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How to erase the history of my Android mobile so that nobody sees my private information? Step by step guide

How to erase the history of my Android mobile so that nobody sees my private information? Step by step guide

Most of the applications we use on our phone keep a history of everything we do, this can be an advantage and at the same time not, it all depends on the point of visit to which the situation is focused .

But if you think you should empty that history, here you can find a detailed guide with all the steps you must follow to achieve it. With a few steps you can delete the history of those applications you use with more frequencies.

One of the reasons why people delete the history , is that they are saved on the phone, generating them less storage space , so in order to have more free space we must empty this. Although the history is something that is generated with great constancy.

What apps on my Android device leave a trace in the data history?

Our devices keep a record of everything what we do, see and save. But such a history of actions is saved on the phone, so we can have more than one reason to delete it. But before emptying something we should know what are those applications that generate it, and we give you a brief explanation below:


The browsers can be said to be the first in the list to store an entire record, what we visit and how long we last . Today there are several types of browsers that allow us to navigate without any registration, but most of us use:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Opera
  • Safari
  • Other …

Since these are our trusted browsers and what we know most, and although it offers us a navigation without registration (incognito mode) , most of us navigate in the normal mode.

Location system

These are other apps that monitor each action and you can say that until every step, since it keeps a record of where we stayed and where we want to go . Google Maps is the most frequent location system for Android users, although there are others.

Location systems, monitor every place where we are thanks to GPS and Internet connection, which makes a data transfer, specifying locations according to the map that it handles.

Call log

One or several calls we can see registered in our phone, and more if this we do not receive it and it was lost. Just as we can see missed calls , we can also do it for received and issued calls, saving number, time and date when the call was made.

So we should delete this little list if our phone is handled by many people and we don’t want anyone to know about our communicative record.

Messaging applications

Messaging apps are growing every day in the world, so each one seeks to give a better experience to its users. These generate a small history of each of our conversations, so to avoid saturating our phone with a lot of data, we must make a backup and delete the messages.


Apps like WhatsApp has a type of messaging that allows the creation of audios, which is quite heavy for the phone, when they are handled in large quantities, so by eliminating we free memory of our Android.

Steps to delete your browsing history on all browsers and tablets Android

Now that you know which applications leave a trace on your smartphone, we proceed to teach you how to eliminate this in browsers. In fact, it’s what we usually use every day:

In Google Chrome

If we do not want to keep track of those web pages we have visited with Google Chrome , we can delete the history. This record or history occupies us considerably the memory of our device.

When we delete the history, everything we have done will be deleted and where we have visited with our browser, and if we have a device sync from Chrome, will also remove data on the other devices:

  • First we must go to the menu and look for the Google Chrome icon , although if we have the icon on the phone’s desktop we can click directly on it.
  • Then we go to the options of the app, tapping on “More”, that in many devices is reflected with a three vertical dots icon . Then we click on “History”. If the address bar, we find it at the bottom, we just slide our finger up on it and tap on laterHistorialrd.
  • We play where it says “Clear browsing data.” We are located in “time interval”, select the volume of history we want to delete, if we want to delete all of them, select the option “Always”.

historial de google chrome

  • Finally, we mark “Browsing history” and uncheck the information that we don’t want to delete (if we want to delete all, we don’t uncheck any). And finally we tap on “Clear data” .
  • If we are going to delete all the navigation data, we will see a box that does not show what to delete, we select and uncheck the options of our preference and tap “Delete”. If we want to delete everything, select all the options that appear.

da clic en borrar

In Safari

Safari is the browser par excellence of those who use iPhone, however we can also find a large number of Android users who use Safari as preferred browser . Well, like the other browsers, it generates data in the history, so here we will learn how to delete them:

  • With our Android in hand, we go to the desktop and look for “Mobile settings” and being there we look for the Safari app. At that time we will see a list of options, which we go down to find “Clear history and website data” .
  • Being in the option, we select it and delete it until Cookies to not save any navigation trail.

In Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox could not be left out, as it is one of the most used browsers. Like the others, it keeps a great browsing history, where each of the activities carried out within it are reflected. So to delete them we must follow the steps below:

  • To start we search the Firefox icon on our device and open the app, then select the “Menu” button and choose “History ”.


  • We tap on the drop-down menu next to “Time range to clean” and choose the amount of history we want to erase.
  • We click on the arrow next to “Details” to select the type of information we want to delete.
  • Select “Clean now” to be able to erase all history selected. We can do this every time we want, but we must keep in mind that absolutely everything is eliminated.

How to delete location history from Google Maps on Android?

Google Maps is one of the apps that helps us every day, thanks to its innovative updates we can locate wherever we are, and find the address or location of the places we want to reach. But continuous use, generates a lot of data, on the phone something that occupies a lot of memory, but we can delete them with the steps below:

  • We must have previously logged in to our device and access the Google Maps app. Then we go to the “Menu” and select eachHistorial•.
  • On the right side we see three vertically shaped points, which means < strong> “More” and we locate the “Delete activity by” option.
  • To delete by date, choose “Delete by date” and we define the period. Although if we want to delete all the history, we select “Delete by Date” and choose “Always”.
  • Finally we tap on “All products” and we choose “Maps” and we select in consequently Delete.

How to delete the call log from your Android phone easily and quickly?

We use our phone a lot, to receive and make calls, but this gradually generates a registration amount, that if we want to delete it, we must follow the following steps:

  • We open the phone app that is dedicated to recording calls. Your icon is always a phone.
  • Then we press the “Recent” option and go to “More” with its three vertical dot icon, select “Call history “.
  • And finally we will ask if we want to delete the call history and press “Accept.”

Steps to delete the history of all your messaging apps on Android

Our messaging apps also keep a small history of all our searches and actions within it, so if we want to delete them, follow the steps below:

In WhatsApp

  • First we open the app, and at the top we see the “More” icon next to the search magnifying glass. We are going to display a list with several options and select where it says clearlyAdjusts.

toca en mas

  • We are directed to a different screen than we were and we selected accounChats†.

ajustes de whatsapp

  • Then we turn to “Chat history”.

seleccionar historial de chats

  • To finish, we choose if we want “Delete all chats” or “Empty all chats”. After selecting them, everything will be deleted, and we can be sure that it has already been deleted all our history data.

In Telegram

  • We open the Telegram app and look for the conversation window which we want to clean.
  • Click on the “More” icon > and select “Delete history”.
  • When the action window appears, check the “Delete also for X” box where x is any contact with which we have had a chat conversation, and we touch on the message in red “Delete history”. With this we complete the operation.

In Tinder