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How to free up memory space on your mobile phone without deleting anything on Android and iOS? Step by step guide

How to free up memory space on your mobile phone without deleting anything on Android and iOS? Step by step guide

Free space on our device should be one of our priorities when we have already given it enough use. If we ignore this obligation, our mobile will start working poorly, until the battery starts to last less.

Today we will show you what are the steps to follow so that you free memory in your phone , and you can count on a device as optimal as if you had bought it today. Each of the methods that we show you later adapts to your needs, so read clearly and follow the instructions very well.

In the last section of this post, we leave you what are the best applications you can use to clean your mobile as many times as you want.

Why does my mobile storage fill up so fast?

You may be wondering right now where so many files come from if you’re apparently not installing anything out of the ordinary. Then, we present the most probable reasons why your storage is collapsing:

Downloaded files

The files we download can take up a lot of memory in our internal storage , so every time we download it is highly recommended to delete it.

We know that if we download a file it is because we will use it. Although if we have many of them stored for a while, the time will come when we occupy a space unnecessarily on our mobile .

We can say that the downloaded files are those that we download from the Internet, including: Music, Images, Apk, Documents, Animations, Videos and others …

Application files

Before installing an application, we first had to have downloaded its installer package, and it is highly recommended after each installation delete those files , because clearly we will not use them anymore.

Although, if you suspect that you can use it in the future, it is better to upload the file to a cloud storage, because as we know the memory of our mobile is too short to continue storing things that at the moment do not we use.

Cache data

The cache data accumulate every time we perform new actions or activities on our mobile. Applications such as browsers and social networks save these to facilitate future loads and not have to wait again for the necessary time to see what we want.

In other words, they make a backup copy of what we see when we return to the site already visited, automatically and quickly load the structures and images that remain fixed on the site.

It is not bad to have caches , since these can make the difference between a fast and a slow load. But if we do not erase them in time they can slow down our device and it is something we do not want. That being the case, we must think that the space they occupy in our storage may well be used for other things.

Heavy apps

There are many applications that are very heavy for our phone , resulting in a slower function and high power consumption. As we know, most heavy applications run in the background on mobile devices , causing our phone to overheat and download faster.

We have to understand that although we really like an application, we must study if it is really useful for us and how often we will use it , because by not using it and taking up so much space in our phones, it would be like the poison itself for them.

Repeated images and videos

It happens to all of us that we have several videos and images repeated on our phone, without taking into account that being the same the other only occupy a censer space in our system. This usually happens mostly with multimedia files.

The reality is that if we don’t delete them, when we want to download a new document we won’t have enough space to do it , so the only solution is to delete these repeated files.

Tricks to free your smartphone’s memory without having to erase anything important

Now that you know the reasons why smartphone is filled with information, it is time that you learn to solve all these problems. Simply apply these tricks and tips that we share below:

Delete browsing data

To delete the navigation data we must access the browser, in this case Google Chrome, and select where it says “More” and we go to “History ”.

Select where it says “Delete all data”, specify “Forever”, and in the time interval, we define the volume of history that we want to be deleted .

borrar historial de chrome desde

We tap on “browsing history” and uncheck those things we don’t want to be deleted, and we end by selecting “Clear data”.

Uninstall unused applications

To delete an application from our device we just have to enter the menu, select the application we want to delete:

  • Then we drag the icon to where it says “Application information”, there we will see a number of options, and only select where it says ” Uninstall. ”
  • Clicking on uninstall will ask for a confirmation and click on “ Accept ” to proceed with the uninstallation.
  • Another way to uninstall an application, it’s from “Settings ”, then we go to the “Devices” section and look for the option of “Applications”.
  • There we will see that we are shown a list of all the applications we have downloaded. Some phones also show us the memory that occupy each of these apps .
  • We select the one that we no longer want in our phone and when opened A new screen will be selected in permittedDesinstall•
  • Clicking on uninstall will also ask if we are safe, and we will accept that continue with the uninstallation .

Remove downloads

If we are one of those people who loves to download everything you see, we will have many things stored on our phone. To delete these files that accumulate we must enter the menu of our phone and look for the icon of permittedDescharges.

There we will see the whole list of the files we have downloaded. If there are many, they may be grouped by month, or size. Select each or all files that we are going to delete and touch the “ Trash ” icon so that all of them are deleted.

Delete WhatsApp files

There are two ways to delete WhatsApp files . The first is to go to the application and select all those conversations where there are many files, and click on the trash:

  • Then he will ask us if we want to delete all multimedia files from the phone, select yes (check the option ) and click on “ Delete”.

¿Cómo liberar espacio de la memoria de tu móvil sin borrar nada en Android e iOS?

  • Depending on the number of files in the conversation, it may take more or less time to delete it, so we recommend you to be patient.
  • The other way in which we can delete these files, it is from the “File Management”, and we are located in the place where it is predestined to store the files, which can be in the SD Card or the phone storage.
  • Later we will see a folder called “WhatsApp”, we select it and several folders will appear. We go where it says “Media” and open the folders that contain the files that we want to delete, select everything that is inside it, and delete it by pressing the trash .
  • We will see that a box will appear asking if we want to remove the elements and click on allowAccept.

Empty the cache

If we want to empty the cache of our applications we only have to enter them and delete them. There are applications (memory cleaners) that allow us to delete all with one click, but today we are going to show you how to do it from the same tool that comes in the device .

  • We go to “Settings”, and look for the “Applications” option. We select all those that we know that keep cache, and we go down until we find the option that says “Clear Cache” . There we will also see one that says “Clear data”, but this is not highly recommended because we will lose everything we have in the app.


These same steps we will do for each of the applications, so it can be a bit tedious. But it’s the only way to remove caches without having to install an external app.

Use the cloud

In this case we will show you how simple it is to upload the files to Google Drive. For this we must have previously installed the application and then run it:

  • We look for it, the option with the plus symbol, which is called “Add” . Then we click on “Upload”, we look for those files we want to upload, and upload them.
  • We conclude by consulting in the application that the files are correctly loaded. In this way we can remove them from the phone and thus free a little more space on them .

Root on Android or Jailbreak on iPhone

With this method we can eliminate those applications that are predetermined in our phone. Many of these are not used and unnecessarily take up space on our phone.

Root on Android

First we must download the application to root, in this case we will use Root Master (link below):

  • Let us enable permissions , so we can install applications from unknown sources . Then we use the Apk to install it.
  • When running the application we will see on screen that we should expect it to load everything, in turn this checks the compatibility with the device , and is automatically configured with it.
  • When the configuration is finished, three buttons will appear on the screen and we will only choose the one that says “Root”.
  • The application will analyze our device checking the configuration and type of Android we have, and we will see on screen an option that says “Root”, we press it, so that the configuration starts.
  • This process can take about 10 minutes maximum, so we must wait for the program to finish with all its functions. Then, we will see a purple button that tells us “Rooted Device”.
  • Finally we must click on “ Download SuperSU ” to confirm the new configuration . Normally it is linked to a SuperSU app in Chinese, so we recommend that you search on Google Play for the Spanish version .

Download Root Master APK

Root an iPhone

It is very advisable first to make a backup of our device before starting. Let’s start :

  • Now from our team we download the Evasi0n software and leave it there ready to start with the root or as they usually call it Jailbreak.
  • Now we simply have to connect our iPhone to the computer, and run the tool as “Administrator”, then we press the button that says “Jailbreak”, and let the software do the rest for us.
  • We should not turn off the computer, since through it our phone is being configured . The phone will restart itself, so when the process is finished the task will be done.
  • Now our phone is already different and we have full access to all functions, which is the same as saying that we will be allowed to do what we want in it.

Download Evasi0n Windows

List of the best applications to free up space on my smartphone in a way easy and automatic

All of them are quite useful and specific in their work. Next, we’ll show you a list of five applications that you can use to free up space on your device:

Google Files

Google Files

It is one of the most famous applications. First because it is Google’s own, and second because it is one of the best platforms for cloud storage . Most of its users use it to save files, which at the moment they do not use but that later can use it, with the sole purpose of removing them from the device freeing space.

In order to use this application we must grant you the permissions, and when you give them, we will see on screen an option that is included among its tools , which says “Delete junk files” . When selected, our device will have more space.

SD Maid – System Cleanup Limpiador de móvil ¿Qué es, para qué sirve y cuáles son las mejores apps? Lista 2019

It is an application that allows us to clean our mobile when necessary . It is fast and simple, and on its main screen we can see: Waste finders, System cleaner, Application cleaner and others. These tools are very useful for optimizing our device.

Among all its functions, it should also be noted that it allows us to optimize the databases using the SQL Vacuum command, resulting in better terminal performance, eliminating transactions that are no longer useful for us .

Clean Master

Clean Master

It is an application with many tools , but we recommend that you only use it to delete files. This is because although it offers us to release RAM , it can go a little bit and delete files that are very important to us .

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