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How to install any application on my mobile phone safely and reliably and without risks? Step by step guide

Install an app can be quite dangerousas private information can be exposed to attacks from untrustworthy people. For this reason it is convenient to take all the necessary precautions.

One of these cautions that you must have is to know with precision the origin of the application you want to download and what tasks it actually performs. If you don’t know how to access this information, don’t worry, we’ll show it to you below.

This is not all you will see in this post, too We will teach you the step by step to download any app safely of the best official stores.

What to keep in mind before installing an app on my mobile device?

Before installing an application on your mobile you should know that it is original and does not violate any law against copyright. In addition, you should look for their download in safe sites or stores so that you are calm every time you run these programs. Another thing you should think about before downloading an app is the work (or function) that it performs.

You have to know that applications that promise to decrypt other people’s passwords and data are not safe or legal, so you could have problems with the law if you decide to take this action. Finally, you should keep in mind that an application that you do not download from an official store it is probably a program to spy on your actions and obtain private data you have on your mobile. For this reason, it is always convenient to download apps from recognized stores that are legal.

Learn step by step how to install an application on your Smartphone

For install an application on your smartphone You must follow the step by step that we show you below according to the operating system you have on your phone.

Let’s see below:

On iOS

On iOS

On your iPhone follow these steps:

  • Go to the application that is factory installed, App Store.
  • Search the bar for the application that you want to download and click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Then, click on the app.
  • If it is a free application press GetOn the other hand, if it is paid, click on the price.
  • It may happen that you request the Apple ID To continue with the process. If you need to download an Arcade game, you will first need to subscribe to Apple arcade.

On Android

When you want to download an app on your Android, follow this guide:

  • Find the app of the google app store.
  • Type in the search bar the application you want or the action you want the program to perform, for example, “Chess”.
  • A complete list will appear with all the available apps that you can download safely. Select the one you like the most and then click on Install.

List of the best and safest online app stores

We will show you below the best stores where you can safely download applications for your mobile:

Google Play Store

Google play

In this store you will find all the applications you can install on Android mobiles. It is owned by Google and there are apps for free downloads and others for payment. To access it you must register with an account Gmail and open it from your phone.

It has an algorithm that shows you the best alternatives for you to download according to your tastes. App updates can be done from this site, you just have to go to the start menu, select My apps and games and see all the apps that have a pending update. Then you must click on To update.

Apple Store

This store is exclusive to Manzana, so you can download applications for iPhone Y iPad No problem. You can find free and paid programs and to download them you will have to have the Apple ID activated on your mobile.

It is characterized by the security it offers to its users. That is, before developers can show their apps in the store, Apple verifies the authenticity and correct operation of the same. It also controls that it is not a tool to steal information or carry out tasks that go against the company’s security policies.

Amazon App Store

This app owned by Amazon will allow you to download apps once you register your email and make settings on the phone to enable this type of software. You will find a large number of categories to work for free or through a one-time payment. It is available for phones with operating systems Android.

Huawei App Gallery

App Gallery

In this gallery of applications you will find all the programs that you can install in a huawei phone, so its use is restricted to smartphones from this Chinese brand. To access it, you will not have to perform any additional steps, since it is pre-installed at the factory. You will find themes for your mobile, apps for photo editors and many other applications.

Galaxy Store

As with the previous option, This store is aimed for Samsung brand smartphones. You can find a large number of apps divided into categories that you can download for free or through a single payment. To access it you will have to register with an account Samsung.