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How to install and configure WhatsApp Business correctly on any device? Step by step guide

The versatility of an application allows users to feel comfortable in it. In the case at hand, WhatsApp Business, has a range of interesting options, but we highlight the one that is possible install it on different operating systems, both on the computer and on mobile phones.

For some months there has been talk that the company will make available to its users the possibility of use the account on several devices simultaneously, with open sessions in each one, which will provide greater comfort. When available, it will allow the application to be used without having the mobile on.

But for that we still have to wait. For now, we want to show you how install WhatsApp Business on Android, IOS, on your computer with WhatsApp Web and BlueStack along with good recommendations for you to get the most out of this application.

Learn step by step how to install WhatsApp Business on any device quickly and easily

Next we are going to show you how install Whataspp Business on both mobile and desktop devices, so that you can manage your business account from any of these computers.

Go for it:

On Android and iOS

The WhatsApp Business installation process in Android It is very simple.

The steps you must follow are the following:

  • Open the Google Play Store or the Apple Store on your mobile.
  • In the search bar type “Whatsapp Business “.
  • Once the application is found, select “Install”.

  • Now you just have to wait for the app to download and that’s it, it will be installed automatically on your mobile.

On the computer with WhatsApp web

In order for the application to work on the computer, it is necessary to have it downloaded to the phone and then do the following:

  • Open address in the browser and when loading you will notice that a QR code appears.

Enter the WhatsApp Web page

  • Then, open the application on the phone, display the menu of the three dots that is located at the top and select the option “WhatsApp Web”.
  • To end, scan the qr code and you will notice that the application already appears in your browser WhatsApp Business.

Use WhatsApp Business on your computer allows immediate access to files, communicate more fluently and is a good tool to coordinate the work of the company.

On your computer with BlueStack

Now, let’s see what we must do to have this Android emulator on our computer, but also use WhatsApp Business quickly and safely:

  • We started downloading and installing BlueStacks on our computer.

Download BlueStack for Windows

  • When the application is ready, you have to log in to google in order to have access to the Play Store application store.
  • Once the session is started, we look for the application WhatsApp Business.
  • When we find it, we click on it and select “Install”.
  • Like on mobile, the app will download and install automatically.

You must add the phone number that you are going to use for the installation and in seconds you will have it available to perform operations just as you would from your mobile.

Discover how to configure your WhatsApp Business account from scratch to get the most out of it

Once you have installed WhatsApp Business on your devices, it is time to configure it to get the most out of it:

Customize profile

After what we have downloaded the application on our mobile, we must follow the steps that are placing us on the screen and if you are missing any, no problem then you can finish configuring it.

Let’s see:

  • The first thing is to determine the name of the company. This is important since this information is like a username that must be unique and if it takes longer than the account, others could go ahead and “steal” the generic name of your company.
  • Now you must select the 3 points in the upper right corner of the mobile screen, and select “Settings” and later “Company Settings”.


  • Now we select “Customize profile”. At this point you will have to complete the fields defining a photo or logo, physical address, description of the company and of course the website.

In this section you can also learn about the statistics, which shows a reflection of the exercise that you have during certain times. Here is also the option of share the profile without giving the phone number, so they can contact us through social networks or the website. In this part you can also configure automatic messages, who will answer the queries made by customers.

Set auto reply

Learn step by step how to configure an autoresponder with automatic responses in WhatsApp Business

The steps to configure this automatic reply option are as follows:

  • Login to WhatsApp Business, choose “Setting” and later you go to “Tools for the company” and then to “Quick response”.
  • In the upper right, select the “+” symbol which will lead you to create a new quick response.
  • In the message section click to write content you will have the quick answer.
  • Is vital set a keyword to locate it quickly. This is especially useful if there is more than one answer since the application gives the possibility of enter up to three keywords for each edited answer.
  • To end, click “Save” and voila, you have it available to use.

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