with photoshop express

With Photoshop express.  Steps for remove the background of a photo from your mobile easily and quickly

On our device we will perform these steps:

  • We’re going to “Menu”
  • We select Photoshop Express
  • We choose the option “all photos”
  • We click on the image we want to edit
  • We select the magic wand located at the top of our screen
  • We then choose the filters that we believe are convenient, having the option of being able to modify the background just by touching the area with your fingers.

Photoshop Express - Selfie
Photoshop Express - Selfie

‎Photoshop Express Edit Photos
‎Photoshop Express Edit Photos

With Background Eraser

We will perform this procedure:

  • We’re going to “Load a photo”
  • We select the photo we want to avoid
  • We click on “Donate”
  • we seek “ManualSize” and we can move it with our finger to increase or decrease its size
  • We choose the figure passing with the pointer, if we need greater precision we will have to reduce its size
  • At the end we will select again “Donate”

Background Eraser
Background Eraser
handyCloset Inc.

With Square Insta Pick

With this application we can eliminate the background of our photography by following the following guide:

  • We open the application
  • We select the place where the image to be edited is located, for example, “Gallery”
  • We select the image that we want to edit
  • At the bottom of our screen we have all the filters that we can choose to edit the photo correctly.
  • We can choose, for example, “Background” which will give us the option to choose another image from the photo gallery
  • To finish we select the checkmark that is in the upper right margin.

How to remove the background of your images and make them with transparent background in just 5 seconds?

There are Internet sites that offer us the ability to edit our photos for free, we just have to upload them or directly copy the URL.

To see these steps, we take as an example:

With the website

This is a page with very simple functions, in which we will have to select the photo by clicking on the link it has for this function or directly copy the URL.

Once we have uploaded the image, this tool offers us different filters that we will have to choose until we completely edit the background of our image.

List of the best programs, websites and applications to remove the background of an image

List of the best programs, websites and applications to remove the background of an image

We will show you the best programs and applications to be able to eliminate the background of an image.

It is a page where we can avoid photos very easily we simply have to upload it and we can apply the different filters that the tool offers.

One of the tools that offers the most options can be found for free and its control panel is very complete, offering us shortcuts through the keyboard.

This image editor offers us very interesting tools with very few steps we can obtain the edition we need.

An excellent website with which we can edit our best photos and generate an extraordinary crisis. It provides different services on this site, among which is the design of templates for different situations.

This site offers us with very few steps the possibility of resizing our photographs, adding the touch that we are interested in giving them.

It is a very good Editor that allows us to carry out work through two worlds and that will generate an impact on the design of our image.

Photo Escape 3.7

You can download a free version to be able to edit photos and correct them to obtain an excellent professional image thanks to the functions panel.

Download Photoscape 3.7 Windows

It is a tool that has been replaced by “Google Photos” to be able to edit photos as well as organize them. You don’t need to download it because you have it available in your Google Drive.

Pixelmator Pro

Which has different options for image editing intended for the MacOS operating system. It is also available for Windows 10.

Download Pixelmator Pro macOS

Corel DRAW

It is one of the best applications that exist in computer science for graphic design and photography division. Its content is very extensive and competes with important software such as Photoshop.

Download CorelDRAW Windows


This application offers us the possibility of editing images with very few steps, offering us among its tools a selective brush to be able to open files in JPG and RAW format.

Google LLC

With this application for computers and also for mobile devices, we can create effects in a simple way, giving them a professional look.


We will be able to carry out different effects on our photos through our mobile phones, also adding templates and other grid options.

Photo Collage Editor
Photo Collage Editor


With this app we will be able to have the most professional images thanks to the 30 filters that the tool offers.

Foodie - Camera for the whole v
Foodie - Camera for the whole v


Editing our images is very simple with this application that we can have permanently activated our mobile. Its different filters give the possibility that our images look like they were made by a professional.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor
VSCO: Photo & Video Editor


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