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How to find a person by phone or cell number? Step by step guide

How to find a person by phone or cell number? Step by step guide

In the past, before the Internet took such a boom, there were the famous white pages or yellow pages (in some countries) that were handled legally, to find the owner of a landline . Therefore, performing this type of search was very simple.

However, now with the Internet and the large number of mobile phones operating worldwide, this has changed and well, looking for a person by their phone or cell number is no longer so easy >. Since, such a directory was never published.

But, although it may seem somewhat difficult, it is possible to locate anyone by mobile phone number, thanks to several tricks provided by the same Internet today. Therefore, here we indicate the best methods that exist in order to execute the one that best suits you .

Steps to find out whose phone number is and find the titular person

As we indicated, finding a person through their mobile phone number may seem like a very difficult task that involves hard work. However, the network offers you several tools that you can use for this and, without a doubt, simplifies this process to the maximum.

Which is considered very advantageous when an unknown number calls you and you cannot answer, so that you can know who is the owner of said telephone line and with this, specify who wanted to communicate with you , but anonymously. Even these methods can sometimes be used with a security purpose , since many of those kinds of calls can be SPAM . But well, whatever the reason, it is necessary to know several tricks to find an individual by his cell phone number.

Luckily, there are several ways to do it. Whether through social networks, through a Google search , on websites that are specifically dedicated to this and even some that allow a reverse search . Like, with some tools of interest and even making use of the IMEI of the mobile device .

Search Google for your phone number

Buscar en Google por su número de teléfono

When it comes to searching for anything, in general, Google is the main way that users turn to get all kinds of information and make that search quick, quickly. So, in these cases, it also applies to use this web browser to find a specific person using their phone number. Taking into account that, this is the simplest trick of the entire list, but the one that least satisfactory results can guarantee .

In the same way, below, we show you the step by step to carry out this type of search on Google:

  • To start, go to the Google homepage through your computer or using your mobile and go to the search bar.
  • In that bar, you must enter the phone number to be searched and make sure you enter the area code correctly.
  • After that, click on the “ Search ”or press the“ Enter ”or“ Accept ”key on the device’s keyboard.
  • Later, they will show you the results available for that phone number. Sometimes, you can get lucky and find the name and even the address associated with the owner of the telephone line.

However, in most cases, you can locate few results (as we did in this search) and well, find the person as a user of any web service . Which can help you to locate the individual through these sites where he is registered.

On the other hand, on some occasions, Google results will send you to certain services that claim to charge you for searching for a person from your phone number.

Find using Facebook

Another of the methods used to search and find a person is to use Facebook using their mobile number. Since, fortunately, it is possible and very simple to find Facebook accounts using your mobile number. That is, the method will be satisfactory if the person’s account on this platform is linked to their phone number, only .

Next, the steps you have to take to perform this type of search on Facebook:

  • First of all, navigate to the official website of this social network and access your active account.
  • Once you are located in the section of “ Home > ”From your account or, in“ Recent News ”, proceed to place yourself on the search bar that contains the platform at the top.
  • Now, in that bar search, type the mobile number to be found and you must also make sure to enter the corresponding area code. So, click on “ See results for… ”.

Encontrar usando Facebook

  • Finally, you will be redirected to a new window within the social network and if the search has been satisfactory, you can locate the profile of the person who has associated your Facebook account with your mobile phone number . Otherwise, the trick does not result because the user has not provided his phone number to the social network (as we did in this procedure).

Encontrar usando Facebook

It is valuable to note that, this method is very useful to get people who call you from a tlf number. unknown and with that, you can protect yourself from any kind of SPAM calls or fraud .

Using Instagram

Today, another of the most used social networks worldwide is Instagram and thanks to this, it can be an excellent alternative to locate a person , known or unknown, with the help of your phone number. Taking into account that, through its function of recommended friends or people you may know , it is considered as a very useful application to achieve this task.

You can see all about how to find people on Instagram from here. The process to perform in this trick, is much simpler and faster than the two that we have indicated previously .

In such a way, you should simply do the following:

  • First of all, add the phone number in question in your mobile contacts application. This mobile must be from which you access your Instagram account.
  • Second, go to Instagram and go to your profile, from there, click on the “ Discover people ” option.

Usando Instagram

  • Subsequently, go to the “ Contacts ” tab and in case the number searched belongs to a user with a profile registered on this social platform, you can see the suggestion in this section . It’s all.

Usando Instagram

Locate a satellite cell phone number

Thanks to the technological advancement of mobile devices, today all Smartphones have a GPS system and even those of low range. Luckily, this system offers the possibility of locating a satellite mobile phone number and for this, the network contains several tools that facilitate the process and provide good results. Which, for a greater advantage, they do for free .

However, if you look for any tool of this type from any browser, you will see that several of them are no longer functioning , even if the website opens normally. Therefore, we will focus on one that simplifies this process, offers fast results and is very precise , known as “ How to locate an online mobile ”, which is kept up to date.

But, before starting with the steps you have to follow to locate a mobile number by GPS, it is necessary to note that this trick only serves to know the location of the person who manages said mobile and doesn’t let you know his name, for example.

Now, the procedure to follow is this:

  • To start the process, you must enter the following URL .
  • If so, the website we will use to achieve this task and which can be considered one of the best, today .
  • Subsequently, select the area code (belonging to the country) and Enter the phone number to search . In addition, you must indicate its operating system, that is, if it is an Android or iOS device. Although this may generate uncertainty, do not worry because you can try both and thus have an idea of ​​the location of the owner of the telephone line. Therefore also is used to locate a lost mobile .

Localizar un número de celular por satélite

  • Once the above is specified, click on the “ Track cell ” button and in just seconds, they will show you the location of the device through a map that can be understood very well. Additionally, the online tool offers a ZIP file that contains the current location and you can download, if you wish.

Localizar un número de celular por satélite

With reverse search services

Another of the easiest ways to search or track a phone number, is from reverse search . Which, generally, consists of looking for a specific telephone number that can be fixed or mobile and only with that data, you will receive the most important information related to the owner of said telephone line .

In this sense, reverse search services allow you to know data such as the person’s full or partial name, their address, their accounts on social networks (on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.), as well as your email and in some cases, they give you information about their relatives or related people. In addition, with these services you can perform a criminal background check of the owner of the telephone line, easily.

One of the greatest advantages of such services that is worth highlighting is that they keep updating their databases day after day , in order to provide completely truthful information, provided that a user performs a Reverse search by mobile number.

But, although there are many free and online services of this type, here we will use one of the main ones, nowadays; to perform this simple search .

The steps you must follow are the following:

  • In principle, access the official website of “ ListaSpam ” which is one of the best websites where you can go to find out who is an unknown phone number that has been wanted to communicate with you This, free of charge, by clicking click here .
  • After that, enter the phone number in the bar that says “ Search phone… ”and press the search magnifier button to start the process.

Con servicios de búsqueda inversa

  • Having done the above, you will see all the information that the system could find about that person and that’s it. Even the website allows you to make a complaint to the phone in question , in case I have abused you in any way.

Con servicios de búsqueda inversa

For its part, we emphasize that this website does not require any type of registration to be able to use , unlike other similar services. In addition, it is a completely useful tool to make complaints about SPAM phones that want to take advantage of you.

Search in ads and services websites

Performing this method can also be very helpful, even when most users do not even think of going to a website of ads and services to search for a person through their mobile number. But, as with the rise of the Internet, most people have published an ad throughout their lives, this trick can work perfectly in many cases .

In this sense, to find out who owns a mobile through these types of websites, you must make sure you go to the page that can offer you the most benefit. That is to say, it must be a service with great worldwide coverage and especially that it is widely used in the country in which the person resides. Since, even if it is a stranger, you can specify the origin of the call from the area code that corresponds to each nation.

For its part, in this case, we will use the famous website “ Milanuncios ” (ideal for Spain), where there are more than 13 million classified ads and therefore, it has many worldwide users However, to obtain good results, it is required that the person has made an announcement on this site specifically and also prove that the phone is public . To perform the search, you simply have to do the following:

  • Go to and go to the search bar on the home page.
  • In this search bar, you must enter the telephone number (landline or mobile) you wish to specify and then click on the “ Search ” button.

Buscar en webs de anuncios y servicios

  • Finally, in just seconds, the web page will tell you all the matches found with that number and from each ad, you can know the person’s name and even, of the company ; which makes use of said telephone line.

Buscar en webs de anuncios y servicios

With call location tools

Currently, there are several tools that allow the location of calls. Which, work similar to the services that allow you to locate a mobile through GPS and, in general, most of these have identical characteristics and operation almost the same . Here are two types of tools that you can use for this, just by entering the phone or cell number to be located:



It is a free online tool that allows you to locate calls or track mobile numbers from an unknown call that you have made . This is why it basically works as a mobile number tracker that is very simple to use and is compatible with millions of phone numbers, thanks to the excellent database it maintains.

Additionally, it is a website compatible with all devices, where you only have to enter the phone number when entering the home page and in a matter of seconds, you can get good results. In addition, it works to obtain the location of a vehicle, land line, among others.


It is not a call tracker, specifically. However, it lets you know some information about a certain person by entering their phone number into the search engine of this website . Which is estimated as a service with the world’s largest search engine for people.

This, in addition to allowing you to perform this type of search, also supports these processes based on information such as the person’s name, email address and even the location, in case you know it. That is, has many other useful alternatives .

Using the phone’s IMEI code

In case you didn’t know, the IMEI refers to the 16-digit code with which you can identify a mobile device. Since, this code is unique for each cell phone and thanks to it, it can be used for a wide variety of things, such as search for a person through the IMEI of your mobile .


However, in order to carry out this type of tracking, it is known that the only one with the absolute power to perform it is the company to which the cell phone in question is linked. But, obviously, it cannot be the only trick to get a person, because by the privacy policies of these companies, these do not help you to perform such a search . Therefore, other methods must be used.

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