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How to export all your Telegram conversations to save them in a safe place? Step by step guide

Losing the information you send through an instant messaging application can represent a serious setback. If you are interested in knowing how to export all your Telegram conversations to store them in a more secure site, then continue reading this step by step guide.

Creating a backup is extremely important to safeguard your personal information. Many messaging apps create automatic copies, but Telegram it works a little differently.

Telegram it is cloud-based software. For that reason, all chats are stored on the platform’s servers. However, the App gives you the opportunity to export conversations to other devices.

Why should you export your important conversations from Telegram? Reasons to do it

In case you are unfamiliar with computer security, you may be wondering why you should export your important conversations from Telegram. It is essential to emphasize that having a record of your chats can get you out of trouble in multiple situations. For this reason, below we are going to tell you some reasons to do it.

Have a backup of your conversations allows you to protect sensitive information. If they are work chats, or if they have shared data of interest with you, you can store this information on another device safely. In case of theft, damage or loss of your mobile device, you can still recover your Telegram conversationsalong with multimedia content.

Files such as documents, images, videos and more will be at your disposal from your computer. Finally, have your conversations from Telegram gives you a reliability guarantee. In the event of misunderstandings, you can attest to your testimonials by showing specific messages, or by sharing a particular conversation through another device that you own.

Learn step by step how to export your Telegram conversations from any of your devices

Learn step by step how to export your Telegram conversations from any of your devices

Backup your chats it’s a pretty straightforward process. However, it can also be something tedious, since you need to give yourself some time to check your export options.

If you want to know how to do it, keep reading and learn step by step how to export your Telegram conversations from any of your devices:

On Android, iOS and Telegram Web

For some strange reason that is still unknown, the function of ‘Export Telegram data’ not available in any of the versions for mobile devices. Of course, this includes both Android What iOS. Also, you can’t export data either from the web version. Therefore, the only option users have is to go to the desktop version: Telegram Desktop.

On PC and MacOS

Telegram Desktop is the desktop version of the instant messaging application. You can download it quickly, and for free, from the official portal. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the function ‘Export data from Telegram’ is only available for the Windows client. In the case of the client for MacOS, this function is not enabled.

Nevertheless, MacOS users have an alternative. In the Apple store there is an App called Telegram Lite, an official version of the cross-platform client of Telegram for MacOS. This application does allow you to export your data, and its operation is the same as the Desktop App. If you are looking to export your Telegram conversations to a computer, you just have to download the application on Windows, or Telegram Lite on MacOS, install it and log in with your number.

Then follow these steps:

  • Run Telegram Lite or Telegram Desktop, depending on whether you are from MacOS or Windows respectively.
  • Click on the icon with the three horizontal bars to open the drop-down menu.
  • Press the button ‘Settings’.
  • Then select ‘Advanced’.
  • In the section of ‘Data and storage’, click ‘Export data from Telegram’.
  • Then take some time to evaluate what do you want to backup from your Telegram account. Personal chats, chats with bots, groups and channels both public and private, multimedia content, among others.
  • When you finish the selection, make sure to check the box for ‘human readable HTML’ so you can check your conversations from the computer. Then press ‘To export’. The duration time will depend on the total weight of the export.

After data export completed, all your information will be stored in a folder named simply as ‘Telegram Desktop’. You can find it in the save path that you have established. By default, the path is the folder of ‘Downloads’.