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How to increase and expand the memory of your iPhone or iPad phone to have greater capacity? Step by step guide

How to increase and expand the memory of your iPhone or iPad phone to have greater capacity? Step by step guide

First they were 8Gb, then they increased to 16GB, they went through 32Gb and there are currently 64GB and 128GB. Apple’s iPhone phones have always prioritized internal memory over many things, but still, users still complain that they don’t have enough memory to store all their information. That is why is currently demanding the creation of a terminal that has as much storage capacity as a computer or even more.

But why do they still not reach us? At the time, cell phones barely had capacity for an external 2GB microSD card and it could save more than 300 songs in medium quality. Now that we have capacity for several tens of GB more, it seems as if we could store less information. What we must understand is that the content we currently store has also increased its weight ; A video in FHD can weigh more than 2GB, a song with the highest audio quality can take up to 20mb and a simple photo with a good camera no longer weighs just a few Kb as before.

That is why despite having much more space, it will still have to be well managed. Fortunately for you we have created this tutorial so that you know the most useful methods to increase the capacity of your iPhone and have a better user experience . That way you’ll never have to delete a photo or audio to add another one.

Steps and tricks to increase and extend the iPhone memory capacity

aumentar y ampliar la memoria del iPhone

What can you do with only 16 GB? Nothing really, and this would not help you at all, in fact it would limit you. With all the things (photos, videos, applications and music) that you have stored on your device, you will have already occupied that space. However you can apply the following measures to get a better administration of this valuable resource of your mobile.

Connect an external memory

It’s true when they say you can’t expand your iPhone’s internal memory , but one thing you should know is that you can expand your external memory. This consists of buying a device with extra storage that can add to the one that already has the terminal internally when connecting it .

Flash memory devices, such as Leef’s iBridge , which sells for € 60, connect them directly to the Lightning port and then increase the phone’s capacity. This one has the shape of a J so it can bend around your iPhone and they guarantee you an extra 16GB of space.

There are other options that will help you a lot, including a Sanxisk ixpand that with just 42 dollars you can get it and increase it with 32 GB more. SD cards are currently the ones that offer the most storage , being able to acquire them with 4GB of 128GB space and even more.

ixpand de SanDisk para iPhone

Always carry a wireless hard drive over it

If you are not a fan of charging cables, or having anything constantly connected to your phone, we recommend the wireless options for storage. By connecting to the same Wi-Fi network you use, your iPhone can create an immediate synchronization with the storage device which has to be located near .

With the corresponding software, you can configure your phone to be able to store your things (information, videos, photos …) automatically on the wireless disk instead to save it in the internal memory.

Save your files at home

You can create your own digital cloud to store your stuff . The device to be able to store on the Western Digital My Cloud network costs € 150, and can allow you to save up to 4000 GB.

Western Digital My Cloud Apple

MyCloud can stay in your home, while you can access the files from anywhere, with the use of the corresponding application. This is a benefit that you can also use to backup your computer data with Windows or Mac.

Use the cloud

It’s also highly recommended that you save your files in Dropbox, Amazon Cloud Drive, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or also Apple iCloud so you can Manage your files in the cloud. If you exceed what you save you may have to pay some monthly subscriptions, but the price is not very high.

Google Photos gives you free storage for your photos, even in a smaller file size. In addition, the Google Play Music Manager and Amazon Cloud Drive gives you the benefit of uploading all the music files you have in the cloud and transmitting it live to the phone .

These are just some of the options you have for storing information in the cloud and so you don’t have to occupy the internal storage of your mobile .

Clean your phone

If you have applications on your phone such as PhoneClean , you can remove the junk files that only take up space for no reason on your iPhone, and thus get a freer phone as a result.

You can also do it manually by browsing through the files, although you must document enough to identify that unnecessary data since if you accidentally delete an important file for iOS operation you will have to reinstall everything the operating system.

Can it be dangerous to expand the memory and storage capacity of the iPhone or iPad ?

The dangerous thing about doing this depends on how and what steps you will use to expand the capacity of your iPhone. On YouTube you can find a character that uses a rare method to improve the phone’s memory, however, this is extremely complicated since it requires advanced electronic knowledge to modify the motherboard of your terminal . If you do not have the knowledge, you may damage an important component that has no way of being repaired.

But if you use the tricks presented here, you can expand iPhone memory without any complications and in a safe way. It is better to go to the safe, since trying something if any kind of knowledge will not help you if it is not a problem . YouTuber himself mentions that he initially thought it would be easier.

Gadgets and accessories to increase the storage capacity of your iPhone

It can be said that a gadget is a device which has a specific purpose and function, generally of small proportions, very practical and at the same time novel. These tend to have a more ingenious design than current technology.

If you want us to recommend some Gadgets to increase the memory of your iPhone, see what we leave you:

iDoo Micro USB 3.0

iDoo micro USB
Esta es una memoria externa el cual que te permite disfrutar una alternativa de almacenamiento, ya que te ofrece 32GB o 64GB de extra. Ella funciona como un disco extraible para el móvil el cual conectas para guardar lo que consideres importante y después lo desconectas para que esté asegurada la información.


Esta te permite ampliar el almacenamiento del iPhone con 64 GB. También es muy versátil, ya que puedes utilizarla para cualquier teléfono, y cuenta con un conector Lightning y Micro USB. Al igual que la anterior, es una memoria extraible ya que puedes conectarla para guardar lo que necesites y luego retirarlo para salvaguardar los datos.

MicroSD memories

Tarjeta MicroSD

MicroSD memories are the most efficient storage devices to increase this quality of your Apple smartphone. You have a wide variety of them to choose from with different capacities; from 4GB to 128GB and more , there are even some that already exceed 512 GB and soon reach or exceed 1TB.

However, being able to use one of these depends essentially on the terminal you own, since these have an extension limit. For example, the iPhone X in its 64GB version can only be increased to 128GB, that is, it can only be integrated with another 64GB card.

Some applications to free memory of your iPhone or iPad

With the help of these programs you can free up space, with efficient cleaning without losing any important files.

Tenorshare iCareFone

Tenorshare iCareFone
Para muchos es la opción preferida para tener una memoria más amplia. Se puede decir que es una aplicación todo en uno, que puede realizar todo tipo de mantenimiento. Gracias a esta podrás pasar todas esas fotos que quieras y vídeos de una manera fácil a tu ordenador, gestionar las aplicaciones instaladas en tu equipo y recuperar información en caso de fallo del sistema operativo. Cuenta con un sistema capaz de analizar toda la memoria del dispositivo, hasta encontrar esos archivos basura o también llamados archivos temporales y eliminarlos.


ifree up
Es una opción que siempre debes tener en cuenta, este software cuente con una amplia serie de herramientas que te van a permitir gestionar fácilmente todo tipo de archivos en tu dispositivo, importar o exportar programas y otras cosas más. Y también dispone de herramientas para aumentar y mejorar el rendimiento del iOS. Esta aplicación te permite eliminar archivos temporales, cachés y logs del sistema.

PhoneClean 4

phonen clean 4

Not because we are naming it last, it means that it is one of the worst programs. On the contrary it is a good option to control the information contained in your device in an easy and above all very effective and efficient way.

It is available in Apple Store , being one of the most downloaded by users of the electronic apple. Its use is very easy and it will be easy to adapt to this since its interface is very similar to that of iTunes . You can navigate through its tabs so that you know each of its functions and you can start taking advantage of it to save more memory without problems.