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How to force an operating system update in Windows 8? Step by step guide

The updates in Windows 8 It is a strong security point that allows all malware detection mechanisms to be up to date. In addition, they will help you fix bugs in OS operation.

In some cases, The W8 update is not available in Windows Update, so you should know what are the reasons that generate this problem.

In the following paragraphs you can find all the information regarding Windows 8 updates and how you can solve the problem of the absence of the new version in Windows update. We will also show you a guide to force the update.

Is it convenient to force an update in Windows 8?

Updates from Windows 8, and that of any operating system, contain enhancements related to security and program operation. For this reason, it is always convenient to update the SW that you have installed on your computer or mobile. This means that if you did not get the latest version of Windows 8, the most convenient thing for your security is to force the update.

Why didn't I get the latest operating system update?

Among the reasons why you have not received a Windows 8 update are:

  • The Windows Store is not up to date on the computer. To solve this problem you will have to press Windows + R and then write the command WSReset.exe. After these steps, you will need to restart your computer and retest if you can receive updates from W8.
  • Lack of synchronization in Microsoft licenses. To solve this problem it is necessary to go to Setting, select option App updates and then click on Synchronize licenses.
  • Version KB 2871389, which is available on Windows Update, may cause incompatibilities when it comes to receiving updates. For this reason, it is convenient erase it, check for new updates and reinstall it. When you want to download the version, you can use this link: “ based-compu "

Learn step by step how to force an OS update with Windows 8

The steps you will have to take to force an update in Windows 8 are:

  • Go to Start and click on Setting.
  • Then select Windows update.
  • Click on PC setup.
  • Finally, choose Update and recover.

When you need to update an application that you have installed in W8, you will have to follow this guide:

  • Click on the button Windows startup and search the application Store.
  • Right click on it and choose the option Your apps.
  • Pull down the bar located on the right side of the screen and click on Setting.
  • Tap on App updates.
  • Select option Search for updates.
  • This will take you to a screen where you can see all the applications you have installed on the computer and that can be updated.
  • Choose the one you need and follow the steps of download.