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How to fix the problem: Applications close on their own on Android and iPhone? Step by step guide

It is no secret to anyone that today, mobile phones more than a “luxury”, they are a necessity; In view of the fact that through them, you can solve various activities at the same time and thus, fulfill your duties day by day. In such a way, These devices can end up doing a lot more things than the average computer does.. Since, in addition to the applications that the Smartphone has by nature, practically all users decide to download more apps for them And not only that, but they also use them to make common calls, video calls, save information and multimedia files, etc.

Given this, various situations may arise in which the cell phone does not work properly or all the time. Since, although they are smart devices, may find it difficult to keep up with some additional requirements to support so many gigabytes of storage and an excessive use of them. In this sense, one of the most common breakdowns that occur is that apps close automatically on their own, both on Android and iPhone and this generates great stress on users who often do not know how to solve this problem. But luckily, for each problem there is a solution and thanks to the different mechanisms that arise in the online world, you will be able to enjoy a smoother experience on your mobile.

In such a way, it is necessary to make yourself known the most common causes why Smartphone apps stop working, they freeze and for greater concern, close without notice. To, based on this information, have really effective solutions that you can use through some Recommended procedures and tricks for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), independently.

What are the reasons why apps close on their own without me doing anything?

What are the reasons why apps close on their own without me doing anything?

In general, there are many reasons that trigger this type of breakdown in a mobile phone and indeed, they depend on various factors. However, it is accurate to note the most common reasons why applications close automatically on your mobile device and in such a way, they can generate so many annoyances.

Here are some of these causes:

RAM memory failure

This is often the most common reason why mobile apps close without warning. In that way, it’s about a superficial problem; taking into account that This memory is the main memory of a mobile device and works in conjunction with the operating system and in case of being insufficient O well, not having the ability to run the applications installed there, will choose to close them without prior notice, in order to give priority to other functions of the system that are more essential.

An unexpected behavior of the same Smartphone

In many situations, when mobiles start closing applications out of nowhere and present this type of problem constantly, it is possible that it is about to be damaged. This being the case, a form of “communicate“That it is no longer working properly and that perhaps, the best, is to change phone as soon as you can.

Your computer may contain a virus

Mobile phone viruses are software adapted to each operating system that are executed with the purpose of damaging the functionality of the Smartphone. Thus, there are two types; one known as “worm“And the other is identified as”trojan”. Usually, trojan virus are presented by applications installed on the same phone and when activated, generate numerous dangers in this, one of them refers to the disable other programs, so it interferes by closing them automatically.

The app or user data is corrupted

Sometimes, it can happen that the data of the same application is corrupted and therefore, they can show messages such as “Can’t continue using the app“Or”The data of the following application is corrupted”. And so the same software quits unexpectedly. What is also possible to happen with user data by signing up for the app store of your operating system.

Have many applications open

When you have multiple apps open at the same time, the phone can be atrophied and it will choose to close certain applications in order to offer you a good performance in the others. But in case it is not so, the reason is different from this.

A malfunction of the app in reference to its development

Is about internal problems of the same app, which can result in incompatibility with your operating system, various internal errors, flaws or bad code. Hence it will never work the right way on your mobile.

It is caused by an incorrect update

In case the application in question has been updated more than once and one of these updates was hampered or not completed correctly, it will start to work in another way and therefore, it will close very constantly.

Steps and tricks to fix the problem that applications close themselves

Fortunately, everything has a solution and this type of inconvenience is not far behind. Consequently, we want to inform you about the tactics that you can use on your mobile device (Android or iOS) to solve the annoyance that one or more applications installed on your Smartphone, are closed without warning.

On Android

On Android

This operating system has various methods to resolve breakdowns when apps downloaded and installed on such devices, fail and close automatically.

Here are the most used, easy and effective to perform:

  • Turn off and on your terminal O well, choose restart it. You can do this by simply holding down the power button on the Smartphone and then pressing the option “Restart”. To wait a few seconds and again, access the app in use. But if it doesn’t work, you can use other tricks.
  • Uninstall the app and reinstall it from scratch. To achieve this, you can do it in two ways. The first one is press and hold the application icon to display the selectionUninstall”And simply press it (this can be done on less old Android). Now, the second option that works in any model is to enter “Settings“, after in “Applications”, Find the one with the problem and enter there to uninstall it.
  • Clear the “cache” memory of the mobile. For this, go to the menu “Settings“, Enter the section”Storage”And where it says“Cached data“You must press the option and then click on the”To accept”.
  • Close all the applications that you have open at that moment. On newer models of this operating system, there is a button that allows you to observe open applications and so, close them simultaneously. In case you do not have a mobile of this type, just make a selection for a few seconds on the square button at the bottom of the screen and begins to close each and every one of the apps in use.
  • Check for new app updates and install the newest one. To avoid the incompatibility of this app with your terminal, you must choose update it from Play Store. Once you enter the store, access the menu “My apps and games“And in the updates option, proceed to check”Update allOr if you just want to update the one with the problem, just do it with that one.
  • Check from which website you downloaded the app. If you downloaded the app that closes automatically, through a place other than the Play Store, it is good that you make sure if it is a reliable site or rather, it can be a dangerous website. If so, you can contaminate the operating system and the best thing is uninstall the app completely.
  • Restore the factory mobile. As a last alternative, we advise you restore the factory Smartphone, in case the problem has not been solved otherwise. After that, simply reinstall the apps you had there and analyze if the problem was finally solved with the specific app.

On iPhone or iPad

On iPhone or iPad

Although iOS devices can be a bit more sophisticated than Android devices and run with fewer problems, they also have drawbacks in terms of those applications that close on their own And therefore, there are procedures that you can carry out on your iPhone or iPad to solve this, without having to look for an expert.

Here are the most common and effective methods for this:

  • Restart the iPhone or iPad. As well as the first tactic to solve this problem on Android, it is also effective on iOS devices. To do this, press and hold the “home” Y “Sleep”Until the moment when the home screen shows the famous apple apple And since then, he just waits for the system to be restored again.
  • Reinstall the app that is closing automatically. To carry out this simple procedure, search for the application on your mobile and press and hold its icon until it starts to move, for later tap on the X which shows you the screen in the upper left corner and of course, proceed to uninstall it. Later, go to the app store and re-install it commonly.
  • Repair the operating system. You must lean on your computer (it does not matter if it is Windows or Mac) to carry out this process. So, first of all, install Tenorshare ReiBoot which is a software that allows you to repair the operating system without deleting any data. After that, connect your device to the PC with a USB cable and click on the optionFix all iOS crashes“To thereby enter the”Repair operating system”. With this, a new window will open where you must click on “Download to start downloading the iOS installation file”. Once this process is finished, press the button “Repair”For the software to solve all the inconveniences. A) Yes, applications won’t close anytime soon.
  • Completely close any apps showing crashes. On many occasions, when apps are interrupted unexpectedly, the process that they execute does not completely conclude and therefore, are kept in the background. Indeed, it is best to close them completely pressing the “Home” button twice to access multitasking and then swipe up the same app you want to close. That’s all.
  • Update all applications. From the App Store, you can access the “Upgrades”To confirm if any of the apps that your iPhone or iPad contains does not show the latest update and thus, choose to update them now. This, in order that they all present absolute compatibility with your terminal.
  • Clear caches on the device. To erase the data of the applications, you must follow the path Settings> General> iPhone Storage. Located in this last section, locate yourself at the bottom to see all the programs installed there, you must access each specific app and start delete the cache data of each of these.

Through each of the aforementioned methods, your mobile phone will be able to function properly and support each of the apps that you have installed. So that in such a way, none of them issue errors nor close themselves constantly, thus being able cause damage to other apps or even, on your Smartphone.

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