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How to improve the security of your MacOS computer? Step by step guide

How to improve the security of your MacOS computer? Step by step guide

It is not bad to worry about the security of your computer, the bad thing is in what methods you use to improve it. On the internet there are many people who are waiting to steal information or make your PC run very badly. So much so that they are able to create fake pages for supposed help, when their purpose is to worsen the state of your computer.

Although it is true that the Mac system is so tight that it prevents access from many of the threats found on the network, It is also true that there are experts to decipher and find a way to sneak your system. That’s why today we bring you very good information so you can protect your Mac through simple steps. Leave behind those fake websites that recommend you to download programs that are not very reliable.

You can improve it to such an extent that not even people around you can steal your data or access your device without your consent. Similarly, you can maximize your security for those cyber drunks who will never rest until achieve its objective and make computers an insecure and unstable system. But rest assured that reliable companies will not rest until they make your system the most infallible of all.

Steps and methods to improve the security of our Mac computer

Increasing the security of your MacOS is wise, so don’t always trust yourself at all. Be prevented and follow every step we will leave you, so that your computer is very secure. Remember, protection is first of all.

You need to choose a good password

It is very important to provide a good password, it must be easy to remember but difficult to guess, so it is always recommended not to place some containing birth dates, names or surnames, or room addresses.

A strong password must comply with the following: uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers (not followed, example 1234) and symbols (example: + * = ¡ ¿). A great advantage of the Spanish language is the letter ñ.

Activate the firewall

If you don’t know what a firewall or firewall is, you should know that this is a protection which you can activate on Mac to prevent other computers from using it. To activate it you have to:

  • Press the Manzanita (Apple) menu.
  • Then search “System preferences”> “Security and privacy” and there check that this is active. Otherwise, enable it .

firewall mac

Activate FileVault

This is nothing more than a simple encryption system of a military nature, so that the contents that are stored on your computer are more secure. It can be activated by following the path of “System preferences”> “Security and privacy”> “FileVault”.


Restrict the browser

You can make your browsers one like Safari, that is, a super solid one.

  • To achieve this, follow the path you can find at: «System preferences»> «Security and privacy»> «Privacy»> «Website tracking».
  • Then mark the options that says “Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Ask websites not to track me”.

Restringe el navegador mac

Always use a VPN

The acronym of the VPN comes from Virtual Private Network , which means that it is an external program, which is to create a network where computers are not physically connected Mostly they are paid , however, sometimes you can find some offers and get it for free. You can see a list of the best free VPNs here.

Create backups

With this simple method, the information you have will have a strong security system, where you can use them or rescue them as many times as you want or need. You can protect a new Time Machine unit by simply selecting “Encrypt backups.” To do this, go to “System preferences”> “Time Machine”.

Time Machine mac

Update the software regularly

You could say that it is the best way to protect yourself against any vulnerability, the reason for this is because some versions of MacOS that went on the market were detected holes in the software . So this is a great advantage for cyber drills, as they could use it to access your computer without being perceived.

For this reason it is highly recommended that check regularly for updates that are available for installation. To do this you must click on the App Store icon, then look for «Updates» and install them. Something that you have to keep in mind is that the security of your computer will be greatly reinforced every time you install it. See how to update MacOS software here.

actualizaciones mac

Use an antivirus

Make use of additional antivirus. Certainly the Mac system is so tight that it gives you good protection, but it’s never too much to have extra extra security.

iCloud keychain

This is a place where you can store the names of users and all passwords of your Apple devices, keeping it updated and available for use every day. It is a very useful and important tool, although it often goes unnoticed.

You must make sure that it is active, go to: “System preferences”> “iCloud”> “Keychains”.

acceso a llaveros mac

Who has access?

On many occasions certain applications are allowed a little blind access to your system, for this reason it is advisable to check who you are giving the permissions. To do this, go to: “System preferences”> “Security and privacy”> “Privacy” and check. If you have something that does not inspire you much confidence, it is best to deny access.

acceso de aplicaciones mac

Very pending what you download

It is always better to make all downloads from the App Store itself or also from the official pages of each software, since many of the apps come from unreliable links that could cause problems on your Mac In some cases they may cause it to not work as it should.

Search my Mac

This is an option that is available on any Apple device, it can be very helpful if you have forgotten your Mac somewhere (other than your home) and do not know where. You can track its location to be able to recover it. For this you have to confirm that you have this option active on your Mac.

  • Go to “System preferences”> “iCloud”> “Search my Mac”.

buscar mi mac

Anti-phishing – Protect yourself against all websites fraudulent

It is necessary to understand that phishing is a type of scam or fraud , which through these criminals (cyber drunks) try or get very personal information from people, what They do it through fake websites or with deceptive links. Safari has an anti-usurpation technology for those fraudulent places.

Its function is basic but important, when you try to access by accident or whatever the reason, to a site of these unreliable, Safari automatically deactivates the page so that a connection cannot be established and avoid a bad time .

Some things you should consider

Whatever it is, you will always be exposed to some computer threats, such as personal data theft or any other contingency. What you have to know is that you use your computer for a long time throughout the day, the amount of information you handle and is stored is huge and the sensitivity of the data causes that any precaution is little. So always keep an eye on where you navigate and where you click.

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