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How to free up space on Google Drive to store more information in the cloud? Step by step guide

How to free up space on Google Drive to store more information in the cloud? Step by step guide

The cloud has become one of the main tools for people, and these programs give users the ability to store a large amount of content > and thus free up space on the computer or mobile device.

However, these digital services also have a space limit which can be filled over time. In the case of Google, offers us 15GB of memory in Google Drive , it is not too much, but if we compare it with other cloud services like Dropbox where it only offers 2GB v emos that’s a lot.

But, all this storage capacity offered by this server ends up being shared with all your Google services , which also includes Gmail. According to this, it is you may need to free memory in order to store new information .

Steps to delete files and folders in Google Drive to free space Google’s cloud

Pasos para eliminar archivos y carpetas de Google Drive para liberar espacio en la nube de Google

Free space on Google is very simple, the first thing you have to do is start clean up all those files you no longer need to store or just deleting those documents or files that occupy more space.

To do this you must go to your Google Drive account and in the main window we select the option of sort all files by size , this will make those more weigh first place in the list. In this case you must select those you wish to delete and then delete them .

Always keep in mind to delete those that occupy more space , as long as you no longer need them or have them stored elsewhere. In the case that you delete very light files you will have to get rid of a lot of them.

We also recommend that you get rid of all those items that you forget or don’t use frequently . This will allow you to save new and more useful content for you .

What files can I delete to have more space without losing information important in Drive?

¿Qué archivos puedo eliminar para disponer de más espacio sin perder información importante en Drive?

Whenever some information is being deleted from an email, social network, cloud service or any other platform it is essential not to eliminate any important data , as this could bring serious consequences . Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that file types can be deleted in order to get a more storage space .

With this in mind, here we show you that types of items you can delete without losing important information from your account .

Images you already have in your social networks

Most users usually make a backup of their photos in the cloud services, this with the aim of preventing them from being deleted or lost , taking into account that the mobile can be damaged or stolen and all these images lost.

In general, most of these photos are posted on a social network , either on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other. This gives you a certain advantage since they are backed up in that application. Therefore, you can choose to remove it and in that way increase the free space of your account, which you can take advantage of by adding new images or any other type of data.

Documentary information you no longer need

The same goes for most documents that are stored in the cloud, where many of them lose their validity very quickly . That is, these are stored for use in some presentation or test and then stop importing, but they are still stored there.

Therefore, these documents become another option to start opening more space in Drive . In this case enter your account and start reviewing each of your saved information and delete all that you no longer need . Although few of them end up discarding this will help you expand storage capacity greatly.

Videos and movies you’ve already seen

If we take into account the size of the files we can notice that videos and movies are among the heaviest . That is, these types of files will occupy much of the memory available in the application . One way to free up a large amount of space is to eliminate all those videos and movies that you have seen previously .

Keep in mind that if you’ve already seen a movie several times and still have it saved, you can delete it and give it the opportunity to add new titles to your cloud storage . In addition, this will help you improve the operation of the application by making it much faster and more manageable.

Old project folders

How many times have you saved any document or project from the university or work to be presented and after that you leave it there when it is no longer useful. And surely this has happened to you and not only once but several times and when you realize you have the memory full of old and unimportant projects.

The most recommended here is to start checking that documents or projects you have saved in Drive . This will let you know which of them still work and which do not. One way to get rid of that unimportant information and at the same time open space for new projects .

Import information to a physical memory

Another solution we can find to free up space in your cloud storage is by passing a lot of the information there to a physical memory , it can be a pendrive or an external hard drive . This way you can continue to keep each of your elements in a secure way and at the same time open space in your Google Drive account .

The most recommended here would be to pass those larger files , that is, if you have movies or a lot of videos , as well as those old images You still want to keep. This will allow you to decrease your content in the cloud and at the same time improve the operation of your account .

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