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How to find an Instagram account by its ID regardless of the username being changed? Step by step guide

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today. When creating an account, your system takes care of providing an identification number. If you want to know how to find an Instagram account by its ID no matter if the username is changed, continue reading this practice step by step guide.

The identification number is known as ID. It works as a backup measure and security For the users.

If you can't find a specific user, or have your username changed, ID it is an alternative to find it.

What is the difference between an account ID and a username on Instagram?

To create an account at Instagram, it is necessary to contribute some data personal. For example, your full name. Later, during profile setup, you can determine if you want your followers to be able to see your name when they log into your profile. However, What is the difference between an account ID and an Instagram username? The name does not have any type of restriction, since surely there are millions of people with the same name.

In English it is known as "Username". It is a data created by the user that allows you to Instagram differentiate your account from the rest. The username is required to be able to log into the social network. Unlike the name, the "Username" must be unique. You can use numbers or symbols to differentiate your username. If it already exists, the Instagram will notify you to modify the "Username" until you find an original combination.

In case you regret the name you generated, or want to change or modify it, you can do it from the section "edit profile". Keep in mind that, when changing the username, the "Username" previous will become free again. Therefore, there is a possibility that it will be taken over by another user. When a new account is created, Instagram generates an identification number.

Although the name and username change continuously, the ID it will always remain the same, as it is the code that identifies the profile as a unique user. The identification number does not have to do with the "ID card". The card, or "Nametag" It is a system to share your user with other people who are with you in the same physical place. To avoid the inconvenience of spelling out a username, you only need to scan the ID card with the Instagram.

Learn step by step how to find an Instagram account by its ID

Learn step by step how to find an Instagram account by its ID

An account ID is of little use, for that reason it is not such a well-known data among users. It is used mostly as a method of data recovery, in case of not remembering your username. In the same way, it is used to work with data from Instagram on third party sites. For example: Show Feed of the social network on a site Web.

Another utility is know your place in the immense history of the social network. The identification number represents the place you have within the platform's database. For example, if you ID It's the number "1000", means you are the thousandth user to be part of Instagram. Since Instagram does not provide the ID with ease, it is necessary to resort to other alternative methods. Web tools or source code.

Learn step by step how to find an Instagram account by its ID:

Web tools

To find the identification number there are several portals for this purpose. In this case, we recommend the web Comment Picker "". It is a page that offers multiple web tools for various social networks.

Some of its functions are:

  • Comments selector random for Facebook.
  • Download photos of Instagram.
  • Search thumbnails of Youtube.
  • Random generator of names.
  • Accountant of words.
  • Tools maths.

The steps to follow to use it are:

  • Enter the following URL: " "
  • In the first box, enter profile username you want to get their identification number.
  • Press the button "Find the Instagram ID" or "Find Instagram ID".
  • The bottom part will appear a box with the user's profile photo, their full name and identification number.

Source code

You need enter the source code of the URL. The procedure is somewhat simple.

The steps to follow are:

  • From a browser, type in the navigation bar the address of Instagram along with the username. It should look like this: " ".
  • Next, you must add “? _a = 1”At the end of the URL. It should be as follows: ""
  • Press the key "Enter". You will see how a blank screen appears with the source code of the URL.
  • Locate the line of code where it reads “ProfilePage”. You can also press the keys Ctrl + F to use the text search tool.
  • The figure that follows ProfilePage represents the identification number.

Find user

Finally, to find a user with his identification number quickly, you can use the web tool again Commentpicker. In this case, we use the URL: " ".


  • Enter the portal from a browser. Either on a computer or mobile.
  • In the section of "Enter Instagram User ID" (Enter the Instagram user ID) enter the ID number.
  • Then press "Get Instagram Username" (Get username from Instagram).
  • After processing the search, at the bottom will appear the user to whom the identification number belongs.