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How to find hidden apps on Android and iOS phones? Step by step guide

It is common that in our mobile there are some functions or apps that are not easy to find, This is because at some point they were voluntarily or involuntarily deactivated.

Since they cannot be accessed from the main interface, it is necessary to travel a route in the device settings. It should be noted that this can also be done with external applications.

If you want to learn how to do this or if you want and need to know what are the apps that allow you to increase privacy and the security of your team, stay in this simple guide that we have prepared for you.

Steps to find apps you don't know where they are on Android and iOS

The process to find an application installed on our mobile is very simple. It does not matter if it is an Android system or an iOS system. But how the routes are different in each system we will know them separately:

On Android

With the mobile in hand and unlocked we must press on the "Settings" icon. We can find it together to Android apps or by sliding the screen down from the top:

  • Once there we must choose the option "Applications", in the menu of the "Settings".

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<li>Later we enter where it says <strong>"Application Manager".</strong>
<li>Here we will have a list with the apps installed on the device, the same <strong>They will be categorized according to which are active and which are not.</strong>
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In this case, the inactive applications are those that are hidden. If you want to see all together we can select the option "All applications". Now, if we want to show any of these we just have to click on them and choose the option "Activate".

On iOS

Firstly, We must unlock the device and being located on the screen of all apps we will:

  • Enter the icon "Setting" to access system settings.
  • Next, we must scroll the screen up to go to the bottom of the settings, which is where they are all installed apps.

Apps on iOS

  • In this area of 鈥嬧媡he settings we can notice that there are some functions of the phone that do not have an icon in the main section of the phone, and These functions are just the tools that are hidden.

Setting up an App on iOS

  • By clicking on one of them you can assign an icon for the main screen, and you can even configure notifications.

Steps to reveal apps that you previously hid with another application

We are going to know how to unhide applications that have been previously hidden, in such a way that They can be found by any user without the need for a password:

With App Hider

App Hider is one of the best applications when it comes to hiding files on our device. It has the ability to hide so much images and videos, such as apps and messaging.

This in turn has the advantage that it allows you to duplicate the apps that are on the mobile, which generates a great benefit if it is used correctly, because this way a user can have multiple accounts Telegram or WhatsApp active.

If at any time you no longer want to keep hiding certain information. For example, a Telegram account, all you have to do is remove the app Telegram within the App Hider.

This is done as follows:

  • We enter the App Hider and we place the protection pin.
  • Next, we press and hold on the application that we want to unhide, until the possibility of drag it to remove it.

Remove an app from App Hider

  • After doing this we will only have to re-download the app. Which in our example would be with Telegram.
  • Finally, we must synchronize the account with the same number that was used hidden, so that all data is recovered immediately.

It is important to emphasize that the menu within the App Hider, is seen as if it were a separate system. That is why, in the example image, it appears that an application was being removed in the conventional way.

With Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is an excellent tool purely to hide tools. To display mobile data with Apex Launcher we must do the following:

  • First we must open Apex Launcher and access the menu "Setting".
  • Successively click on the option Hidden applications.

Hidden apps

  • There we will find the list of hidden tools, so we only have to click on the button Unhide which means to unhide.

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<li>After this we can <strong>easily find and use</strong> any that have been previously hidden.</li>
<h2><span class= List of the best apps to hide other apps on Android and iOS

Next, we have a select list of the best software to hide information on our mobile devices. The idea is that both Android and iOS users are satisfied, therefore, in this there is variety for these two systems:

Calculator Vault

Calculator Vault

It is a powerful software that performs similarly to App Hider and allows Android users hide almost any information on your computer. It is practically like having a mobile phone with all its functions hidden inside another.

It works with the symbol of a calculator, so when you enter there you only have to enter the access pin to start using the hidden functions. Here they can be stored images, videos, messages, apps and accounts.

Private Calculator

Private calculator

This is another of the best tools to hide files within our mobile devices. In this case, The benefit is borne by iPhone users.

It has an operation similar to that of applications shown above, so just download it and start configuring and personalizing the new private space with all kinds of data.

Alpha Launcher

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<p>It is a great application used for <strong>hide any number of apps from unwanted people,</strong> but maintaining the possibility of accessing them in a timely manner.</p>
<p>It can be easily obtained at <strong>Play store </strong>And it is <strong>totally free.</strong> This software is recognized by users because in addition to allowing you to hide files,<strong> You also have the possibility to customize the interface of the device.</strong> So it is possible to modify the appearance of the icons, the options menus and the general theme.</p>
<h3><span class= Hide application

Hide App app

This is a simple application designed for all those users who need to protect certain types of files on their mobile. Well it allows to hide social networks, messaging managers and image galleries, from the view of anyone outside the device.

It is free software, but it has a certain disadvantage with respect to softwares of this style, since advertising is a little invasive. Still, it does its job perfectly.

Hide my apps

Hide my apps

The main feature of this software is to make any icon disappear from the main menu, regardless of whether it is a game, messaging manager, image gallery or videos.

It is very useful to protect our privacy when lending our mobile device to an intrusive person. Is a free and lightweight software, so it is very easy to have it installed.

Why should we hide certain applications from our menu? Benefits

Generally people tend to hide things that seem shameful or dishonorable, but when it comes to Privacy & Security it will always be necessary to have hidden some softwares already mentioned.

But beyond all this, the best thing for a person who works with their mobile device managing various accounts with money, for example, is that they are not in sight, just in case at some point the equipment reaches the hands of a criminal.

So let's talk about some of the advantages that letting us hide things in it:


Privacy is a form of freedom that deserves importance in our lives. By hiding certain software and files on our device, we can get it. As long as what is being hidden is not to harm those loved ones around us.


Security is another important factor for hiding things on our mobile. As we already said, it can help avoid what inside information falls into the wrong hands, as well as the funds in our bank accounts. So this level of security can hardly be achieved without hiding the icons of our mobile software.


Another great benefit is the possibility of creating fake accounts in messaging softwares like WhatsApp or Telegram, which only allow you to have an open account. Already with the concealment method and a good launcher, it is possible to have a completely different profile from the original, with a totally different identity. This can be very useful for browsing and chatting anonymously, as well as for two or more people to have multiple accounts on the same device.