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How to find my Google device? Steps to find your lost or turned off Android mobile

How to find my Google device? Steps to find your lost or turned off Android mobile

Usually, very few people have a tracking application installed on their mobile device , this because they do not think it convenient or because they simply do not have the habit of installing this type of applications.

However, no one is saved from losing their mobile device or that the same is stolen , it is in those moments where you most want to have a tracking app installed in the terminal.

Due to this type of action, Google has decided to take an initiative and now thanks to them you will be able to locate your cell phone in case it is stolen or lost. This is how it will provide you with a website where you can see your mobile in real time.

What is «Find my Google device» and how can we activate it?

Encontrar mi dispositivo de Google

This Google feature has been created specifically to help Android users get their lost mobile device , which will make it easier for you to search if you left it in a mall or airport.

However, it should be noted that the previous version of “Find my Google device” did not allow to locate these devices when they were inside a building or somewhere very closed because he couldn’t detect his location.

But, now with the new update to version 2.3 of the application you can locate your device in some buildings , as well as in some closed enclosures , since it is compatible with interior maps.

All this has become a great help for all users of the Android operating system, as it becomes a hope to find your terminal in case of missing it or that it has been stolen, where, thanks to this location system, it will facilitate your search.

In such a way, that with the new update it will be possible to know in which specific place is the Android phone, whether in an airport, shopping center, buildings or house. Where the system we It will show in which plant or area the terminal is located thanks to the interior maps. They are available for 62 countries and use the Bluetooth and Wireless Connections systems to find the devices .

Another of the great advantages with the new update of “Find my device” is that it now supports Android Work work profiles, of such In this way, this allows to install your version for personal use which you may have on your computer and another version for the use of mobile within the company.

Due to the great importance of this new Google system, here we show you how you can activate it, for this follow these steps:

  • To start you will need to go to the “Settings” of your mobile device.
  • There you will have to scroll down until you get the “Google.”

¿Qué es

  • When you have entered this section you must select the “Security” item. It is important to clarify that this section should not be confused with the “Security” of the Android system , this section is within Google.

¿Qué es

  • Once you are in the “Security” section, you will find two options, the first one “Find my device” and the second “Google Play Protect.”

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  • There we select the first option and the master button or switch we slide it to the right to activate this option . After this it will not be necessary to do anything else, but in such a case that you are asked to grant some permission it is important to accept it.

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How to locate a lost or stolen Android mobile device?

In the event that you have lost your phone or it has just been stolen you will be able to locate it through different methods that are provided by Google, they will help you to find the location of your device so it can be successfully recovered.

In this way, here are the different ways you can use to find your Smartphone:

From Google’s own search engine

If you are one of the users who does not like to be installing applications on your mobile device, and you want to get quick results, then use the Google search is the best option. For this case you will need to perform these steps:

  • The first thing will be to enter your Google account from the device of a friend or relative or in that case from your own computer.
  • When You have entered your account, the following will be to go to the Google search engine and type in the search bar “Where is my phone”.

Desde el propio buscador de Google

  • Then you will get a result with the location of the mobile, this will appear through a map like Google Maps.

Desde el propio buscador de Google

  • This way you can find the location of your lost or stolen Smartphone.

From Find My Device

One of the most effective ways to find the location of your mobile device is through the official website of “ Find My Device ”, for this you will need to Sign in to your Google account, with your email and password, if you don’t already have one, you can know how to create a Google account from here, it’s free !

This website will show you on the screen all the Smartphone that you have associated with your Google account , they will appear at the top of the side panel. There you will simply have to select the device you want to see on the map. This way you can get its location.

Desde Find My Device

Using another mobile phone

One of the ways to find your mobile device after losing it or if it has been stolen from is through another Smartphone . In this case you can make use of another Android phone, either that of a family member or friend.

It is important that this phone has the “Find my device” application, in case the app is not installed you can download it from Google Play. It is worth mentioning that this application will only allow you to see where mobile phones are located.

Usando otro teléfono móvil

In order to perform this search you will need to perform these steps:

  • The first thing will be to find another Android phone that has the application of “Find my device”, in case you don’t have it you can download it from Google Play.
  • Once you have the app installed on your mobile, the following will be sign in , for this you need to enter your Google account , entering the email and password.
  • When you have entered your Google account, the program will ask you for the “Access to your location” , which you are going to “Allow” . In this case you will simply be shown with a blue dot on the map the location of your mobile device. That way you can see where it is.

Using the official Google app

Google has an official application called “Find my device”, it will help you find the location of your mobile quickly and easily. This app will help you track your device from another Android device and which can be downloaded from Google Play.

As for its operation is very simple, simply access it with your Google account data and in the search bar you type “Find my cell phone”. Keep in mind that this app has more than 10 million downloads and which is very well rated by its users, which ensures its smooth operation.

Utilizando la app oficial de Google

Therefore, if you have lost your Android phone or it has been stolen, you can download this application developed by the official Google company and start searching for the location of the terminal, something that will possibly help you recover it.

How to set up Google my Find or «Find my device»?

This system created by the great G will not only allow you to find your mobile device, but also gives you the possibility to configure your mobile information from “Find my device”. That is, from the website or application you can carry out a series of activities either to protect your data in case you cannot recover the terminal or simply for security .

Among the actions you can take you will have the opportunity to delete data, review some personal information, reproduce some sounds or simply block the equipment. All this as a security measure to prevent third parties from accessing your device and your private data.

In this way, here we show you what actions you can configure when losing your terminal and thus protect each of your personal data.

View any terminal information

Ver cualquier información del terminal

This will allow you to see some basic details of your Smartphone . It should be noted that there is not much information that your computer system will give you, but, this can be very helpful when you want to find the location of the terminal.

Among the data shown by the system we will find the following:

  • The battery percentage level . This will let you know if your device is in use or not.
  • The name of the Wi-Fi network to which the mobile is connected.
  • The IMEI code of the device.
  • The last hour of Internet connection.
  • Last time the device was seen < strong> connected.
  • Registration date of the team in your account.

Activate sound reproduction

Activar la reproducción de sonido

If you have lost your mobile phone either in your own home or in a specific place you can access “Find my device” and use one of its functions, in this case it is < strong> “Play sound” which you will activate simply by clicking on the option name.

This will automatically cause your phone to start ringing loudly with the ringtone , regardless of whether it is in silent or vibrating. Therefore, this is one of the most useful options when losing your phone in a specific place and it is low volume.

Delete all device data

Eliminar todos los datos del dispositivo

In the event that you have lost your mobile phone or have it stolen and already lost it, either because you think it is impossible to recover it, then you have no choice but to delete all device data . This is a process very similar to “Factory reset”, that is to say that all data stored on the device will be deleted, including contacts, photos, applications , among others.

This process is done with the aim of protecting all personal data, thus preventing third parties from accessing them, either to your blog of notes, photographs, messages, conversations WhatsApp, to your social networks , among others.

It should also be noted that this is an irreversible process, therefore, applying this option will no longer allow you to continue tracking your mobile, since automatically the Google account will also be deleted . In order to activate this option you will simply have to turn the red button to a green color.

Block Android mobile or tablet

Bloquear el móvil o tablet Android

Another option that we can take into account in the event that we have lost the equipment and do not get it or that we have simply left it somewhere with people who are not trusted, is to use the option ” Lock the mobile ”.

In this case, none of the equipment data will be deleted , but if a warning appears on the full screen where you can choose some options, either a phone number > where they can call you to inform you where your device is and a PIN code to use the terminal again. This way you can prevent other people from manipulating your mobile without your authorization.

What is the Android Device Manager and what is it for?

¿Qué es el Android Device Manager y para que sirve?

Android Device Manager has become another of the systems developed by the Google company, which was launched on a website recently. Device Manager is a device manager whose main function is to help Android users locate their lost or stolen mobile devices as appropriate.

This system allows users to erase the terminal data, block it to prevent third parties from accessing the equipment , among many other functions. All this with the objective that its users can keep each of their data protected and try to find the location of the equipment for recovery.