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How to know if my email sent from Gmail was read easily and quickly? Step by step guide

The read receipts are one of the characteristics that have made the instant messaging services, and at the same time, it is the one most demanded by users of email like Gmail. Nevertheless, we do not yet have them in the full sense of the word.

A read receipt is very useful, since it allows us to know if they have read our message and have ignored it or if on the contrary they have not seen anything and the information has not been received. Yes OK for some it is a controversial issue for privacy reasons, for others it is information that we must know.

In this article We are going to show you how to enable Gmail read receipts natively and externally, so that you always know when your senders have read and received your messages and have ignored them.

Learn step by step how to request a read receipt in Gmail to find out if the recipient has seen your message

The confirmations with the WhatsApp double blue check do not exist natively in Gmail. Instead there are read receipts, which we will receive in the form of a message with the information of the day and time in which the sender has received and opened our message. However, this feature only available on work or school accounts that are in a group previously configured by an administrator.

Knowing this, what you should do to request read receipts if you meet the requirements are the following:

  • Opens Gmail on your computer (it cannot be done from your smartphone).
  • Click on “Write” and write the email you want to send.

  • Now click on “More options” and later “Request read confirmation” before sending the message.

Gmail read confirmation

We show you how to use a Google Chrome extension to find out if someone has already seen your message

Despite there is no official version of Gmail with the double check of Telegram or WhatsApp, we can use a chrome extension to enable it quite simply.

Let’s see below how to use some extensions:

With Mailtrack

One of the most useful applications to track our email is Mailtrack, which is dedicated to this particular function and is quite precise, providing us with additional information about the date and time that they have seen our message.

What we must do is as simple as going to the Chrome Web Store and find the app to click “Add to Chrome” to install it. After doing that we will see that when entering our mail in our tray “Sent” A double green check will appear that when positioning the mouse cursor over it, detailed information on the moment in which it has been opened is shown.

With Email-Tracker

An alternative to the previous tool is Email-Tracker, which works the same way and shows us a double check a little more minimalist in the design but just as rich in information with data on the exact date in which they have opened the message for the first time.

List of the best email tracking tools to use in Gmail that you should know

If the above tools are not enough for you, then we are going to present you a list of the 2 best tracking extensions of emails that you should know.

They are all practically mono-functional and are only dedicated to performing this function in the best possible way:


In addition to give us information with the read confirmation, it also allows you schedule emails in a more direct and simple way in just 1 click.


One of the most downloaded extensions on the Web Store and of the best reviews we have since it not only enables the read confirmation, but also adds other interesting functions such as schedule emails and sort them.