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How to grow your Telegram community in groups or channels and thus improve your Marketing campaigns on this platform? step by step guide

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It is no secret to anyone that Telegram is one of the most important instant messaging platforms in the world. and even, it has been weighted as the main chat app of 2020. This, mainly, due to the different updates that it has presented and with which, it has managed to reinvent itself to optimize the experience of its users, through any of its versions.

It is because of that, above whatsapp, Telegram has exceeded the expectations of many people, thanks to the advantages it reveals. Above all, in terms of security, privacy, personalization and automation. Due to this, currently, it stands out for implement optimal communication between its users and adapt to the needs of each person.

As a consequence, there are numerous brands, companies or organizations that have opted for develop your marketing campaigns through Telegram Messenger. In this way, empower your community and grow your audience with a more direct, effective and real-time treatment. For this reason, in this post, we want to show you the pros of marketing in said app and which ones with the best strategies for it.

What are the benefits of marketing on Telegram Messenger?

What are the benefits of marketing on Telegram Messenger?

Today, Telegram is more than just a cross-platform instant messaging app. In view of the fact that, over time, it has incorporated new functions that distinguish the service from its competition and weighs it as an excellent element to carry out marketing campaigns.

Well, it offers the possibility of create and manage public channels with unlimited number of members. Thanks to this factor, TelegramMessenger provides a great opportunity to all brands and companies to spread your content with a massive audiencewithout having to make great efforts.

Valuing that, luckily, these channels are treated by the administrator who, if he wishes, can define that the Telegram channel only broadcasts its messages with the aim of preventing it from becoming an uncontrolled chat and its contents being diluted. For this and much more, this instant messaging app guarantees notable benefits to carry out an online marketing strategy with complete success.

In this sense, these advantages refer to:

  • Increase brand reach: As there is no great competition between brands within Telegram when carrying out marketing actions, it is estimated as an ideal channel to expand the reach of your business. Well, it is easy to spread your content better in order to make it go viral, attract new audiences and retain your customers.
  • Improve trust from your customers: Thanks to Telegram works as a stimulus to retain your customers, it is easier increase the trust of this regarding your brand. Taking into account that they can receive instant and real-time customer service in order to perceive them as accessible and reliable companies.
  • Saving time and resources: Thanks to the automation capacity of Telegram Messenger through bots, it is possible to accelerate different marketing actions that allow you to save time to share images, documents, videos, etc. In addition to this, as these bots work as virtual assistants, they also allow reduce expenses on contractsbecause they are able to attend to the audience and make private inquiries.
  • It has an optimal segmentation capacity: In digital marketing campaigns, it is essential to segment your audience and this can be done in different Telegram groups, according to the objectives set. Which is effective to improve the organization of your project to a great extent and to guarantee the satisfaction of your clients at all times.
  • Allows you to enjoy the advantages of cloud storage: By default, the storage system of Telegram It is based on the cloud and thanks to it, does not take up much space in your computers memory. Which is useful to manage any information of your company without any limitation when developing any online marketing campaign.
  • It is ideal to boost conversational marketing: This type of marketing aims to carry out a series of actions to generate active communication between companies and customers. Thus, through it, Telegram It will allow you to improve the connection with your public and make them feel more valued and listened to. Which will increase their satisfaction and will positively influence the reputation of your brand.

Learn step by step the best strategies to grow your Telegram Messenger channel or group from scratch

As we mentioned before, the channels or groups of Telegram are one of the best tools offered by the app for carry out marketing campaigns and thus, boost the growth of your brand or business. Since, they are defined as a type of space that helps to transmit any kind of information to a very wide audience and even, They are also effective in making your content go viral if you use public channels..

Well, under this condition, anyone can join from Telegram without any complications. Because of this, it is important to know what are the best strategies you can take into account to optimize your marketing campaigns on Telegram achieving the growth of your groups or channels on the platform, from scratch.

Which is why, below, we mention such strategies that can help you achieve success:

Share the link on other networks

Share the link on other networks

One of the most essential points of all lies in spreading your group of Telegram. For this you basically have to take care of share the specific link of said conversational space on other platformsabove all, in your social networks in order to promote it and motivate your Instagram or Facebook audience to join itfor instance.

In addition to this, it is appropriate add the Telegram channel link on your contact page, your official website or on any landing page you have published. Well, by implementing this tactic, it will be easier to generate segmented traffic in a powerful way. Apart from that, we also recommend adding your channel link to all your communication materials and tools, as if it were the signature of your brand or company.

Now, to get the invitation link for your group, you have to do the following from the Telegram mobile app:

  • First of all, proceed to login to your account as you normally do.
  • In your list of chats, search for the group whose specific invite link you want to get. When you get it, go into it.
  • Now at the top click on his name to see the group tab.
  • Subsequently, select the option that says “Add members” and once the corresponding window opens, click on “Invite the group with a link”.
  • Once the above is done, you will be able to enter the Invitation Link window, in it you must choose between “Copy link” or “Share link”.
  • If you select the one that says “Copy Link”it will be saved to the clipboard so you can paste it into other apps to invite new members.
  • In case you choose “Share link”A box will automatically open with all the apps on your device that can share that link. Telegram and you just have to choose the means to do it.

if you prefer to do it from web versionyou have to enter the group in question, click on its name at the top and select the option that says “Invite to the group with a link”. In this way, they will provide you with this link to copy and paste it wherever you want.

Run contests for members to invite more friends

In order to increase public engagement in order to improve interaction, increase the reputation of your company and encourage recommendations with satisfied customers, it is appropriate create and run contests within your marketing strategy on Telegram Messenger. This, mainly, to stimulate the members of your channels or groups to invite more people and thus grow your audience.

To do this, you can easily propose entertaining games and/or challenges that have some special incentive for users who manage to gather a larger group of people and add them to the channel in question. It is even effective to create contests that involve the generation of content by the users themselves to force them to start a conversation with each other and interact more.

Avoid constant self-promotion

Avoid constant self-promotion

If you want to retain your customers and motivate them to recommend you as an excellent business, it is important inspire comfort when connecting with them. Therefore, to boost your audience in the Telegram groups or channelswe advise you to avoid constantly self-promoting, since this would lead them to leave space quickly.

In this sense, keep in mind that, as well as Telegram It does not have added advertising, too you should take their example so that the users of the app value you in the same way. Well, by doing what they like and increasing their satisfaction, they will feel more attracted to your brand and this makes it easier to build deeper connections with them. Thus, instead of implementing self-promotion, choose to create and share content that is of interest to your audience.

Participate in forums to promote your channel

By nature, the forums are qualified as a very suitable means to promote communication and dialogue, so they manage to preserve the interaction regarding a given topic, have much more scope to inform other people and, ultimately, make specific content viral. Thanks to this, it is suitable participate in forums such as Reddit or Quora to promote your channel or Telegram group.

To do this, start by studying or analyzing which are the sections that are most active by the users of the forum and when you specify this, proceed to create publications leaving in them the link to your channel. Either in related posts or in comments, for example. That way, it will be easier to drive traffic to your space. Telegram for boost your marketing campaigns.

It should be noted that, thanks to this strategy, a brand as famous as IKEA achievement further promote your products and increase your salesdoing use of Reddit as the main channel for it. Therefore, it is an efficient advertising technique to make your groups or channels of the app known and expand your audience.

Post other interesting content

Post other interesting content

Assessing the tastes and/or requirements of your target audience, you can also choose to share other interesting content through the Telegram group or channel in an informative way. As, Telegram It works like a social network and therefore, if you find an article, video or meme that can arouse the interest of your customers, you should not hesitate to share it.

It should be noted that, when you carry out this technique, it is important to resort to certain contents that have been created by other entities that belong to your sector (requesting the pertinent permissions to spread it), so that it is more closely related to what you do and thus, it can also adjust to the preferences of the audience. Thus, a great way to attract people to your network and increase the number of members in the group.

Vary the content you share

While it is true, it is valuable to take into account the preferences of your audience to provide them with content that suits their tastes and thus, improve their experience to increase their loyalty. However, beyond that, it is also interesting help them explore new content that encourages novelty and improvisation on your Telegram channel.

Therefore, choose to vary the information you post in these groups to implement diversity that, on many occasions, helps to achieve success in marketing campaigns. Especially, because this tactic is ideal for capturing and/or hooking new users and thus, increasing the number of members of your company’s channel. Considering that, among these contents, you can include: text articles, downloadable material, images, compact infographics, short audios and videos.

Create your own Telegram bot

Create your own Telegram bot

While it is true, telegram bots they are useful to carry out different tasks without a noticeable effort. Given that they have the ability to execute a range of actions in an automated way, which, of course, can be of great help for the content distribution on your app channels. Taking into account that these elements manage to follow a programmed strategy in terms of marketing.

Therefore, depending on your programming knowledge, you should create a telegram bot Which, luckily, is a very simple process. Thus, through him you will keep your audience entertained to satisfy their needs, even collecting information about their main tastes as content consumers, thanks to the capacity of your own bot. Well, practically this can act as a smart newspaper.

Therefore, we advise you schedule your content marketing strategy and link it to the operation of your Telegram bot in order to post relevant content in a timely manner; be it texts, documents, images, videos or GIFs, for example. In this way, you will ensure that your customers have an optimal experience in Telegram thanks to your channel and this, without a doubt, will boost its evolution.

Use Telegram channel directories

Over time, within this platform, endless channels have been created that have specific goals in the app. Thus, it is convenient to make use of these utilities to promote your groups within the same instant messaging servicewith certain channels that have the ability to reach a largest audience on the social network.

In this case, you can make use of the most representative Telegram channel directory, which is known as “Canalestelegram”. Through it, it is very simple share the channels of your account in which you implement the different marketing campaigns of your business. In this way, it will be easier and more effective to expand the number of followers you have to make your brand or company known to other users.

Use paid promotion

Use paid promotion

If you want to make an investment to obtain better results when carrying out your marketing campaigns in Telegram, you can choose make use of the paid promotion within the platform. Taking into account that, naturally, advertising from reliable sources in TelegramMessenger will have the ability to grow your channel without much effort, with just Raise people’s awareness and influence their actions.

For this basically all you need to do is start an exhaustive search for point out which are the high traffic channels available on Telegram that deal with topics similar to those of your commercial sector. After that, you have to contact your administrators to talk privately and reach a paid agreement with which these commit to advertising your channel within their communities. Thus, it will be much easier to reach your target audience globally.

Now keep in mind that, In no case, this strategy is based on buying followers directly. Since, it is simply a sponsorship that will help you reach a larger audience within the same instant messaging platform, with the help of other more famous channels.

Is it a good idea to buy followers for my Telegram Messenger group or channel?

Is it a good idea to buy followers for my Telegram Messenger group or channel?

To grow your community Telegram, there are many companies that have chosen to buy followers in order to enlarge the number of existing members in your channel or group of the instant messaging app. which is a practice can only be done in public channels or groups, by default. Now, because it is a trick that has worked for many brands and/or businesses, this practice became massive in a transcendental way.

Reason why, when carrying out marketing campaigns in Telegram based on the conversational spaces of the platform, there are numerous people who wonder if it is a good idea to buy followers to boost the growth of your groups in that way. In this sense, it is appropriate to clarify that, these “followers” are simply bots that play “the role of filler” in order to expand the number of subscribers of a certain channel or group.

Therefore, they are not real followers and as a consequence, do not generate views on Telegram. Which are essential to promote your business by forging a closer relationship with each user. For this reason, personally, It is not advisable to spend money buying fake followers for a Telegram Messenger channel or group..

Since, in any case, it is better to choose to acquire new members organically that, apart from guaranteeing the quality of these spaces in the app, allow real views to be obtained and thus help you boost the growth of your business carrying out interaction and recommendation actions that improve their functioning. In addition, the purchase of subscribers reveals a great disadvantage, because these are not replaceable if you lose it.