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How to install and use Microsoft Excel on MacOS? step by step guide

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Many users who want to switch to macOS wonder what about Excel spreadsheets? Don’t worry! Microsoft has a special office version for Apple devices and its interface can be surprisingly pleasant.

The Mac version of Office it supports files .doc, xls, or .ppt files from other versions of Office on your computer. It is also very easy to use, the only thing you have to keep in mind is that some keyboard shortcuts are different. For example, bold is activated by pressing Apple “+B”and other tricks that you learn along the way.

Next, We are going to teach you how to install and use Excel in macOSa guide so that the Office transition does not catch you off guard.

What is the equivalent to Excel on MacOS?

Download Numbers on macOS

The equivalent of Excel on macOS is Numbers. A spreadsheet that has everything you need for organizing tables and statistics. This version is fully Excel compatibleand it is characterized by being intuitive and integrated with other Mac programs. With Numbers, the version of Excel for Mac, you will be able to create graphs, tables and carry out any operation just like Excel for Windows.

Learn how to use Excel on MacOS

Learn to use Excel on MacOS

Use Excel on macOS It is not as difficult as you imagine, on the contrary, you can do it easily, following some simple steps. The first thing is know the features of the new version for MacOSand identify the differences between numbers for macOS Y Excel for Windows.

Go for it:

  • Open the program from your desktop macOS and double-click the hard drive icon in the top right corner. Go to the list of folders and select the option “Applications” and then “MicrosoftOffice”. The Excel app on Mac you can identify it by having a “X” green color, animated and caricatured. She opens it by double clicking on the icon.
  • when opening excela new blank spreadsheet will automatically be created, with the name “Worksheet 1”. Therefore, you do not need to create a new spreadsheet.
  • Save the spreadsheet selecting the option from the Apple menu “File, Archive” and then “Save as”. This tells Excel that you want to save your spreadsheet.

A dialog will appear in which you can name the file and select a location for it on the hard drive. press “OKAY” to save the spreadsheet.

Install Office

Below, you will find a few simple steps, which you must follow to install Office on Mac:

  • Choose the option “finder” Y “Applications” that you will find in the upper menu bar. Scroll down to the menu.
  • Open any Office app and select “Introduction”.

Apple Compatibility Assistant

  • In the what’s new box that opens, select “Log in” on the screen to activate Office. If it doesn’t prompt you to sign in, open a blank file and go to the file “New” from template “Log in”.
  • Write the email address you are associated with Office for Mac and click “Following”.
  • Type the password that is associated with the email address you used and click “Log in”. The appearance of this screen may be different from that of your email provider.

Download Office for Mac

  • The system should check if you have any valid license and then activate the product. If you have multiple licenses, you should go to the section “Activate with multiple licenses” and follow each step.
  • Clever! You must click on “Start using (the app you are going to use)” and start to work.

Use online version

Get the latest version of Office on Mac

The online version of Office combines all of their common features and real-time co-authoring capabilities. This is so that teams can collaborate on shared documents, presentations and spreadsheets, from wherever you are. Office Online also works with the Office apps installed on your computer, so you can choose how you want to work.

Using the online version of Office is quite simple, just follow these simple instructions:

  • Create documents, spreadsheets and presentations online. You can also use the Office desktop version.
  • save them online using OneDrive.
  • share them with others to collaborate in real time.

Best alternatives to Excel to use on iMac

Excel is an extraordinary app for the preparation of spreadsheets. Which represent a way to enter data in an orderly manner. These spreadsheets are made up of rows, columns, and cells.and they are an extraordinary choice for various tasks.

Below, you will find the best alternatives to Excel ideal for use from your Mac computer:

Google Sheets

Download Google Sheets

It is a wonderful spreadsheet application that you can use online and totally free. This is an extraordinary alternative to Excel, widely used by modern companies. The Google Sheet spreadsheet is ideal for working from the cloud, working collaboratively, and sharing documents. Google Sheet lets you get insights much faster, with built-in intelligence. Which helps you analyze the data much faster and with a very low margin of error.

This alternative to Excel for Mac allows you to perform several actions:

  • Get valuable information with built-in intelligence
  • seamless connections with other Google apps
  • Use collaborative features and smart in Excel files


Download Numbers

It is an ideal alternative to create and edit spreadsheets from scratch, or with the help of original spreadsheets and complete templates. With Numbers you can carry out any project you need, such as planning a partykeep expenses and income up to date, inventories, control stock and many more activities.

This is possible thanks to the combination of tables, graphs and any compatible multimedia elements. with numbers, you can reinvent spreadsheets, as it maintains classic elements such as formulas. Additionally, each sheet shows you items by separated for better editing.


Office 2016 for Mac

Office 2016 on Mac

Office 2016 for Mac is more than one simple adaptation of Office for Windows, in fact it is a program developed natively. Is Alternative to Excel for use on Mactakes advantage of some specific features of the latest version of the desktop operating system of Manzana. Among which you can name retina display and support for full screen. The installation of Office 2016 for Mac is quite simple, just download the file and follow the quick installation process.

which extracts the various Office applications such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Notably you need to have an Office 365 account to access the program. The Office apps for Mac are more visually appealing than Windows. Likewise, the menu layout is less cluttered. That is the ordering of the most used icons is much more logical and less chaotic.

This allows you perform key tasks faster and more efficiently. Nowadays, to access and edit documents on different devices at the same time, it is essential. In this sense, Office for Mac takes this into account, therefore, when you enter with your Microsoft account, you can synchronize each of your documents. How is it possible to do it? Via OneDrive or SharePoint.


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