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How to follow and stop following any user on Twitter easy and fast? Step by step guide

For sure, Twitter is one of the most popular social networks of the 21st century and in this way, it has become one of the largest online platforms of the moment. This, thanks to the fact that is a site where users have the freedom to express their ideas and promote your brand or business.

Thus, it consists of a completely free and easy to use social network that, if that were not enough, reveals a remarkable level of security to adapt to the requirements of each of its users. Thus, its operation is based on the publication of tweets and It has a system of followers that is the way in which relationships are established between accounts.

Now, for privacy reasons, it is essential to know how to follow and / or stop following a certain user on this online platform. Which, we will explain throughout the post and, additionally, we will indicate the relevance of controlling the number of people you follow on Twitter.

Why is it important to control the number of people you follow on Twitter?

On twitter, followers are all those people who receive your tweets. Therefore, in addition to observing your activity on the social network, they can also start a private conversation with you. So, every time two users follow each other on this platform, your updates will be shown in each member's start timeline.

Now, in case you didn't know, There are monitoring and update limits on this online site., which allow guaranteeing the stability of the platform and controlling or preventing abuses. Reason why it is important monitor the number of users you follow on Twitter and, if necessary, stop following who corresponds.

For its part, this importance lies in the fact that the monitoring limits offer the possibility of avoid saturation in Twitter activity and reduce error pages that can be shown to users. In this way, it will be possible to establish a degree of reliability around the actions of each account in the social network.

That is why, in general terms, each profile on Twitter has the power to follow a total of 5,000 accounts and in case of exceeding said number, certain limitations will arise for the owner of the account in question. Further, daily, it is only possible to follow 400 people technically, in order to restrict unusual tracking behavior on the platform.

Learn step by step how to follow or unfollow on Twitter

To follow or stop following a specific user on Twitter, the process to be carried out is the same. Therefore, below, we explain how you can follow or unfollow to a person in this social network, either through its mobile application or through its web version:

From the phone

There are many users who prefer to manage their accounts on social networks from their mobile app, for comfort and ease. Consequently, we start by teaching you each step to follow to achieve to follow or stop following a Twitter member, quickly, from any smartphone:

  • First of all, you have to enter the mobile app of this social network to enter your username or email corresponding to your account along with the password correctly. If you do not have this application on your device, you need to proceed to download and install it from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.
  • Later, once you have entered your Twitter account, it's time to find the right user to follow or unfollow. In any case, you must press the magnifying glass icon that is seen at the bottom of the panel and from the indicated bar, locate that user. If you want to stop following it, you can also enter your 鈥渇ollowing鈥 list through your profile and locate it there.
  • Now, to follow a new user in the social network, you have to access their profile when you have located them. Done that press the button that says "Follow" and it is located on the right side of your name.

  • If what you want is to unfollow a user, you simply have to press the button that indicates 鈥淔ollowing鈥 and then an ad will appear showing you to confirm the action, pressing "YES".

follow or unfollow from the mobile

From the web

Just as there are many people who manage their Twitter account directly from the mobile app, there are also many users who choose to do it from their computer, that is, from the web. In this case, the steps to perform are as follows:

  • Start by opening the official Twitter website from your preferred browser and there, access your account by entering the required data correctly.
  • Followed by that, when you are in the Start section, go to the upper right corner of the panel and, Through the "Search on Twitter" bar, locate the user you want to start following or, conversely, stop following. In the latter case, you can also proceed through your profile, accessing the list of "Following".

follow or unfollow from the web

  • Once you find the member of the social network in question, enter their profile and click on the button that says "Follow" to start observing all their activity on your timelime, since then, and add it to your list of followers.

follow or unfollow from the web

  • On the other hand, if you want to stop following a person on Twitter, place your cursor over the button that says "Following", in order to click on 鈥淪top following鈥 and then, confirm the action by clicking on "Stop following" again.

follow or unfollow from the web

Steps to stop following everyone on Twitter quick and easy with one click

Here we leave you a code with which you can do this function quickly and easily:

  • You must be on the page of your Twitter user.
  • Go to your list of Followers or of Followed Depending on which one you want to delete, you will get to the last contact but keep in mind that twitter has infinite scroll, make sure you got to the last one.
  • Now you must enter the developer tools, which you can access by the function of F12 or control + Shift + I for Chrome users, or doing right click > To inspect > Console.
  • Now copy and paste this function into the browser console and press the 芦keyEnter芦.

Code to follow massively:

  • This step can take a few seconds, depending on the number of followers, when it is finished you will see that everything is from scratch.