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How to know if they read my email sent from Outlook? Step by step guide

The read receipt of emails is also available in Outlook. This way, you can be sure that the recipient received and opened the message you sent. A dose of tranquility, especially when information is needed to arrive at the right time to all selected contacts.

On Outlook Two functions can be activated to track an email, related to confirmation and reading, leaving in the hands of the sender the famous double blue check that is activated by default in other instant messaging applications, every time the other person reads the content you just sent.

You are surely wondering What is the correct way to activate this feature in Outlook? What tracking plugins can I use that are compatible with my Microsoft account? The answers to these two questions, along with some additional tips, are available in the course you are starting.

How to know if my email sent by Outlook was read

The methods to know if they read the email are simple. In the case of Outlook, The confirmation can be activated by default for all messages that are sent or specifically to some specific contacts.

In the following lines, you will have all these details:

Activate read receipts

First you will see the explanation of the correct form of enable read receipt from two options. The first in the web version and the other with the Outlook application.

The direct way to do it is from the application, following these steps:

  • In the desktop app, find the reading pane, selects the three horizontal points.
  • When opening the menu, choose “Show message options.”

Request read receipt in Outlook

  • Choose “Request a read receipt or request a delivery receipt.”
  • From the web version, you must log into your account and then go to the gear in the upper right menu which is the “Setting”.

Read confirmations in Outlook

  • Then mark on “See all Outlook settings.”
  • Choose “Mail” and then “Message management”.
  • There mark “How to respond to requests for reading confirmation.”

With HubSpot plugin

One of the main functions of this plugin is track emails, keeping a record of what your contacts do with the messages they have received. This tool inserts a pixel after the submission is done.

To use it, you must do this:

  • Download the plugin from this link on the web

HubSpot Download Site for Outlook

  • Run the installer that you just downloaded.
  • Restart and log in to Outlook when prompted.
  • Once you log in, you should already be able to see the add-in in the Outlook menu.

Activate HupSpot in Outlook

  • Click on compose a new email electronic.
  • Follow all the steps to send a message, including the recipient, subject and body of the email.
  • Choose “To follow” in the message menu and click “Send”.

Best email tracking plugins for Outlook

One of the best investments that can be made is to have an email tracker, Although there are free extensions and add-ons, there are also paid ones to enjoy all the features.

Here are some of the ones that can be found on the web:

Bananatag download site

The function of this add-in is similar to that of the reading receipt that Outlook includes, but with expanded functions, since a notification is received in the inbox when someone clicks on the message or open one of the attached files. It also includes details of the operating system and the recipient’s location.

Five daily emails are tracked for free, If you need more, there is a plan of 5 euros for one hundred messages a day. It is perfectly compatible with the Outlook 2007, 2010 and 2013 web applications.

Sidekick download site

This tool works for both Outlook and Gmail. The system sends quick notifications when emails are clicked or opened. Once it is installed, a check box is added and checked to each email that you want to track.

Unlike the previous plugin, 200 mails a month can be tracked for free and if a 10 euro plan is paid, the service becomes unlimited. As for Outlook applications, it works in versions 2007, 2010 and 2013, among other versions.

Cirrus Insight Access Site

This tool helps productivity and improves email sending strategies. The main thing is keep track of the message and the files it contains, setting up some alerts to know what the recipient has done. In addition to monitoring, it brings templates to improve the appearance of the messages that are sent and meetings can be scheduled, among many other functions. It starts with a free trial and then you have to hire a professional plan from 27 euros per month.

Contact Monkey access site

If you want something simple and easy to handle, you must install this application that allows you to track email. When the message is opened, places a notification in the inbox sidebar where clicks are displayed, the city from which it was viewed and the program that was used. The first two weeks can be used for free, but then you have to hire a plan from 5 euros per month that, if canceled for the whole year, you get a 20 percent discount.

Boomerang download site for Gmail

This extension allows you to schedule emails and know if your messages have been read by the sender. One of the advantages is that many of the available functions are free and the premium version is somewhat cheaper than other payment options.

Likewise, the complement has a version for mobile devices, having the particularity of analyzing the content of the text as it is being developed and the function of delaying delivery. These are just five of the extensions available for Outlook, most with a free trial or limited features for a period, allowing you to know once and for all if your message was read or not.

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