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How to get the first 4,000 hours of playback on YouTube easily and quickly? step by step guide

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YouTube is one of the largest video platforms and one of the best known by network users. In it you can enjoy all kinds of content as a viewerbut if you want to be part of it as creator you can get many benefits.

Among them There is the possibility of monetizing all your content. How? reaching the 4,000 thousand hours of reproduction and 1,000 subscribers in about a year. Of course, that Your videos must be public and must always remain so in order to be taken into account.

At first glance it seems difficult to achieve, but if you set your mind to it and manage to reach the goal you will see what gratifying that it is to get money without any type of economic investment. And don’t worry, here we will reveal some tricks to achieve it.

Why do you need 4,000 hours of playback on YouTube?

How to get more views on YouTube

As we mentioned, you need 4,000 watch hours to start monetizing your content, and to tell the truth there are many hours and minutes, 240,000 to be exact. Which means, that for a single person to achieve your goal it would take 166.6 days to continuously watch your videos. Seeing it like this, it seems difficult to achieve it, but if you have a large audience and your content is really interesting, in a short time you will have many hours and many followers.

The first step to get it it is to see this as a privilege and not as a right or an obligation, remember that everything needs a sacrifice, and in this case yours will be to work to win. Y you must make an effort because here the public is the one who is going to demonstrate your value to the platformso work on it.

Youtube makes it easy for you, well just by broadcasting your content for free you can generate income, but being in the main search engines on the net is complicated. Nevertheless, to make this possible you need to provide relevant information and make topics that generate interest in people.

For example, you can talk about a game that is trending, a software update, performing makeup or exercise routines, among others, this will undoubtedly give you a plus and a lot of advantage to reach 4,000 hours. For no reason try to buy hours of reproduction, this action is illegal and violates monetization policies. One of the consequences that can bring you is the suspension of the account permanently. So be careful and avoid it at all costs.

Learn how to get your first 4,000 hours of viewing on YouTube

In this section we are going to teach you some ways that you have and that will help you achieve the necessary colon to generate income. You may have already executed the strategies and think that they have not worked for you, but remember that everything is perseverance and effort.

So here are four of the ways you can be successful on YouTube:

Create playlists

Create playlists on YouTube

This is one of the strategies that will make you grow faster. Basically you have to create playlists with relevant videos that have keywords so that the network positions them quickly. If you have a channel, you can use videos that talk about the same topic and organize them all in a single list so that the viewer can easily find your content and also have other that interests them in a single click.

You can too include videos from other youtubers that are within your sector and include your own videos in it, so you will make yourself known and get more advantage. For example, if you are a chef and you create a channel, you can make a list of “chicken recipes” and post videos with the different ways that exist to prepare a meal with this ingredientand even place recipes from others that have to do with it.

Notably playlists rank easily among search results and YouTube loves this because it helps you to increase the display section. You just have to create a relevant title that is among the most searched for by users and add keywords that help you in the description.

Create long music videos

This is undoubtedly a gold mine, and you will believe it if you search for example “fall asleep videos”. Here the strategy used is different, since with this we do not want to draw your attention, but rather we want them to relax and fall asleep. So while that happens the hours of viewing run and add up, so the longer it is the better.

With this you have more chances of getting views than with videos of more than 10 minutes. Best of all, they are not optimized for SEO. However, you must be careful with the Copyright rights if you take them from another channel, since in addition to preventing you from monetizing them, they can eliminate the account. So what you can do to bypass this is to create music of this type, in this case you can go to the beach and record the sound of waves or rain.

Create training content

How to create training videos on YouTube

Today there are many people who go to this type of platform because it is free to learn something new, or specialize in something, so take advantage of this if you are good in an area to also exploit your potential. With this option you can get more engagement with visitors by creating an educational spacewhether it’s about math, sex education, history or taking some kind of course on software, career, music or others.

In addition, there are advertisers who can help you with advertising. So it’s a very good thing that will help you grow a lot on this platform and others. And if you add this with creating playlists, you will have much more reach and advantage regarding the content search.

Position evergreen content

The evergreen content type also known as perennial is one that does not lose relevance over time, therefore, is a constant source of traffic for your channel. Unlike “trending” content that can quickly generate a number of views in a fairly short period of time, evergreen may not attract as many users at first but it is certainly something that will last over time and to which you can take much advantage.

For example, trending content could be “Most Viral Tik Tok Trends (May 2022)”an evergreen content can be “How to succeed and go viral on TikTok”. The latter can generate good positioning over time and in search engines such as “going viral on TikTok” either “how to succeed on TikTok”.

To create it, keep in mind to be specific, since the main reason for this is to address an area that includes very broad specific aspects. Also try to understand how your community expresses itself, this is very important to make interesting content. Finally, make videos that your consumers value, take care of the environment where you recordyour way of expressing yourself and above all study well the subject you are going to talk about.

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